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How To Catch Zamazenta With High Individual Values (IVs)
Pokemon Sword and Shield | How To Catch Zamazenta With High Individual Values (IVs)

Pokemon Sword and Shield
How To Catch Zamazenta With High Individual Values (IVs)

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Read this guide to learn how to catch Zamazenta, one of the main Legendaries in Pokemon Sword and Shield. Get tip on when to save, and what the best stats, moves, and natures are!

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What Makes Zamazenta Good?

Amazing Physical Wall


Zamazenta is a strong wall with 145 in both defensive stats, while maintaining an incredible 128 Speed.

Great Support For Max Raid Battles

Zamazenta's Ability causes him to gain defense, so he can act as a good supporter for a 4-Pokemon Max Raid Battle. Getting barriers up while also being able to do heavy damage with Behemoth Bash is quite handy.

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How To Get A Strong Zamazenta

Catching Zamazenta Process

1Defeat Zacian in the end-game story
2Don't forget to turn off auto save!
3Save here before fighting Zamazenta
4Catch Zamazenta and check its stats. Reset and repeat as necessary!

1. Defeat Zacian In The End Game


The first step to catching a strong Zamazenta will be to progress through the endgame story up until the Zacian fight. In order to do this, you'll have to take down Zacian beforehand.

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2. Turn Off Auto-Save!


The most important thing here is to turn off autosave. This can be accessed from the options menu. This will allow you to manually save the game whenever you want.

Set Text To Fast

In the same menu (at the very top), you can also change the text speed to fast. This is highly recommended to speed up the process.

3. Save Before Fighting Zamazenta

Zacian Save

After the cutscenes are over, you will regain control of your character. Immediately save your game here!

4. Catch Zamazenta Over And Over


Use the Master Ball to catch Zamazenta and check his Individual Strengths from the PC! If you are not satisfied, restart and try again until you get the stats you want! Try to aim for 31 Defense, Special Defense, and HP IVs.

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Zamazenta - Recommended Natures and EVs

Zamazenta - Recommended Natures

ImpishDef↑ / Sp.Atk↓
Zamazenta is best used by optimizing his incredible Defense.
CarefulSp.Def↑ / Sp.Atk↓
Both natures will most likely be okay for Max Raid Battle purposes!

Which Nature Would You Recommend?

Zamazenta - Recommended Base Point (EVs) Allocation

StatBase Point
Defense252 points (max)
HP252 points (max)

Max Defense and HP are best here when making a wall out of Zamazenta. This way he will be able to sustain massive hits from Dynamaxed Pokemon.

Buy Vitamins To Quickly Boost EVs


Unlike previous generations, Sword and Shield allows you to max out EVs with just Vitamins. Buy 26 Irons to easily level up Zamazenta's Defense!

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Max Out Your Dynamax Level!

Dynamax Level

Feed Zamazenta 10 Dynamax Candies in order to max out its Dynamax Level. This will help out in Max Raid Battles.

Zamazenta - Recommended Moves and Items

Recommended Attack Moves

Behemoth BashSteel Type Physical Attack.
100 Power. Deals double damage to Dynamaxed targets
Iron HeadSteel Type Physical Attack.
80 Power. Becomes Behemoth Blade in battle when equipped with the Rusted Sword.
Close CombatFighting Type Physical Attack.
120 Power. Lowers the user's Defense and Sp. Def.
Play RoughFairy Type Physical Attack.
90 Power. 10% chance of lowering the target's attack.
Fire FangFire Type Physical Attack.
65 Power. Can cause a burn or make the target flinch.
CrunchDark Type Physical Attack.
80 Power. Can lower the target's Defense stat.

Recommended Support/Defensive Moves

Iron DefenseBoosts Defense.
RestPuts the user to sleep, but restores all health.
Light ScreenReduces the team's damage taken from Special attacks for 5 turns.
ReflectReduces the team's damage taken from Physical attacks for 5 turns

Recommended Item To Hold

Rusted ShieldCauses Zamazenta to gain the Steel type in Combat and gets higher stats.

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