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Check out this Crown Tundra (Pokemon Sword and Shield Expansion Pass DLC) Story Walkthrough guide! Includes King of Bountiful Harvest, Legendary Giants, and Bird Pokemon quests!!!

Table of Contents

Walkthrough: Opening ~ 1st Dynamax Adventure

Walkthrough Chart

No. Procedure
1 Once you've gotten a Crown Pass by downloading the DLC, go to the Crown Tundra from Wedgehurst Station
2 Once you get to the Crown Tundra, you'll get the Crown Tundra Pokedex
3 Head out of the station and battle Peony
4Follow Peony and enter the Max Lair
5Talk to the researcher in the Max Lair and listen to the Dynamax Adventure rules. Talk to the researcher again to try out Dynamax Adventures. Defeat and catch Suicune
6After you've finished the Dynamax Adventure, talk to Peony. Get Poeny's League Card
7Head out of the Max Lair and go to Freezington located to the South. Enter Peony's house. Peony will give you an uniform and Master Ball
8Get the 3 Legendary Clues

Step 1: Access Crown Tundra From Wedgehurst Station


Once you've downloaded the DLC, go to Wedgehurst Station in order to get transportation to the Crown Tundra.

Step 3. First Battle With Peony

AggronAggronSteelRockLv. 70

Peony is extremely weak to the Fighting and Ground types, so consider having one of those in your party to quickly take him out.

Step 5. Tips On First Dynamax Adventure


The boss of the first Dynamax Adventure will be Suicune. You'll want to get either Grass or Electric type Pokemon for this if possible. The Pokemon you'll be presented will be random, however, so at the very least get something that's not weak to Water!

Remember that you can also catch the Pokemon you encounter on the way to Suicune too. Make your water to a Grass or Electric raid if you see one.

Step 6. Get The 3 Clues

At this point in the game, you will be given three separate paths you can go down. You can do these in any order you want, so don't worry.

Walkthrough: Clue 1: The King Of Bountiful Harvest Route

Walkthrough Chart

1Check the table in Peony's house and get the Wooden Crown (which Peony calls his "pillow"). Then get out of the house and use the Wooden Crown on the statue near the fence
2Battle with Calyrex. You cannot catch Calyrex in this battle
3After the Calyrex cutscene, talk to the villagers in Freezington. Once you've finished talking to them, report back to Calyrex
4Head toward the mayor's house in Freezington. Then, head to the Giant's Bed to find Mayor by the garden area (near the center).
5Go back to Freezington and visit the Mayor's house. Read the books from the bookshelf
6Head outside and talk to Calyrex. Select "Carrots"
7Talk to a villager by the garden. Use 8 pieces of Dynite Ore to get Carrot Seeds
8Talk to Calyrex again to learn the location of the 2 gardens
9【Important!】 Plant your carrot seed either in the Old Cemetery or Snowslide Slope. This choice determines which form of Calyrex you'll eventually get (Shadow-rider form or Ice-rider form)
10Pull the carrot out of the garden and get either an Iceroot Carrot or Shaderoot Carrot.
11Head to Freezington and battle with Spectrier or Glastrier. You can't throw Pokeballs during this battle yet
(Optional) Visit the house in Freezington and talk to the old lady to get Cosmog
12Talk to Calyrex and get Radiant Petal
13Talk to Mayor in his house. Get a set of Reins of Unity
14Head outside of the house. After the cutscene, head to the Crown Shrine
15Once you've entered the Crown Shrine, talk to Calyrex. Place the Carrot into the basket
16Battle and catch Calyrex in rider form. Prepare enough Pokeball before the battle. If you want to catch the Calyrex with best stats, save before the battle and reset until you get the best Calyrex
17Report back to Peony

Step 1. Use Wooden Crown On Statue


The statue of horse in front of Peony's house is missing its crown. Find a crown from the table of Peony's house and use it on the statue.

Step 4. Find The Mayor

Mayor Location

The mayor will be out in the Giant's Bed area looking at his farm. This is located in the middle part of the zone, near where you can see a shovel and a field on the map.

Step 9. Where To Plant Carrot Seeds


You'll have two options on where to plant Carrot Seeds: the Old Cemetery or Snowslide Slope. This choice will decide which Calyrex form (Shadow-rider form or Ice-rider form) you'll eventually get so think carefully!

Plant seeds in Old CemeteryYou'll get Shaderoot Carrot and meet Spectrier. You'll eventually get Calyrex with Shadow Rider Form
Plant seeds in Snowslide SlopeYou'll get Iceroot Carrot and meet Glastrier. You'll eventually get Calyrex with Ice Rider Form

▲Calyrex Ice-rider form


▲Calyrex Shadow-rider form

Which Calyrex Form Did You Get?

