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Galarian Corsola - Best Moveset & Build

Galarian Corsola - Best Moveset & Build | Pokemon Sword Shield

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Galarian Corsola - Best Moveset & Build | Pokemon Sword Shield - GameWith
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Find out how to breed Galarian Corsola in Pokemon Sword and Shield (SWSH): Isle of Armor! This includes Galarian Corsola's best builds, best competitive movesets, & best nature!!!

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Galarian Corsola - Best Build & Ability Moveset

Galarian Corsola
Total Base Stats410
Type Ghost Icon

Hidden Ability Cursed Body Build

Best NatureBest Item
Bold (Def ↑ / Atk ↓)Eviolite
Best Ability
Cursed Body
If this Pokemon is hit by an attack, there is a 30% chance that move gets disabled unless one of the attacker's moves is already disabled.
Best Moveset
Strength Sap / Will-o-Wisp / Night Shade / Haze
▼Check Move Info Here
Best EV Spread
HP 252, Defense 252, Sp.Def 4

Galarian Corsola Strengths

Its extremely high Defense & Sp. Def. bast stats allow this Pokemon to become an ideal tank. By using Eviolite you can raise its Defense and Sp. Def significantly. The move Strength Sap also lets it use the opponent's high attack as a source of health recovery.

Night Shade Is Strong Against Substitutes

Galarian Corsola might be in a bit of a rough position if its opponent sets up a Substitute, as it doesn't have very much firepower to break through it. However, Night Shade will always deal 50 damage, making it a good tool for dealing with Substitute. Be careful however, if your opponent has more than 204 HP, you won't be able to break Substitute with just 1 Night Shade.

Dispel Buffs With Haze

The move Haze is essential for stopping opponents from setting up on you with Swords Dance or other buffing moves.

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Galarian Corsola - Best Moves

Hidden Ability Cursed Body Build

Recommended Moves

Strength Sap
Grass Icon
You can heal your HP by an amount equal to your opponent's Attack. You can also lower the opponent's Attack.
Fire Icon
Burns and lowers opponent's attack significantly.
Night Shade
Ghost Icon
Deal the same amount of damage as your level.
Ice Icon
Erase all status changes. By using Haze, you can also lower stats of opponent with Clear Body and other ability which prevents lowering status. Haze can be learned by passing it down as an Egg Move.

Galarian Corsola - Best Items to Hold

EvioliteWhen held by a Pokemon that can still evolve, it raises both Defense and Sp. Def.
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Galarian Corsola - Best Natures And EVs

Galarian Corsola - Recommended Natures

BoldDef↑ / Atk↓
Nature which make use of its high defense. Since Galarian Corsola learns moves which lowers opponent's attack, this nature is highly recommended.
CalmSp. Def↑ / Atk↓
Nature that focuses on Sp. Def.

Which Nature Would You Recommend?

Recommended Base Point (EV) Allocation

StatBase Point
HP252 points (max)
Defense252 points (max)
Special Defense4 points

Boosting HP and Defense with EVs is recommended.

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Galarian Corsola Counters

Recommended Pokemon To Counter Galarian Corsola

Hydreigon IconHydreigon Pros
- Can two shot with Dark Pulse
- None in particular
Dragapult IconDragapult Pros
- Can two shot with Shadow Ball
- Dragapult's high base Attack can be abused by Corsola's Strength Sap
Hatterene IconHatterene Pros
- Can two shot with Psychic (Choice Specs/Modest)
- Magic Bounce can reflect Strength Sap
- Requires a lot of Sp.Atk investment to 2 shot

How To Play Against Galarian Corsola

Use Special Attacks

The key with Galarian Corsola is to bring Special Attackers with no Attack investment. This will ensure that Strength Sap doesn't do very much. Pokemon with Dark or Ghost moves are also preferable. Knocking off the Eviolite is also a good bet.

Try Substitute

Substitute will render Will-o-Wisp and Strength Sap useless, and will be hard for Corsola to break. Try to also raise your HP to above 204, so that 1 substitute has 51 HP.

Galarian Corsola - Competitive Breeding Process

Breeding Process Flow Chart

1Catch Galarian Corsola at Giant's Mirrorin cloudy weather. Shield Exclusive.
1'(Optional) Catch Galarian Corsola with hidden ability with Max Raid Battle
2Hatch Eggs until you get a High IV Galarian Corsola
3Breed that Galarian Corsola until you get one with an Bold or Calm Nature
4Equip a Eviolite
6Put 252 EVs in HP and Defense
7Max out its Dynamax Level
8Teach it Strength Sap, Will-o-Wisp, Night Shade and Haze
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How To Get Galarian Corsola

Galarian Corsola appears only in Shield version. If you are playing Shield, go to Giant's Mirror when the weather is cloudy.

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Hidden Ability - Cursed Body

In order to get a Corsola with Cursed Body, you'll have to either do Max Raid Battles or get it via trading.

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