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Hawlucha - Best Moveset & Build
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Hawlucha - Best Moveset & Build

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Find out how to breed Hawlucha in Pokemon Sword and Shield! Learn about the best competitive Hawlucha movesets, best builds, best nature, counters & the breeding process!!!

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Hawlucha Best Moveset & Build

Total Base Stats500
Type Fighting IconFlying Icon

Mold Breaker Build

Best NatureBest Item
Adamant (Atk↑ / Sp.Atk ↓)Life Orb
Best Ability
Mold Breaker
Moves cannot be prevented by your opponent's abilities.
Best Moveset
Close Combat / Brave Bird / Iron Head / U-Turn
▼Check Move Info Here
Best EV Spread
Attack 252, Speed 252, HP 4

Take Out Mimikyu With Mold Breaker

Mold Breaker allows Hawlucha to ignore Mimikyu's Disguise ability. Given how common Mimikyu is in the current meta, this is particularly appealing. However, even though it can land Dig on Rotom, this is not recommended due to Hawlucha's Electric type weakness.

Faster Than Most Pokemon

Hawlucha's base 118 Speed gives it the upper hand when it comes to hitting first. In terms of commonly used Pokemon in the meta, only Dragapult, Inteleon, and Cinderace can manage to outspeed it. With the exception of speed boosting moves/abilities, Hawlucha can strike first. With a speed boost from Max Airstream, it can even outspeed Dragapult!

Fourth Move Choice Is Up To You

We strongly recommend taking Close Combat (or High Jump Kick, either is ok), Brave Bird, & Iron Head on your Hawlucha. The final move, however, entirely depends on what your team is in need of. Note that if you want to use Max Guard, you'll need to put in a support or status move (such as Swords Dance).

Unburden Build

Best NatureBest Item
Jolly (Speed ↑ / Sp.Atk ↓)White Herb
Best Ability
Increases speed when the user's held item is used up or knocked off.
Best Moveset
Close Combat / Brave Bird / Iron Head / Swords Dance
▼Check Move Info Here
Best EV Spread
HP 252, Attack 252, Speed 4

Actively Use Up Your Item

Hawlucha has gained the move Close Combat this generation, meaning it can now combo it with Unburden and a White Herb. When Close Combat lowers your stats, they will be returned to normal and the White Herb will be consumed. This will trigger your Unburden Speed bonus. In contrast with previous generations, this time around Hawlucha can actively use up its own item.

Boost Your Speed And Sweep

An Unburdened Hawlucha is extremely fast, so much so that it doesn't even need a speed boosting nature. It can reach 340 speed (at Lv. 50) with an Adamant nature, which is even faster than a Scarfed Dragapult or Excadrill (not in a Sandstorm). Use this to your advantage and overpower your opponents.

Works Well With Pincurchin

Pincurchin's ability Electric Surge creates Electric Terrain whenever it switches in. When doing so, make Hawlucha hold an Electric Seed. This will be consumed immediately upon entering a field with Electric Terrain on it, immediately granting you the Unburden buff in addition to the Defense buff from the Electric Seed.

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Hawlucha - Best Moves

Press the buttons below to toggle between different builds!

Build #1 - Mold Breaker

Recommended Moves

Close Combat
Fighting Icon
Powerful STAB move to take out opponents. Necessary for Max Knuckle.
Brave Bird
Flying Icon
Flying stab move, necessary for Max Airstream.
Iron Head
Steel Icon
Good for coverage, as well as for Max Steelspike's Defense boost.
bug Icon
Allows you to switch out of dangerous situations.

Other Viable Moves

High Jump Kick
Fighting Icon
An alternative to Close Combat. A bit dangerous if it misses.
Ground Icon
Good move for dealing with Rotom and other Electric types.
Rock Tomb
Rock Icon
Slows the opponent's speed. Good coverage.
Stone Edge
Rock Icon
High chance of critting, but can sometimes miss.
Fire Punch
fire Icon
Possible coverage move.
Thunder Punch
electric Icon
Possible coverage move for water types.
Zen Headbutt
Psychic Icon
Possible coverage move.
Throat Chop
dark Icon
Prevents the opponent from using sound-base moves.
Swords Dance
status icon
Boosts attack 2 stages. Powerful if given a window of opportunity to set up.
status icon
Creates a dummy at the expense of 25% health. Useful for getting through an opponent's Dynamax.
status icon
Forces the opponent to use only attacking moves. Good for locking down tanks.