Check Out Which Horse Is Better In Detail Here

Step 11. Get Cosmog In Freezington


After saving an old lady from Glastrier or Spectrier in Freezington, visit her house and get Cosmog from her. This Cosmog will evolve depending on the version of the game you have!

Learn More On Cosmog From Here

Walkthrough: Clue 2: The Legendary Giants

Walkthrough Chart

1Discover the location of the Registeel Temple.
2Enter the temple by using your left control stick to whistle in front of the door. Battle and catch Registeel.
3Discover the location of the Regirock Temple.
4Enter the temple by equipping an Everstone on the first Pokemon in your party. Battle and catch Regirock.
5Discover the location of the Regice Temple.
6Catch a Cryogonal nearby and put it in the first slot in your party. Interact with the door and it will open. Battle and catch Regice inside.
7Discover the final Regelki and Regidrago temple.
8Have Registeel, Regirock, and Regice in your party and interact with the door.
9Defeat and catch Regieleki and Regidrago.
(Optional) Catch Regigigas

All Regi Locations Map

Regi Locations

The first thing you'll want to do is explore the island, and by doing so, unlock the flight points at each temple. The locations of the temples of each Regi are listed above. Note that the Regice temple is in a somewhat secluded location.

It's Ok To Defeat Regis!

From our experience, even if you accidentally kill the Regi, you can keep challenging it over and over! Although we do recommend saving before the fights in case you run out of balls, there's no need to reset if you accidentally kill it. Just re-enter the temple, do the puzzle, and try again.

You Must Catch All Regis To Proceed

Note that in order to truly "finish" the Crown Tundra story, you will have to catch all three old Regis. If you don't do this, you won't be able to enter the Regieleki and Regidrago temple.

Step 2. Enter The Registeel Temple

ClueLet ring the piercing note that will wake the giant of steel

In order to get into the Registeel temple, you'll have to perform a whistle right in front of the door! To do this, simply press the left control stick on your Switch. After doing so, the door should open and you'll be able to enter and fight Registeel.

Step 4. Enter The Regirock Temple

ClueLet the first Pokemon hold a never-changing stone

To enter this temple, make the Pokemon at the head of your party hold an Everstone and then interact with the door. Any Pokemon will do for this.

Step 6. Enter The Regice Temple

ClueWalk together with a living crystal of snow

To enter this third temple, catch a Cryogonal and make it the head of your party. You can find one of these in the grass immediately near the temple, as a symbol encounter!

Step 8. Enter The Final Regi Temple


To enter this final temple, bring Regice, Registeel, and Regirock in your party to get the door to open! Note that you can only choose one of the two Regis to fight! You won't be able to catch the other Regi, so choose carefully.

Choosing A Regi To Fight

Regidrago Regieleki

In order to activate the statue in the middle of the room, you'll have to draw the eye pattern of the Regi you want on the floor! You'll be able to confirm which type you unlocked before you take on the Regi, so don't worry.


▲Regidrago Puzzle Solution


▲Regieleki Puzzle Solution

Which Regi Should You Get?

Sp. Atk100100
Sp. Def5050

As you can see from the base stats of each Pokemon above, the only difference between these Pokemon (other than their type) is their HP and Speed. Regieleki's outrageous 200 speed is, in our opinion, too good to pass up. If you have two versions of the game, you will of course want to get both.

Check Out The Guide On Which Regi Is Better From Here

Which Regi Are You Picking?

Get Regigigas After Catching All Legendary Giants


After catching all legendary giants, you can catch Regigigas by bringing 5 other Regi Pokemon in your party and check the den in Giant's Bed.

How To Catch Regigigas

1Prepare 5 Regi Pokemon (Regieleki, Regidrago, Regirock, Regice, Registeel) in your party. Since you can't catch both Regieleki and Regidrago, trade with other trainer to complete all 5 Regi Pokemon
Fly taxi to Snowslide Slope and head south. Check the den surrounded by 4 rocks in Giant's Bed.
3Dynamax Regigigas appears. Defeat and catch it.
Learn More On Regigigas From Here

Walkthrough: Clue 3: The Bird Pokemon of Legend

Walkthrough Chart

1Head to the southern part of the map and approach the giant tree (Dyna Tree). The 3 legendary birds will disperse into the Wild Area, Isle of Armor, and Crown of Tundra.
2Find and catch birds of orange, black, and purple.
- The bird of Orange location: Wild Area
- The bird of black: Isle of Armor
- The bird of Purple location: Crown Tundra
3Report back to Peony

Step 1. Let The Birds Loose

Legendary Birds

The first part of this quest is simply to scatter the 3 birds across the world. Galarian Zapdos will go to the Wild Area, Galarian Articuno will stay in the Crown Tundra and Galarian Moltres will go to the Isle Of Armor!

