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Hydreigon - Moveset & Best Build
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Hydreigon - Moveset & Best Build

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Find out how to breed Hydreigon in Pokemon Sword and Shield! Learn about Hydreigon's the best competitive movesets, best builds, best nature, counters and the breeding process!!!

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Hydreigon Moveset & Best Builds

Total Base Stats600
Type Dark Icon Dragon Icon

Choice Special Attacker Build

Best NatureBest Item
Timid (Spd↑ / Atk↓)Choice Specs
Best Ability
Best Moveset
Dark Pulse / Fire Blast / Draco Meteor / U-Turn
▼Check Move Info Here
Best EV Spread
Sp. Atk 252, Speed 252, Sp. Def 4

Hydreigon Strengths

Hydreigon's high SP. Atk stat, coupled with a generally high base stat pool, will allow it to be a formidable threat. It being a Dark type can also come in handy when dealing with ghost threats like Dragapult.

Customize Your Moves

Although Draco Meteor and Dark Pulse are mandatory, you can choose your remaining two moves somewhat freely to deal with whatever you see as common in the meta. We recommend a fire move for steel types, however.

Substitute Nasty Plot Build

Best NatureBest Item
Timid (Spd↑ / Atk↓)Leftovers
Best Ability
Best Moveset
Dark Pulse / Flash Cannon / Substitute / Nasty Plot
▼Check Move Info Here
Best EV Spread
Sp. Atk 252, Speed 252, Sp. Def 4

Maximum Speed To Get Off A Substitute

252 EVs in Speed and Sp. Atk are necessary, mainly to use substitute quickly vs. a target that can't deal with it very well. In the meantime, spam Nasty Plot and prepare a sweep.

Sustain Yourself With Leftovers

After Substitute, you can slowly regain health with Leftovers, allowing you to stay alive longer.

Flash Cannon For Fairy Types

Although it's possible to customize, this build's moves are more or less fixed. Flash Cannon could be swapped out, but it's extremely useful in dealing with Fairy types, so we recommend keeping it in.

Watch Out For Infiltrators

A Dragapult with the Infiltrator ability can penetrate your substitute & take you out immediately, so make sure to watch out for this Pokemon.

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Hydreigon - Best Moves

Press the buttons below to toggle between different builds!

Build #1 - Choice Special Attacker

Recommended Moves

Dark Pulse
dark Icon
Good STAB Dark move, deals neutral damage to Ferrothorn (and other Steel types).
Fire Blast
fire Icon
Another good anti-Ferrothorn option. Deals well with Steel types in general.
bug Icon
Useful for backing out of a fight you don't want to be in.
Draco Meteor
Dragon Icon
Lowers Special Attack after use, so it's recommended to run this with a Choice item.
>> Check out how to get Draco Meteor!

Other Viable Moves

Flash Cannon
Steel Icon
Counters the Fairy type, which is one of Hydreigon's weaknesses.
Flash Cannon
Dragon Icon
Reliable STAB Dragon move, safer than Draco Meteor, but weaker.

Build #2 - Substitute Nasty Plot

Recommended Moves

Dark Pulse
dark Icon
Good STAB Dark move, deals neutral damage to Ferrothorn (and other Steel types).
Flash Cannon
Steel Icon
Could replace Dragon Pulse for coverage reasons.
Nasty Plot
status icon
Increases Sp. Attack, great for non-choice builds like Life Orb.
status icon
Lose 25% health to create a substitute which takes damage for you. Build up Nasty Plot during this time.

Other Viable Moves

Fire Blast
fire Icon
Could replace Dragon Pulse to deal with Steel Types easier.
Dragon Pulse
Dragon Icon
Reliable STAB Dragon move, but type coverage isn't as good as Flash Cannon.

Hydreigon - Best Items to Hold

Choice SpecsSignificantly increases Sp. Atk. Note that Hydreigon using this item can only use one move.
Choice ScarfSignificantly increases Speed. Can only use one move. Use this if you're trying to take out a faster, fragile threat.
Life OrbAllows for more flexibility with moves. Recommended to use Roost with this item.
LeftoversUseful for a Nasty Plot build to ensure some survivability.
Check Out Battle Item Locations Here!

Hydreigon - Best Nature And EVs

Hydreigon - Recommended Natures

ModestSp. Atk↑ / Atk↓
Nature which focus on Sp. Atk. Emphasizes Hydreigon's high base stat of Sp. Atk. Move set should focus on special attack.
TimidSpd↑ / Atk↓
Nature that increases the Speed. Focus on special attack to offset the nature's negative effect.

Which Nature Would You Recommend?

Recommended Base Point (EV) Allocation

Offensive Variant

StatBase Point
Sp. Atk252 points (max)
Speed252 points (max)
Sp. Def4 points

Boosting Speed and Special Attack with Base Points is recommended for Hydreigon. What's left can be allocated to Sp. Def.

Check Out The EV (Base Point) Guide Here!

Hydreigon Counters

Recommended Pokemon To Counter Hydreigon

Dragapult IconDragapult Pros
- Can one shot with Draco Meteor
- Scarf Hydreigon will outspeed Non-Scarf Dragapult
Sylveon IconSylveon Pros
- Can one shot with Hyper Voice
- Can't outspeed Hydreigon
Mimikyu IconMimikyu Pros
- Can one shot with Play Rough
- Hydreigon will likely U-Turn out.

How To Play Against Hydreigon

Find Out Their Build

It will be important to determine what kind of build the opposing Hydreigon is running. You can usually determine this the first turn: if it attacks, it's probably Choice. If it substitutes, try hitting it with a U-Turn and swap into a better matchup.

Strong Against Current Popular Tanks

Hydreigon is very strong against some of the most used physical tanks like Galarian Corsola and Ferrothorn. If you see Hydreigon on the opponent's team, consider not bringing such tanks.

Hydreigon - Breeding Process

Breeding Process Flow Chart

1Catch Deino at Lake of Outrage in rainy weather
2Hatch Eggs until you get a High IV Deino
3Breed that Deino until you get one with a Modest or Timid Nature
4Put 252 EVs in Special Attack and Speed
5Max out its Dynamax Level
6Level it to 64 to evolve into Hydreigon
7Teach it Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Fire Blast, and U-Turn
8Equip Choice Specs
>> Check Out Our Breeding Guide For More Info!

How To Get Deino

Hydreigon is last evolution form of Deino and you can catch Deino at the Lake of Outrage in rainy weather. Note that Deino only spawns in Sword version.

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