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Best IV Ditto Trading Forum

Best IV Ditto Trading Forum

Last Updated: 2020/4/7 05:18

Come here to trade for high IV Ditto with other players of Pokemon Sword and Shield!

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kazu 23108

[What You Want:] 6 iv jpn ditto
[What You’re Offering:] 6 iv non-jpn ditto
[Link Code:] 9632

kazu 23107

[What You Want:] 5 iv jpn ditto
[What You’re Offering:] 5 iv non-jpn ditto
[Link Code:] 0852

I want to trade with multiple people

Anonymous 23106

[What You Want:] 0 Speed NON ENG Ditto
[What You're Offering:] Shiny Drilbur, Mewtwo or 5 Best IV Ditto
[Link Code:] 1057
[Comments:] Takes time to check stats :)

Anonymous 23105

I'm OK.Thank you for the trade.

Anonymous 23104

No problem...

Anonymous 23103

Thank you for your kindness.

Anonymous 23102

we can disconnect if you are OK with the ditto

Anonymous 23101

Thank you for the trade...

Anonymous 23100

Thank you for showing your screenshot.
I touch trade button

Anonymous 23099

Let's trade, I never scam and if you are not happy with the trade I can give you your Ditto back

Ditto Trader 23098

Because they have different EVs (effort values) and different natures they all affect the stats

Anonymous 23097

Your ditto's defense is 133.But my ditto's defense is 144.
That's why?

Screenshot 23096

attached is the IV screenshot

Anonymous 23095

This is the screenshot

Anonymous 23094

how did you calculate, it is best I can send you a screenshot, it has max evs that's why

Anonymous 23093

In my calculations, your ditto is not the best in all statuses.

Anonymous 23092

[What You Want:] 4iv Non Eng ditto
[What You're Offering:] 4iv Eng ditto
[Link Code:] 4925
[Comments:] Will take a little time to check IV's.

Anonymous 23091

My Ditto has max EVs on two of its stats so it can be hard to calculate its IVs correctly.

Anonymous 23090

Ok mine is Kaan we are connected

Anonymous 23089

OK.Would you tell me your trainer name?
My trainer name is かをる.

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