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Best IV Ditto Trading Forum | Pokemon Sword Shield

Last Updated: 2023/8/28 19:22

Come here to trade for high IV Ditto with other players of Pokemon Sword and Shield!

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Anonymous 24657

[What You Want:] 5IV non-eng ditto except sp.atk
[What You're Offering:]5IV eng ditto except speed
[Link Code:]23912391
[Comments:] valid

Pokesteez 24656

[What You Want:]any 5 to 6 IV ditto preferred from anywhere but US but anything helps
[What You're Offering:]shiny mons? Im rly looking for a favor
[Link Code:]not sure how this works so ill put 1562 1562
[Comments:] plz and thank you sososo much

Anonymous 24655

[What You Want:] 6IV Non-Eng Ditto
[What You're Offering:] 6IV Eng Ditto
[Link Code:] 17170899
[Comments:] Will prove on discord

Anonymous 24654


I want to trade

Anonymous 24653

[What You Want:] 6 Iv eng ditto max den
[What You're Offering:] any none English 6 Iv ditto
[Link Code:] 42069696
[Comments:] will prove on discord before trade

Anonymous 24652

[Ditto any iv preference is 5:]
[English or japnese Chinese ditto:]
[Ive tried time and time again but cant get a 5iv from raids:]

Discord 24651

Do you still need help in Pokemon games or a reliable trade partner? Come and join our Discord server. Download the Discord app on your mobile or visit the website with a computer. Sign in and add Mencia321#1011 as a friend. He will send you an invitation link to the server when he's free. We are a nice and friendly community. No scams and no trolls. If you don't like it you can leave anytime. You should definitely check it out ;)

Anonymous 24650

really dude?stop trolling

Anonymous 24649

[What You Want:] Shiny 6IV Ditto (non-ENG)
[What You're Offering:] Shiny 6IV Ditto (ENG) (caught via max raid den)
[Link Code:] 4532 2345

Anonymous 24648

troll again

Anonymous 24647

[What You Want:] 6iv ditto (non JPN)
[What You're Offering:] 6iv ditto (JPN)
[Link Code:] 6426 5988
[Comments:] UTC/GMT 03:00 ~ 6:00

Anonymous 24646

I did not get a ditto here so i joined discord i am fine now

Anonymous 24645

Did u get end up getting a ditto?

Anonymous 24644

those link codes are all fake i tried every single one but no trading partner found

Anonymous 24643

[What You Want:] 5 IV non us ditto
[What You're Offering:] 5 IV us ditto
[Link Code:]7145 9836

Anonymous 24642

FT JPN Ditto 5iv
LF Non JPN Ditto 5iv/6iv
CODE 2114 2114

Anonymous 24641

[What You Want:] 5/6 iv ditto (non JPN)
[What You're Offering:] 5 iv ditto (JPN)
[Link Code:] 2580 2580

Anonymous 24640

FT JPN Ditto 5iv
LF Non JPN Ditto 5iv/6iv
CODE 08042114

Anonymous 24639

Happiny Birthday code

GVM code set (Mythical 22 serial code Genesect, Volcanion, Marshadow)

plz DM me(@mgtksks , Twitter)

Anonymous 24638

FT JPN Ditto 4v
LF Non JPN Ditto 5v.6v
CODE 08042114

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