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Alcremie - Best Moveset & Build
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Alcremie - Best Moveset & Build

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Find out how to breed Alcremie in Pokemon Sword and Shield: Isle of Armor! Learn about the best Alcremie competitive movesets, best builds, best nature, counters and the breeding process!!!

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Alcremie Best Moveset & Build

Total Base Stats495
Type Fairy Icon

Special Defense Build

Best NatureBest Item
Calm (Sp.Atk↑ / Atk ↓)Leftovers
Best Ability
Aroma Veil
Protects itself and allies from attacks that limit their move possibilities.
Best Moveset
Recover / Dazzling Gleam / Calm Mind / Mystical Fire
▼Check Move Info Here
Best EV Spread
HP 252, Sp.Def 236, Sp. Atk 4, Speed 20

EVs to Outspeed Umbreon

The 20 Speed EVs here are specifically to outspeed Pokemon with 65 base speed, such as an Umbreon which has 4 speed EVs. The remainder can be put into HP & Sp.Def. Always try to keep in mind Pokemon of a similar base speed in the meta!

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Set Up On Special Attackers

Alcremie's high special defense and access to Calm Mind make it a potent Special Defense wall. Alcremie is a viable alternative to Sylveon, mainly due to its access to Recover. Send it in vs. a special attacker & stack Calm Mind to sweep.

Can't Be Stopped By Move Restrictions

Alcremie's Aroma Veil ability makes it immune to the effects of moves like Taunt and Encore. Not being affected by such move restrictions puts Alcremie one step ahead of some other self-buffing tanks.

Be Prepared For Crits

This Alcremie build will inevitably result in you taking multiple hits from the enemy. As such, the likelihood of getting critically hit is quite high. Although it's not possible to 100% accurately predict, keep crits in mind when deciding precisely when to use recover.

Alcremie - Best Moves

Special Defense Build

Recommended Moves

Dazzling Gleam
Fairy Icon
Staple STAB Fairy move.
Calm Mind
status icon
Increases Sp. Atk and Sp. Def. Great for setting up and sweeping.
status icon
Recovers 50% of health, a must have to ensure long-term survival.
Mystical Fire
fire Icon
Good coverage move for Steel types.

Other Viable Moves

status icon
Forces the opponent to repeat the move they used previously. Useful for trapping certain Pokemon.
Giga Drain
Grass Icon
Deals damage and restores some health. Useful alternate coverage move.
Acid Armor
status icon
Increases defense sharply. Useful to reinforce Alcremie's rather weak Defense.
Psychic Icon
Deals substantial damage, can lower opponents' Sp. Def. Useful coverage move vs Poison types.

Alcremie - Best Item to Hold

LeftoversThis item helps Alcremie take even more hits and sustain itself.
Mago BerryHeals a large amount when dropping to low health. Useful alternative.
Sitrus BerryHeals a large amount when dropping to low health. Can prevent a dangerous situation and allow you to Recover easily.
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Alcremie - Best Nature And EVs

Alcremie - Recommended Natures

CalmSp.Def↑ / Atk↓
Emphasizes Alcremie's potential as a Special tank.
ModestSp.Atk↑ / Atk↓
A slightly more offensive variant, possible in certain situations.

Which Nature Would You Recommend?

Recommended Base Point (EV) Allocation

Special Defense Build

StatBase Point
HP252 points (max)
Special Defense236 points
Sp. Attack4 points
Speed20 points

The above build is specifically designed to outspeed Umbreon. If you don't feel this is necessary, you can put the 20 Speed points back into Sp. Def.

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Alcremie Counters

Aegislash IconAegislashPros
- Steel moves are super effective
- Triggers Weakness Policy when hit with Mystical Fire
- None in particular
Excadrill IconExcadrillPros
- Can one shot with Iron Head
- Can switch into Fairy moves easily
- Will be 2 shot with Mystical Fire
Durant IconDurantPros
- Can switch in easily
- One shot with Max Steelspike
- has to watch out for Mystical Fire on switch-in
Corviknight IconCorviknightPros
- 2 shots with Iron Head (with no Atk EVs)
- Faster than Alcremie
- Loses to Acid Armor variants
- 2 shot by Mystical Fire (with 1 Calm Mind)
Mimikyu IconMimikyuPros
-Swords Dance + Play Rough will 1 shot
- Has to watch out for Encore

How To Play Against Alcremie

Take It Out With Physical Attackers

Alcremie's physical defenses are rather low. Although variants running Acid Armor do exist, generally Alcremie can be taken down with a dedicated physical attacker.

Low Offensive Potential

Alcremie is not quite as defensively capable as other similar Pokemon like Sylveon. Use this to your advantage by switching immediately. A steel type Pokemon can easily eat a STAB Fairy attack and live to tell the tale.

Alcremie - Competitive Breeding Process

Breeding Process Flow Chart

1Catch Milcery on Route 4
2Hatch Eggs until you get a High IV Milcery
3Breed that Milcery until you get one with a Calm Nature
4Evolve Milcery into Alcremie using a special method (see below)
5Put 252 EVs in HP, 236 in Defense, 4 in Sp. Atk, and 20 in Speed
6Max out its Dynamax Level
7Teach it Dazzling Gleam, Recover, Calm Mind, and Mystical Fire
8Equip Leftovers
>> Check Out Our Breeding Guide For More Info!

Evolving Milcery

Spin Evolve Milcery

In order to evolve Milcery, you will need to fulfill some special conditions. This includes making it hold a sweet and spinning around in a circle. To find out the exact details, check the link below!

How To Evolve Milcery Into Alcremie

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