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Rillaboom - Best Moveset & Build

Rillaboom - Best Moveset & Build | Pokemon Sword Shield

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Rillaboom - Best Moveset & Build | Pokemon Sword Shield - GameWith
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Find out how to breed Rillaboom in Pokemon Sword and Shield! Learn about the best Rillaboom competitive movesets, best builds, best nature, counters and the breeding process!!!

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Rillaboom Best Moveset & Build

Total Base Stats530
Type Grass Icon

Assault Vest Build

Best NatureBest Item
Jolly (Speed↑ / Sp. Atk↓)Assault Vest
Best Ability

The power of Grass moves is increased when at low health.
Best Moveset
Drum Beating / Knock Off / Earthquake / U-turn
▼Check Move Info Here
Best EV Spread
Attack 252, Speed 252, Defense 4

Rillaboom Strengths

Powerful Knock Off User

One of Rillaboom's main draws is that it can use Knock Off, a Dark-type move which disables the opponent's held item. Unlike the last generation, where Z-Crystals & Mega Stones couldn't be disabled, Knock Off can be used effectively against almost any Pokemon! Additionally, some Pokemon can no longer learn this move, making it a rare move!

Strong Against Pokemon That Rely On Items

Knock Off can be devastating for Pokemon which are in serious need of their held item. Try knocking off Galarian Corsola's Eviolite, or any of Greedent's Berries to throw a huge wrench in their strategies.

Drum Beating Lowers Speed

Drum Beating is an attack exclusive to Rillaboom which has 80 power, 100 accuracy, and lowers the opponent's speed 1 stage! This is incredibly useful and could lead to you getting the first hit on the second turn.

Assault Vest Is Best

The Assault Vest prevents a Pokemon from using status moves, which is no problem at all for Rillaboom. He can benefit from the increased Sp.Def without incurring any drawbacks. A tankier build could instead opt for Leftovers or a Berry.

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Rillaboom - Best Moves

Assault Vest Build

Recommended Moves

Drum Beating
Grass Icon
Amazing STAB move that lowers speed. A must on all builds.
Knock Off
dark Icon
Does more damage if the opponent is holding an item, then knocks it off. Excellent move.
bug Icon
Deals damage and allows you to swap out to a better suited Pokemon.
Ground Icon
Powerful Ground move, good coverage.

Other Viable MOves

Fighting Icon
Very powerful physical move that drops your speed. Good alternative to U-Turn or Earthquake.

Rillaboom - Best Item to Hold

Assault VestIncreases Sp. Def but doesn't allow the use of status moves. Great for Rillaboom because it naturally doesn't need to use status moves.
Choice BandCould be used for an extremely offensive build focusing on OHKOs.
Check Out Battle Item Locations Here!

Rillaboom - Best Nature And EVs

Rillaboom - Recommended Natures

JollySpeed↑ / Sp.Atk↓
Focus on increasing your speed so that you can knock off your opponent's items first.
AdamantAtk↑ / Sp.Atk↓
Focuses on dealing more damage and being a greater threat.

Which Nature Would You Recommend?

Recommended Base Point (EV) Allocation

Physical Attacker Rillaboom

StatBase Point
Attack252 points (max)
Speed252 points (max)
Defense4 points

Rillaboom is the fastest Pokemon, so some augmentation of its speed stat is preferable in order to ensure you hit your Knock Off!

Bulkier Rillaboom

StatBase Point
Attack252 points (max)
HP252 points (max)
Defense4 points

For bulkier variants, consider allocating 252 EVs to your HP stat. Rillaboom has a fairly decent health pool which can allow it to survive many moves, especially if Dynamaxed.

Rillaboom Counters

Recommended Pokemon To Counter Rillaboom

- Can bulk up with Iron Defense
- Reflects the speed drop with Mirror Armor
- Can heal with Roost
- Will lose its item
Arcanine IconArcanine Pros
- Lowers attack with Intimidate
- Flare Blitz will usually one shot
- Weak to Earthquake
Gyarados IconGyarados Pros
- Resists Grass moves, avoids Earthquake entirely
- Lowers attack with Intimidate
- Can oneshot with Max Airstream
- Will lose its item
Heat Rotom IconHeat Rotom Pros
- Very high damage with Overheat
- Not weak to any of Rillaboom's moves
- Will lose its item
Charizard IconCharizard Pros
- Fire moves are super effective
- Even if its speed is lowered, it can regain it with Max Airstream
- Will lose its item

How To Play Against Rillaboom

Avoid Pokemon Who Rely On Their Items

If you see a Rillaboom on the opponent's roster, expect your items to be rendered unusable. It's better to send in Pokemon that can still function without their items.

Fight Grass With Fire

Aside from Earthquake (which doesn't work on Rotom and Charizard), Rillaboom has no real way of dealing with Fire-type Pokemon. In most situations, it will likely U-Turn out when it sees a Fire-type. Try to read your opponent's play to your advantage.

Rillaboom - Competitive Breeding Process

Breeding Process Flow Chart

1Obtain Rillaboom or its previous evolutions by picking one at the start of the game or by trading for it.
2Hatch Eggs until you get a High IV Grookey
3Breed that Grookey until you get one with a Jolly Nature
4Put 252 EVs in Attack and Speed
5Max out its Dynamax Level
6Teach it Drum Beating, Knock Off, Earthquake, and U-Turn
7Equip an Assault Vest
>> Check Out Our Breeding Guide For More Info!

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Anonymous 1

You might not want to breed to get a good one, if you choose Grookey as your first partner, because I is going to be able to Gigantamax. And it’s probably going to be the strongest one, tied with Cinderace and Inteleon.

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