Build #2 - Unburden

Recommended Moves

Close Combat
Fighting Icon
Necessary to proc the White Herb.
Brave Bird
Flying Icon
Flying stab move, necessary for Max Airstream.
Iron Head
Steel Icon
Good for coverage, as well as for Max Steelspike's Defense boost.
Swords Dance
status icon
Boosts attack 2 stages. One use and you'll be able to sweep.

Hawlucha - Best Item to Hold

Life OrbFor Mold Breaker builds, simply increases the damage of your moves and improves your sweeping potential.
Sitrus BerryHeals up some health after taking a hit. Can be used for both Unburden and Mold Breaker builds.
Focus SashUseful for ensuring that you survive your first turn. Will also trigger your speed boost, allowing you to outspeed the opponent and OHKO them the next turn.
White HerbRestores a reduced stat to normal. Can be procced with your own Close Combat, triggering Unburden.
Electric SeedUseful in the Pincurchin combo variation. Procced on Electric Terrain, raises Defense.
Check Out Battle Item Locations Here!

Hawlucha - Best Nature And EVs

Hawlucha - Recommended Natures

JollySpeed↑ / Sp.Atk↓
Recommended for Mold Breaker builds, since they won't get the Unburden speed buff.
AdamantAtk↑ / Sp.Atk↓
Recommended for Unburden builds, as they will have more than enough speed to sweep.

Which Nature Would You Recommend?

Recommended Base Point (EV) Allocation

Mold Breaker and Unburden Build

StatBase Point
Attack252 points (max)
Speed252 points (max)
HP4 points

Both builds benefit from the exact same EV distribution. Max out Speed and Attack to do the highest amount of damage possible.

Check Out The EV (Base Point) Guide Here!

Hawlucha Counters

Recommended Pokemon To Counter Hawlucha

Rotom IconRotom (Any Form)Pros
- Electric moves are super effective
- Resists flying moves
- Fan Rotom resists Fighting moves too
- Can be hit with Dig
Dragapult IconDragapultPros
- Dragapult is faster
- Immune to Fighting moves
- None
Toxapex IconToxapexPros
- Can outheal even vs. Thunder Punch
- Protects itself and inflicts Poison with Baneful Bunker
- Struggles against Taunt variants
Galarian Corsola IconGalarian CorsolaPros
- Can outlast with Strength Sap
- Immune to fighting moves
- Struggles against Taunt variants
Aegislash IconAegislashPros
- Resists flying moves
- Immune to fighting moves
- Can lower attack with King's Shield
- None

How To Play Against Hawlucha

Watch Out For Its Wide Coverage

Although most Hawlucha will probably run a Fighting, Flying, and Steel move, the last move can be extremely difficult to predict. Possible move types it could use include Ground, Rock, Fire, Electric, Psychic, and Dark.

Watch For Pincurchin Combo Builds

If you spot a Pincurchin on the enemy team, chances are the accompanying Hawlucha will have a very specific build to make use of its partner. Prepare a physical wall and special attacker to deal with Hawlucha so it doesn't sweep you.

The Rotom Family Are All A Good Pick

Basically any Rotom form you pick will have a decent to good matchup against Hawlucha, as they all resist Flying moves and can use Electric moves. Also, even a Rotom with 0 Defense EVs can usually withstand a (Jolly) Max Quake (although it comes down to a roll).

Hawlucha - Competitive Breeding Process

Breeding Process Flow Chart

1Catch Hawlucha on Route 6 (it's quite uncommon)
2Hatch Eggs until you get a High IV Hawlucha
3Breed that Hawlucha until you get one with a Jolly or Adamant Nature
4Put 252 EVs in Attack, 252 EVs in Speed, and 4 in HP
5Max out its Dynamax Level
7Teach it Close Combat, Brave Bird, Iron Head, and U-Turn
8Equip a Life Orb
>> Check Out Our Breeding Guide For More Info!

Mold Breaker Is A Hidden Ability

If you're using the Mold Breaker build, it's important to note that you'll need to capture a Hawlucha from a Max Raid Battle in the Wild Area.

Find Out More About Hidden Abilities Here!

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