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Gastrodon - Best Moveset & Build
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Gastrodon - Best Moveset & Build

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Find out how to breed Gastrodon in Pokemon Sword and Shield! Learn about the best competitive Gastrodon movesets, best builds, best nature, counters & the breeding process!!!

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Gastrodon Best Moveset & Build

Total Base Stats475
Type water IconGround Icon

Yawn Build

Best NatureBest Item
Bold (Defense ↑ / Atk ↓)Leftovers
Best Ability
Storm Drain
Draws in all Water-type moves to itself, not taking any damage from them and boosting its Sp. Atk.
Best Moveset
Scald / Recover / Yawn / Earth Power
▼Check Move Info Here
Best EV Spread
HP 252, Defense 252, Sp.Def 4

Immune To Water And Electric Moves

One of Gastrodon's primary strengths is its great typing, which makes it immune to the above mentioned types. Since it's strong against Heat + Wash Rotom, Cinderace, and Dracozolt, Gastrodon is often seen paired with Pokemon like Corviknight and Toxapex to cover their weaknesses.

Choose From A Sp. Def Or Defense Build

Gastrodon is also capable of being a Special Defense tank. It is quite flexible and thus can be adjusted to your needs. If you go Sp. Def, make sure to have a Calm nature and 252 Sp. Def EVs.

What About Quagsire?

Gastrodon & Quagsire are very similar Pokemon, to say the least. Quagsire has higher Defense, while Gastrodon has better Sp. Atk/Sp.Def/HP. Overall, Gastrodon has the superior stats, but it unfortunately cannot use Toxic.

Lowering Speed Is An Option

If you're trying to deal with a slow Type: Null (whose lowest speed is 57 at Lv. 50), you can set your Speed to 56 to make sure you go second. This allows you to hit the target Type:Null U-Turns into. Make sure you have a 24 or 25 Speed IV (with no speed EVs) to do this. If you go any lower than this, Toxapex will outspeed you, so make sure to get exactly 56 speed.

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Gastrodon - Best Moves

Yawn Build

Recommended Moves

water Icon
STAB move with the potential to burn your opponent.
status icon
Recover 50% of your health. Makes Gastrodon extremely sticky.
status icon
Makes the opponent drowsy, causing them to fall asleep later on. Useful for shutting down most Pokemon.
Earth Power
Ground Icon
Excellent STAB special Ground move.

Other Viable Moves

Clear Smog
Poison Icon
Deals damage and clears all stat changes. Good for stopping an opponent's sweep. Gives you Max Ooze, which boosts Sp. Atk.
status icon
Increases Defense and Attack, but lowers Speed. Useful buffing move, although Gastrodon prefers Special attacking moves.
Ice Beam
Ice Icon
Powerful Ice move, useful for the type coverage. Great if boosted with Storm Drain.
Icy Wind
Ice Icon
Lowers the opponent's speed. A good utility move.
status icon
Raises Defense and Sp. Def. Good for bulking up.
status icon
Useful for buying time to recover health.

Gastrodon - Best Item to Hold

LeftoversGenerally the best item on Gastrodon, helps sustain him along with Recover.
Sitrus BerryRestores HP when low. Useful for getting out of a sticky situation.
Check Out Battle Item Locations Here!

Gastrodon - Best Nature And EVs

Gastrodon - Recommended Natures

BoldDef↑ / Atk↓
Recommended nature for most builds.
CalmSpDef↑ / Atk↓
Gastrodon's Sp. Def is actually higher than its Defense, so both builds are equally viable.

Which Nature Would You Recommend?

Recommended Base Point (EV) Allocation

Yawn Build (Defensive)

StatBase Point
HP252 points (max)
Defense252 points
Sp. Def4 points

Helps bolster Gastrodon's somewhat weak 68 Defense stat.

Yawn Build (Sp. Defensive)

StatBase Point
HP252 points (max)
Sp. Def252 points
Defense4 points

Gastrodon's decent 82 Sp. Def stat could also benefit from boosting. Either build is viable.

Check Out The EV (Base Point) Guide Here!

Gastrodon Counters

Recommended Pokemon To Counter Gastrodon

Mow Rotom IconMow RotomPros
- STAB Grass moves, 4x super effective
- Sp.Atk drops significantly after Leaf Storm
Rillaboom IconRillaboomPros
- STAB Grass moves, 4x super effective
- Knock Off disables Leftovers
- Resists Water moves
- None in particular
Ferrothorn IconFerrothornPros
- STAB Grass moves, 4x super effective
- Can whittle it down with Leech Seed
- Might struggle vs. Stockpile builds
Charizard IconCharizardPros
- Can use Max Overgrowth
- Harsh Sunlight reduces the effectiveness of water moves
- Weak to water-type moves
LaprasLapras Pros
- Can use Max Overgrowth
- Resists water moves
- None in particular
DuraludonDuraludon Pros
- Can use Max Overgrowth (Solar Beam)
- Resists water moves
- Assault Vest builds are extremely durable
- Weak to Ground moves.

How To Play Against Gastrodon

Use An Unexpected Mass Overgrowth

One of the best ways to deal with Gastrodon is to hit it with a Grass move. Of course, if your Pokemon is also grass type, it'll be seen coming a mile away, so instead choose a Pokemon that doesn't normally bring out a grass move. Duraludon and Lapras are good options here.

Freeze-Dried Escargot

Consider bringing the ice-type move Freeze-Dry, which actually also deals super effective damage to Water types. This means that it deals 4x damage to Gastrodon! Lapras and Glaceon can both learn this move.

Taunt It!

Gastrodon relies on non-attacking moves like Recover and Yawn to function. Simply Taunting will severely limit its options.

Bring A Lum Berry

A Lum Berry will allow your Pokemon to get out of a pesky Yawn or a burn from Scald.

Watch Out For Max Moves

Some Gastrodon builds may run more than one offensive move, some of which buff it significantly. Max Quake will boost Sp. Def, while Max Geyser will boost the power of Water moves. At any rate, don't underestimate Gastrodon's offensive capabilities.

Gastrodon - Competitive Breeding Process

Breeding Process Flow Chart

1Catch Gastrodon on Route 9.
2Hatch Eggs until you get a High IV Shellos
3Breed that Shellos until you get one with a Bold Nature
4Put 252 EVs in HP and Defense
5Max out its Dynamax Level
6Teach it Scald, Recover, Yawn, and Earth Power
7Equip Leftovers
>> Check Out Our Breeding Guide For More Info!

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