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Gyarados - Moveset and Competitive Build
Pokemon Sword and Shield | Gyarados - Moveset and Competitive Build

Pokemon Sword and Shield
Gyarados - Moveset and Competitive Build

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Find out how to breed Gyarados in Pokemon Sword and Shield! Learn about the breeding process, recommended movesets, competitive builds, EV spreads, held items, counters and more!

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Competitive Builds For Ranked Battle List

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Gyarados Overview

Total Base Stats540
Type Water Icon Flying Icon

Best Build For Gyarados

Best NatureBest Item
Jolly (Spd↑ / Sp.Atk↓)Choice Band
Best Ability
Lowers the attack stat of opposing Pokemon when entering battle.
Best Moveset
Waterfall / Ice Fang / Earthquake / Bounce
Best EV Spread
Attack 252, Speed 252, Defense 4

Gyarados Strengths

Gyarados is particularly great at sweeping teams due to a high attack stat of 125, and access to the move Dragon Dance (boosts Attack & Speed).

Has 5 Resistances and 1 Immunity

Gyarados is resistant to some particular common types, such as Fire, Fighting, Water, and Steel. It is also completely immune to Ground moves. Just be careful not to eat an Electric-type move

Alternate Build

Jolly (Spd↑ / Sp.Atk↓)Life Orb
Boosts the Attack stat after knocking out any Pokémon
Waterfall / Dragon Dance / Earthquake / Bounce
EV Spread
Attack 252, Speed 252, Defense 4

This build focuses on sweeping with Dynamax + Moxie. Bounce gives you access to the flying-type Max Move, which boosts speed.

Gyarados Counters

Recommended Pokemon To Counter Gyarados

Wash Rotom IconWash Rotom Pros
- Can one shot with almost any electric move
- Can hit first when using Speed build
- Can still out-speed after Dragon Dance if equipped with Choice Scarf
- Can be difficult if Gyarados uses Wacan Berry
- Power Whip Super Effective on Wash Rotom
Ferrothorn IconFerrothorn Pros
- Great physical tank that works against most common builds
- Can handle most attacks
- Although uncommon, Gyarados can learn Fire Blast
Galarian Corsola IconGalarian Corsola Pros
- Great physical tank that works against most common builds
- Strength Sap is extremely powerful vs. buffed opponents
Dragapult IconDragapult Pros
- Wins on speed
- Sp.Atk build Thunderbolt one shots
- Clear Body Ability negates Intimidate
- Can be one shot by Crunch (after attack boosts)

How To Play Against Gyarados

Use Physical Tanks

Gyarados has multiple ways to further boost its abilities through Moxie or Dragon Dance. Use tank Pokemon such as Ferrothorn and Corsola to make sure its ability does not trigger

Use Dynamax to Withstand Attacks

Using Max Guard to bypass its attack rush is also a viable tactic. Dynamaxing will also boost your HP, giving you a cushion to survive.

Watch Out For Sweeps

In the current meta, Dynamaxing and sweeping with Moxie and Max Airstrike is a common strategy, so make sure you are prepared to deal with it when it happens.

Gyarados - Base Points (EVs) and Natures

Recommended Base Point (EV) Allocation

Physical Attacker Gyarados

StatBase Point
Attack252 points (max)
Speed252 points (max)
Defense4 points

Boosting Speed and Attack with the Base Point is recommended for an offensive Gyarados. The Speed EVs are particularly important in supplementing its mediocre Speed stat.

Defensive Gyarados

StatBase Point
Defense252 points (max)
HP252 points (max)
Speed4 points

For a Defensive Gyarados, HP and Defense will be key. You'll want to send this out against physical threats.

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Gyarados - Recommended Natures

JollySpd↑ / Sp.Atk↓
Gyarados has 81 Speed, which is often not enough to go first. Supplementation is necessary!
AdamantAtk↑ / Sp.Atk↓
The extra 10% Attack could come in handy to ensure one-hit KOs on certain targets.
ImpishDef↑ / Sp.Atk↓
For tank Gyarados, Impish is best. Give it Thunder Wave and Taunt to make it stop Pokemon from setting up.

Which Nature Would You Recommend?

Gyarados - Breeding Process

Breeding Process Flow Chart

1Catch a Magikarp by fishing at the Lake on Route 2
2Hatch Eggs until you get a High IV Magikarp
3Breed that Magikarp until you get one with an Adamant or Jolly Nature
4Put 252 EVs in Attack and Speed
5Max out its Dynamax Level
6Level to Lv. 20 to evolve to Gyarados
7Teach it Waterfall, Dragon Dance, Earthquake, and Ice Fang
8Equip a Life Orb
>> Check Out Our Breeding Guide For More Info!

How To Get Magikarp


The first step to Breeding Gyarados will be to catch either a wild Magikarp. Luckily, this Pokemon is very easy to capture and is found on Routes 2, 4, 5, and 6. You can also just catch a Gyarados directly in the Lake Of Outrage (Wild Area).

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Gyarados - Recommended Moves

Recommended Attack Moves

water Icon
80 Power, reliable STAB move is a must on all builds.
Ice Fang
Ice Icon
65 Power, good type coverage vs Dragon and Flying types.
Ground Icon
Use TR10 to learn. 100 Power, incredible damage and type coverage for Poison, Steel, and Electric Pokemon.
dark Icon
Good type coverage against Ghost threats like Dragapult.

Recommended Support and Buff Moves

Dragon DanceEffective for non-choice builds.
TauntUse TR37 to learn. Useful for preventing setups of hazards or other buffs.
Thunder WaveUse TM14 to learn. Stops fast sweepers in their tracks. Recommended for a tanky build only.

Gyarados - Recommended Item to Hold

Choice BandAllows only a single move to be used, but boosts Attack by 150%
Recommended if Gyarados is your main sweeper.
Life OrbBoosts Move Power by 130% but uses 10% of health per use.
Can boost damage output while still leaving move variety - slightly risky, but allows you to make use of Dragon Dance.
Rocky HelmetCauses Pokemon that hit the wearer with a contact move to take damage. Recommended for a bulky Gyarados.
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