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Bisharp - Best Moveset & Build
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Bisharp - Best Moveset & Build

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Find out how to breed Bisharp in Pokemon Sword and Shield! Learn about the best competitive movesets, best builds, best nature, counters and the breeding process!!!

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Bisharp Best Moveset & Build

Total Base Stats490
Type dark Icon Steel Icon

Physical Attacker Build

Best NatureBest Item
Adamant (Atk.↑ / Sp.Atk↓)Life Orb
Best Ability
When a stat is lowered, it sharply raises its Attack.
Best Moveset
Iron Head / Swords Dance / Sucker Punch / Stone Edge
▼Check Move Info Here
Best EV Spread
Speed 252, Attack 252, Defense 4

Sucker Punch Is Your Go-To Move

Bisharp's main strength is its STAB, high power Sucker Punch, which it can also supplement with Swords Dance. Because Sucker Punch gets priority if the opponent uses an attacking move, Bisharp is particularly effective vs. dedicated attackers.

Steel And Dark Typing Provides Great Coverage

Bisharp's STAB Steel and Dark type moves give a wide reach in terms of opponents it can take out. It works especially well against Mimikyu, Tyranitar, and Togekiss.

Strong VS. Stat Lowering Moves And Abilities

Bisharp's Ability "Defiant" boosts its attack whenever a stat is lowered. This means that when it's hit by Intimidate, its attack will actually increase by one stage. This also discourages the opponent from using Max Moves which lower stats (this includes the Dark, Dragon, Ghost, Bug, and Normal Max Moves).

Surprise Attack With Metal Burst

The move Metal Burst deals damage equal to 1.5x the damage dealt by the opponent's previous attack on Bisharp. This works particularly well if you equip a Focus Sash on Bisharp to ensure it can survive a massive hit.

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Bisharp - Best Moves

Physical Attacker Build

Recommended Moves

Iron Head
Steel Icon
Powerful STAB move.
Swords Dance
status icon
Boosts attack 2 stages. Extremely powerful self-buff move.
Sucker Punch
dark Icon
Priority if the opponent uses an attacking move. Very powerful.
Stone Edge
Rock Icon
Coverage move, low-ish accuracy but higher chance to crit.

Other Viable Moves

Throat Chop
dark Icon
STAB move, high damage. Alternative to Sucker Punch.
Rock Tomb
Rock Icon
Lowers the opponent's speed. Weaker alternative to Stone Edge.
status icon
Forces the opponent to use attacking moves. Good VS. tanks.
Thunder Wave
status icon
Paralyzes the opponent, halving their speed. Useful when setting up for other Pokemon or just for Bisharp itself.
Metal Burst
Steel Icon
Deals 1.5x the damage of the last attack Bisharp took. Good with Focus Sash.
Normal Icon
Extremely low accuracy, but will one shot the target. Very risky move.

Bisharp - Best Item to Hold

Life OrbRecommended for this build, increases damage on all attacking moves at the cost of some health.
Focus SashPrevents being one shot. Excellent with Metal Burst.
Black GlassesIncrease the power of Dark type moves with no drawbacks. Good for maximizing Sucker Punch damage.
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Bisharp - Best Nature And EVs

Bisharp - Recommended Natures

AdamantAtk.↑ / Sp.Atk↓
Bisharp doesn't need to focus on speed, so Adamant is really the only nature you should consider for a physical attacker.

Recommended Base Point (EV) Allocation

Physical Attacker Build

StatBase Point
Speed252 points (max)
Attack252 points (max)
Def4 points

Speed and Attack are the main stats you want to focus on for Bisharp. However, it's possible to put 252 in HP instead of Speed, as you'll be relying on Sucker Punch for priority anyway.

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Bisharp Counters

Recommended Pokemon To Counter Bisharp

Hydreigon IconHydreigonPros
- Resists Dark type moves
- Faster than Bisharp
- Can learn Fire moves (which are super effective)
- None
Corviknight IconCorviknightPros
- High physical defenses + can buff itself up
- Can prevent Swords Dance using Taunt
- Can one shot with Body Press
- Vulnerable to Taunt
- Bisharp could use Mirror Armor to its own advantage and boost its attack.
Lucario IconLucarioPros
- Resists Dark and Steel type moves
- Vacuum Wave can one shot
- Can outspeed Sucker Punch with priority moves
- If hit with a Dark move, can proc Justified
- None
Conkeldurr IconConkeldurrPros
- Can deal massive damage and heal with Drain Punch
- Can KO with one Mach Punch
- Has to watch out for Focus Sash/Metal Burst combo
Rotom IconRotom (Any Form)Pros
- Will-o-Wisp can cut attack and render the Focus Sash useless
- Can trick Choice Specs
- Takes about 50% damage from Sucker Punch.

How To Play Against Bisharp

Use Pokemon That Resist Dark Moves

The two main things to watch out for when it comes to Bisharp are Sucker Punch and Swords Dance. If you send out a Pokemon that takes normal damage from Dark moves, you run the risk of being 1-shot by a boosted Sucker Punch. Bring out something that can resist Dark moves (Fighting, Dark, and Fairy types).

Send Out Pokemon That Have Status Moves

If you only use attacking moves, you will constantly be hit with a priority Sucker Punch. Consider bringing Pokemon that have at least one support move. If you can predict its Sucker Punches, you'll be able to get a move off for free.

Avoid Stat Lowering Moves

It goes without saying, but you cannot afford to let Bisharp boost its attack with Defiant. Make sure you don't use Max Moves which lower stats, and avoid Pokemon with Intimidate. Be careful when using Corviknight's Mirror Guard ability, as Bisharp can use that to buff its own stats.

Tanks Should Watch Out For Guillotine

Very occasionally you might come across a Bisharp which runs Guillotine, which will one-shot your stalling tank. This isn't so common, but some people might be running it as a Hail Mary option.

Bisharp - Competitive Breeding Process

Breeding Process Flow Chart

1Catch a Pawniard on Route 8 or Bisharp in the Lake of Outrage (during Hail).
2Hatch Eggs until you get a High IV Pawniard
3Breed that Pawniard until you get one with an Adamant Nature
4Put 252 EVs in Speed, 252 EVs in Attack, and 4 in Defense
5Max out its Dynamax Level
7Teach it Sucker Punch, Iron Head, Swords Dance, and Stone Edge
8Equip a Life Orb
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