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How To Level Up Fast - Best Exp Farming

How To Level Up Fast - Best Exp Farming | Pokemon Sword Shield

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How To Level Up Fast - Best Exp Farming | Pokemon Sword Shield - GameWith
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Read this Pokemon Sword and Shield guide to learn about the best way to level up & farm Exp! Find out recommended locations, best way to farm Exp, recommended battles, & more!!!

How to Farm Exp Fast

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List Of EXP Farming Methods & Their Efficiency

Max Raid Battle

You get EXP Candies as a reward for defeating Dynamax Pokemon.
Endgame Tournament

*Unlocks after beating Leon
You can rematch with gym leaders and the champion over and over.
Battle Tower

*Unlocks after beating Leon
You get Rare Candy as a reward for going up tiers, but it's limited.
Curry & Poke Jobs

Easy way to get EXP, but the amount is very small.

EXP Farming With Max Raid Battle

EXP Candies Are The Most Efficient Way To Farm

Wild Area

By far the best way to level up your Pokemon is by participating in Max Raid Battles. In order to do this, head over to the Wild Area and look for dens with a bright shining pillar of light. You can also choose to join other player's Max Raid Battles using the Y-Comm.

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Max Raid Battles Rewards Rare & EXP Candy

Max Raid Battles Reward Exp Candy

In addition to the experience gained from fighting Dynamaxed or Gigantamaxed Pokemon, Max Raid Battles will also reward you with Rare & Exp. Candies!

EXP Candy Drops Scale With Raid Difficulty

Better EXP Candy will consistently drop from Raid Battles with a higher difficulty (Number of ★s). The more the number of stars, the better the candy!

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What Is EXP Candy?

EXP Candy

EXP Candy is a consumable item that will reward a Pokemon EXP when used. Keep on doing Max Raid Battles to earn tons of EXP candy & help level up your Pokemon!

EXP Candy Comes in Different Sizes

EXP Candy will come in different sizes. These sizes range from S to XL. The larger the size of the EXP Candy, the more EXP. it will reward! You are likely to get larger candy when the raid battle has more stars.

EXP. Candy SizeExperience
XS +100
S +800
M +3,000
L +10,000
XL +30,000
Rare Candy1 Level Up

Although there are exceptions, a Lv. 60 Pokemon will typically need around 10,000 Exp to level up (= 1 Exp. Candy L). Around Lv. 90, a Pokemon will usually need around 30,000 Exp. to level up (= 1 Exp. Candy XL).

Exp. Earned Is Not Boosted By Items Or Trading

Experience received from Exp. Candies is not affected by items or trading a Pokemon. Even if you use it on a traded Pokemon, or make a Pokemon hold a Lucky Egg, the Exp. Candy will always give the same amount.

Farm Max Raid Battles Efficiently

If you optimize your Pokemon, you can get through raid battles much faster. Assuming you use the best Pokemon and play with other players online, you should be able to finish a 5 star battle in ~5 minutes. This should net you somewhere between 80,000 - 120,000 Exp!

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Get The Lucky Egg For Extra EXP

Lucky Egg Gives You Extra Exp

Lucky Egg

A Pokemon holding a Lucky Egg will earn extra Exp. Using the Lucky Egg dramatically improves your Exp. gathering efficiency.

How To Get The Lucky Egg

Lucky Egg

Visit the seafood restaurant in Hulbury and talk to the chef. He will ask you to deliver his food to three locations. After the deliveries, he will give you the Lucky Egg.

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EXP Farming With Endgame Tournament

This tournament is an endgame content & will not be unlocked before beating the champion.

Repeatedly Challenge Gym Leaders


After you beat Leon and become the champion, visit Wyndon Stadium and head to the front desk. The receptionist will ask if you want to join the tournament. You can take part in the tournament an unlimited amount of times.

Leon & Hop Are The Best Source Of Exp

You can choose which trainer you want to rematch. Choose Leon or Hop if you want to get the most Exp. Hop uses a legendary Pokemon, which gives a ton of Exp!

Eating Curry With Your Pokemon

Eat Curry to Gain Exp

Eat Curry to Gain XP

Eating Curry with your Pokemon will give them some Exp to help them level up! Note that each Pokemon will have their own favorite flavor, so feeding them the correct one will grant more Exp!

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Cook Curry in Your Camp

Cook Curry in Your Camp

You will only be able to cook Curry in your Camp! Set up your camp while exploring in order to cook some tasty curry for your Pokemon!

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Send Pokemon On Poke Jobs

Have Pokemon Do Jobs to Earn EXP

Have Pokemon Do Jobs to Earn Exp

You can also send your Pokemon on Poke Jobs to earn them some more Exp. Keep in mind that sending a Pokemon on a job will remove them from your box or party.

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Select Pokemon That Excel In That Job

Select Pokemon that Excel in a Job

Please note that some Pokemon are better suited for certain types of jobs! Make sure to send a Pokemon that excels in that job to earn a higher Exp. reward!

Send Pokemon on Jobs at the Rotomi

Send Pokemon on Jobs at the Rotomi

You will be able to send Pokemon on Jobs by accessing the Rotomi at Pokemon Centers. Rotomi look like an ATM with a Rotom on top of it.

Trade Pokemon For More Exp

Traded Pokemon Earn More Exp

Pokemon that you acquire via a trade will be able to earn more Exp during battles! This is especially useful if you want to get a Pokemon not found in your version of the game!

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Make Use Of The Surprise Trade Feature

Make Use of the Surprise Trade Feature

The Surprise Trade feature is a new feature introduced in the game that lets you register a Pokemon to be traded. This will automatically find you a partner to trade Pokemon with over the internet!

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Pokeboy 4

Hard 2 get lucky egg...

Anonymous 3


Anonymous 2

It's in Hulberry, the stall with the green roof near where the incense seller is

Anonymous 1

For the third delivery for the Lucky Egg, the cook says to look for a green roof, but they wonder if such a house is in Hulberry - Does anyone know where this is? The only place I could think of is the Daycare, but none of the NPCs there or nearby seem to accept it.

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