How To Get To The Dyna Tree

dyna tree

In order to get to the Dyna Tree from Freezington, you need to cross the river near the Old Cemetery.

Step 2. Location Of Legendary Birds & How To Catch

PokemonLocation / How To Get
Orange (Galarian Zapdos)
Wild Area (Just outside of the Meeup Spot).
Keep chasing Zapdos until it gets tired and slows down.
Black (Galarian Moltres)
Repeatedly fly a taxi to the Fields of Honor and check the Soothing Wetlands until Moltres appears
Chase Moltres around and get close to it to start a battle
Purple (Galarian Articuno)
Repeatedly fly a taxi to Snowslide Slope until Galarian Articuno appears right in front of you.
Articuno clones itself so you need to find the real one.

Catching Galarian Zapdos

Galarian Zapdos's special move "Thunderous Kick" can lower your Pokemon's defenses. What's worse is, it also knows Reversal, which deals more damage the lower its HP is. For this reason, we strongly recommend bringing a Ghost type Pokemon for this fight.

Gets Tired After Being Chased

Galarian Zapdos

Once you find Galarian Zapdos in the Wild Area, chase after it on your bike. At first you won't be able to get close to it, but if you keep up the chase the bird will start to tucker out and slow down. Approach it diagonally to reduce the distance you travel and you'll be able to catch it before you know it.

Catching Galarian Moltres


Galarian Moltres can use the move Nasty Plot, which strongly buffs its Sp. Attack. If it uses this 3 times, you'll be in for a world of hurt, so we recommend either disabling it (via sleep) or bringing a Taunt user.

Get In Its Line of Sight or Whistle


Although we aren't 100% sure of this, we found that when you get close to Moltres and whistle, it will fly toward you and attack you. However, Peony's hint also mentions that you merely need to get into Moltres's line of sight to fight it. We're not sure which of these is the real trigger for the event, but in either case you'll have to approach it to start.

Catching Galarian Articuno


Galarian Articuno's special move Freezing Glare can, despite being a Psychic move, freeze your Pokemon. Try using a Dark-type Pokemon to gain immunity to Psychic moves!

Look At Its Wings


When you approach Galarian Articuno, it will clone itself in an attempt to confuse you. However, if you look closely you should notice that one of the clones has its wings raised up. This is the real one!

Save Before It Clones


Although the same can be said for all birds, we recommend saving before you engage them in battle. This is especially true for Articuno, as if you mess up guessing the clone, it will fly away!

What To Do After Beating Crown Tundra

Endgame Walkthrough Chart

1Report all quests to Peony. Get Peony's rare League Card & Gold uniform
2Pickup Legendary Clue? at Peony's house
3Go to Max Lair and talk to Peony
4Head outside. Leon will call you
5Go to Wyndon stadium
6Pick a partner and participate in the Galarian Star Tournament
7Win the tournament and watch the ending

Step 1. Get Peony's League Card & New Uniform


After finishing all quests in the Crown Tundra, report to Peony to get his rare League Card and the Gold Expedition Uniform.

Step 2. Get Legendary Clue? At Peony's House


Check the flashing object on the floor in Peony's house to get a Legendary Clue. Go to the Max Lair and give it back to Peony. Ultra Beasts will start to appear in Dynamax Adventures now!

Step 6. Galarian Star Tournament Unlocks

galarian star tournament

The Galarian Star Tournament unlocks only after beating all 3 paths in the Crown Tundra. Once you get access to it, you'll be able to pick your favorite partner and participate in 2on2 battles!

Learn More On Galarian Star Tournament From Here

More Endgame Content!


There's still a lot left to do after beating the main story of the Crown Tundra, so don't give up just yet. You can try finding evidence to unlock more legendary Pokemon, catch Regigigas, and even get Ultra Beasts in Dynamax Adventures!

Learn More On What To Do After Beating the Crown Tundra

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I used my master balls on calyrex ice rider form and regi drago

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I'm sorry but your info for articuno does not match my game play I'm on shield and where I have to incounter articuno is by old cemetery if you guess wrong then the incounter is on snowside

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in my first dynamax adventure i had tapu fini at the end of it.

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