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What Is Dynamax And Gigantamax?

What Is Dynamax And Gigantamax? | Pokemon Sword Shield

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What Is Dynamax And Gigantamax? | Pokemon Sword Shield - GameWith
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Read this article to learn more about Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing, Max Moves and G-Max Moves, and the Dynamax Band in Pokemon Sword and Shield, and more!!!

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Two New Battle Systems

Your Pokemon Become Huge!

Gigantamax Corviknight

The two new battle transformations in Pokemon Sword & Shield are called Dynamax & Gigantamax. Both of them let your Pokemon become massive, increase their power, and give them new abilities.

Differences And Similarities

AppearanceOnly Size ChangesAppearance Changes
Special MovesMax MovesG-Max Moves
Capable PokemonAll PokemonOnly Some Pokemon

What Is Dynamaxing?

Dynamax Effects And Features

  • Doesn't need special tools to activate
  • Activation is limited to specific battles
  • Used only once per battle for only 3 turns
  • Pokemon's moves change to Max Moves
  • Maximum HP limit is increased
  • Can make some moves ineffective

No Special Tools Needed To Activate

No Special Tools Needed To Activate

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, all Pokemon can use Dynamax and you don't need any special tools to activate it, unlike Mega Evolution and Z-Techniques!

Choice Item Restrictions Are Lifted

Even if you've already locked yourself into a move with a Choice Scarf, once you Dynamax that limitation will disappear. You'll be able to use other moves again however the benefits of held items are rendered ineffective.

Activation Is Limited To Specific Battles

Using Dynamax is limited to big stadiums and gyms. You cannot use them in wild Pokemon battles or Trainer battles outside.

Battles Where You Can Use Dynamax

Place Overview
Gym You can use Dynamax versus Gym Leaders
Champion Cup You can use Dynamax in Champion Cup matches
Max Raid Battle Fight against Dynamax Pokemon in Wild Area
Battle Stadium Online battles versus real people
Battle Tower Unlocked after endgame, used to gather Battle Points (BP) for items

Used Only Once Per Battle For 3 Turns

Dynamax is a powerful and strategic feature but it can only be used once per battle and lasts for only 3 turns. If your Pokemon is inflicted with status effects that render them immobile, these turns are also counted.

Changing Pokemon Cancels Dynamax

When you switch out your Pokemon that's been Dynamaxed, they'll return to their normal state. If you switch them back into battle again, they won't be in Dynamax anymore.

Pokemon's Moves Change To Max Moves

Normal Dynamax
Normal Moves
Dynamax Moves

A Pokemon's moves turn into Max Moves when they activate Dynamax. The type of Max Move they'll have will depend on the move they already have on their list.

Dynamax Moves Can't Be Evaded

Even if you use the move "Protect", which protects a Pokemon from an opponent's move, you'll still get hit by the enemy's Max Move. Dynamax moves normally cannot be evaded or be protected from.

Max Move Power Depends On Base Move

The power of the Max Move will highly be dependent on the base move that you've chosen. For example, Max Geyser will be stronger when you choose the base move "Hydro Pump" versus "Water Gun".

Maximum HP Limit Is Increased

Maximum HP Limit Is Increased

When a Pokemon uses Dynamax, their maximum HP limit will be increased. This allows them to withstand other Pokemon's Max Moves used against them.

Increase Dynamax Levels For Higher HP

Increase Dynamax Levels For Higher HP

Trainers can increase their Pokemon's Dynamax Level by feeding them a Dynamax Candy. Increasing their Dynamax Level will give them higher HP during Dynamax.

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HP Is Healed During Dynamax

Your Pokemon's HP will be healed when you activate Dynamax, helping save your Pokemon from fainting when its HP is low.

Can Disable Some Status Effects

While Dynamaxed, moves like Fake Out and Encore have no effect. More moves that have no effect are still being confirmed, but flinching moves and restricting moves (like Wrap) are ineffective.

Status Conditions Still Work

Pokemon can be paralyzed or put to sleep while Dynamaxed. Be careful with sleep, as it can waste your 3-turn Dynamax. Also, fixed damage with burns or poison is calculated based off the original Pokemon's HP.

