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Welcome to our guide on Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH)! This Animal Crossing Switch Wiki includes tips, database of items and creatures, latest news and updates, and more!!!

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Upcoming Event

April 28th Update

1.10 Update

Animal Crossing's 1.10 update will be coming out on April 28th. It will reinstate several events that occurred last year, and also add some new seasonal items for players to obtain! Read more about it in detail below.

1.10 Update Guide

Sanrio Collaboration (March 18 Update)

sanrio update march 18

The newest update for Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be available starting March 18th. It will feature Sanrio character appearances, clothes, furniture, and other special collaboration items!

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1.10 Update - April Update
1.10 Update - April Update
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Mario Update (February 25) Release Date
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Beginner Tips

Beginner Tips
Check Out The Beginner Tips Here!

Gameplay Tips

Guides To Read Before Playing
Points of No ReturnNew Features
What Is Nook Link Amiibo List
Online Multiplayer Party Play
Backup Save Data-
Early Game Guide
Beginning Questions Character Creation
Island LayoutIsland Names
Choosing HemisphereBest Tent Location
How To DIY CraftingHow To Add Friends
How To Plant FlowersDaily Routine
Other Useful Guides
How To Invite VillagersMake Villagers Leave
How To Change TimeWhen Is Date-line?
Weather, Season, TimeChange Island Tune
Pay Loans FasterMoney Tree (Bell Tree)
Shooting Star EventRock Respawn Times
Nook Miles Ticket Crossing Rivers
Changing Roof ColorFloating Present
How to ChatGet Nook Inc. Silk Rug
Pocket Camp Free ItemsHow To Get To Tarantula Island
Improve Island Evaluation Increasing Inventory Space
How To Buy / Sell Turnips How to Create Multiple Accounts
Glowing SpotsTerraforming Guide
How To Check Friend Code Can You Move Buildings?
Tree & Fruit RespawnFeng Shui Guide
House Customization & Storage Is There Perfect Fruit?
How To Unlock Reactions Returning Lost Items
How To Get Crown How To Get A 5 Star Island Rating
How To Design Eyebrows How To Get Cherry Blossom Petals
Fishing Tourney - Dates & PrizesWhat To Do With Duplicate Recipes
How To Apply & Remove Face Paint How To Make Waterfalls
What Are Pitfall Seeds? Secrets & Cheats Guide
Maintenance Schedule Raising HHA Ranking
How To Get Bell Voucher Can You Catch Birds?
Furniture & Phone CustomizationHow To Decorate With Flowers
Villager's PersonalitiesFriendship Level Guide
How To Get Villager Pictures How To Get Animal Posters
How To Get Villagers You Want Mystery Island Villagers - How To Get
Message Bottles & DIY Recipes How To Move Your Mailbox
How To Get To Scorpion Island Turnip Price Calculator
How To Get More FurnitureHow To Get Cardboard Box
Mario Items Save Data Transfer
Seasonal Items (Setsubun) Lunar New Year

Island Design Articles

Island Design Ideas & Themes Building A Residential District
Building a Rock Garden Relocating Trees
Designing An Orchard Japanese Themed Island
Making A Flower Bed Street Market
Bathhouse Design Tropical Island Resort
Outdoor Cafe Park / Playground
Medieval Castle Theme Park
Wedding Hall Ponds

Farming Guides

Recommended Articles
Farm Money FastHow To Earn Nook Miles
How To Catch TarantulaFarm Fossils Fast
How to Use Fish Bait-

Nook Inc. Special Services

Check Out Nook Inc. Special Services!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - Database & List


Villagers / Characters List

Villagers List By Birth Month

Special Villagers

DIY & Tools Recipe

DIY Recipes ListTools Recipe List

Golden Tools

Golden Tool List

DIY Materials

DIY Materials List

Bugs / Fish / Items List

Rare Bug & Fish Ranking List

Flower List

All Flower List
Hybrid Tulip Colors
Pink TulipPinkOrange Tulip OrangePurple Tulip Purple
Black TulipBlack--
Hybrid Lily Colors
Orange Lily OrangePink Lily PinkBlack Lily Black
Hybrid Pansy Colors
Red & YellowOrangeBlueBluePurple PansyPurple
Hybrid Cosmos Colors
Orange Cosmos OrangePink CosmosPinkBlack Cosmos Black
Hybrid Hyacinth Colors
Pink Hyacinth PinkBlue HyacinthBlueOrange HyacinthOrange
Purple Hyacinth Purple--
Hybrid Windflower
Blue WindflowerBluePink WindflowerPinkWindflower PurplePurple

Facilities List

All Facilities List

Furniture List

Art List

Custom Designs

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What Is Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Living In The Island Full Of Nature

Animal Crossing New Horizons lets you live in a deserted island full of untouched nature. Enjoy the slow life surrounded by the beach & fun neighbors.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Editions

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Editions

Only a Standard Edition of the game is available, though it comes in both physical & digital versions. A Special Edition provides a console bundle with special designs, but it will not come with the game.

Check Out Editions & Pre Order Bonuses!

Crafting System Introduced


By using the workbench, you can craft tools and furniture. For example, you can create stone flimsy axe with tree branches & stone. Collect ingredients and enjoy the DIY life.

Get New Crafting Recipe With Nook Miles

nook milage

You can get new crafting recipes by using Nook Miles. Nook Miles is special currency you can get through Nook Mileage Program. You can get Nook Miles by completing missions such as removing weeds.

Choose Your Favorite Spot To Live


Right after you've arrived, you can set your tent anywhere in the island.

You Can Place Furniture Outside


You can now place the furniture outside of your house. Camping is now possible with this new feature.

Use Nook Phone For New Mechanics

Use Nook Phone For New Mechanics

The Nook Phone is a new in-game feature that lets you easily access brand new mechanics! This includes Nook Miles, the map, DIY recipes, custom designs, the camera, & more!

Check Out Nook Phone Apps & Features!

Multi-player Mode With 8 Player


Online mode let you play with up to 8 people. You can take photo with your friend to keep your precious memory as well.

Connect Online With Nook Link App

Connect Online With Nook Link App

With the Nook Link app services for the Nintendo Switch Online app, players can transfer their custom designs & even chat with other players in real-time!

Check Out How To Use Nook Link App!

Use Amiibo To Invite Previous Characters

Use Amiibo To Invite Previous Characters

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has Amiibo & Amiibo Card support & compatibility to a certain extent, allowing you to invite residents from former Animal Crossing games to the island!

Check Out How To Use Amiibo!

Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch) - Release Date & Basic Info

animal crossing new horizon
Release DateMarch 20, 2020
Official SiteAnimal Crossing: New Horizons Official Site
EditionsStandard Edition

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All 2020 Video Game Release Dates Shedule
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