How To Activate Dynamax

The Dynamax Band Is Required

Dynamax Band Item

In order to Dynamax your Pokemon, you will need to have an item called the Dynamax Band! This will be given to you by Professor Magnolia early on in the story.

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Activate When Selecting A Pokemon Move

Activate When Selecting A Pokemon Move

You can activate your Pokemon's Dynamax when you select a move from its list. When the circle is filled, you'll be able to activate Dynamax.

Max Moves List

All Dynamax Moves In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Pokemon Type Technique Name
Additional Effect
Normal Icon Max Strike
Speed is lowered
Fire Icon Max Flare
Implements Sunny Day for 5 turns
Water Icon Max Geyser
Implements Rainy Day for 5 turns
Grass Icon Max Overgrowth
Implements Grass Terrain for 5 turns
Flying Icon Max Airstream
Speed is increased
Fighting Icon Max Knuckle
Attack is increased
Bug Icon Max Flutterby
Sp. Attack is lowered
Ground Icon Max Quake
Sp. Defense is increased
Rock Icon Max Rockfall
Implements Sandy Terrain for 5 turns
Electric Icon Max Lightning
Implements Electric Terrain for 5 turns
Ice Icon Max Hailstorm
Implements Hail for 5 turns
Poison Icon Max Ooze
Sp. Attack is increased
Steel Icon Max Steelspike
Defense is increased
Psychic Icon Max Mindstorm
Implements Psychic Terrain for 5 turns
Fairy Icon Max Starfall
Implements Misty Terrain for 5 turns
Ghost Icon Max Phantasm
Defense is lowered
Dark Icon Max Darkness
Sp. Defense is lowered
Dragon Icon Max Wyrmwind
Attack is lowered

What Is Gigantamaxing?

A Stronger, Rare Version of Dynamaxing

Gigantamax Drednaw

While every Pokemon is able to Dynamax, only a limited number of Pokemon are able to Gigantamax! Also, not every member of a species can Gigantamax. This means such Pokemon will be very rare.

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How To Check If Pokemon Can Gigantamax

Pokemons Caught In Raids Mostly Can Gigantamax

Only specific Pokemons have the ability to Gigantamax, even if its the same Pokemon species. Which Pokemons has this ability can be checked in the Summary, with a red X symbol on the top right.

Appearance Totally Changes

Alcremie Regular and Gigantamax

Unlike Dynamax Pokemon, Gigantamax Pokemon will change their appearance entirely!

Use G-Max Moves

Gigantamax Corviknight G-Max

Another big difference is that Gigantamax Pokemon have a special "G-Max Move" which is unique to each species of Pokemon.

Catch Them In The Wild Area

Gigantamax Pokemon will be available to catch in Max Raid Battles, which you can find in the Wild Area. They will be very rare, so good luck!

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G-Max Moves List

All G-Max Moves In Pokemon Sword And Shield

Gigantmax DrednawGigantmax DrednawG-Max Stonesurge
Deal damage and scatter sharp rocks around opponent.
Gigantamax CorviknightGigantamax CorviknightG-Max Wind Rage
Deal damage and remove any effects of opponent (ex. Reflect, Light Screen).
Gigantamax AlcremieGigantamax AlcremieG-Max Finale
Deal damage to your opponent and heal all Pokemon on your side.
Gigantamax PikachuGigantamax Pikachu G-Max Volt Crash
Paralyzes all opponents.
Gigantamax CharizardGigantamax Charizard G-Max Wildfire
All non-fire types take damage for four turns.
Gigantamax EeveeGigantamax Eevee G-Max Cuddle
Opposite gender opponents become infatuated.
Gigantamax MeowthGigantamax Meowth G-Max Gold Rush
Confuses all targets and earns an in-game cash bonus.
Gigantamax ButterfreeGigantamax ButterfreeG-Max Befuddle
Causes poison, paralysis, or asleep status.
Gigantamax SnorlaxGigantamax Snorlax G-Max Replenish
Restores Berries eaten by allies in battle.
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