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Find out how to get balloons in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH). Including how to get balloon gifts, how to get a balloon, Redd's raffle, spawn rate, uses, and more!!!

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Balloons (Raffle Item) NEW!

Balloons (Floating Presents)

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What Are Balloons?

2 Different Balloons In Game

Get Rare Items from floating Presents

There are two main things that players of New Horizons will refer to as balloons: 1) the Balloons you can obtain as items, added in version 1.4.0, and 2) The balloons that float around your island and contain presents. For #2, check out the ↓ the section below!

How To Get Balloons (Raffle Balloons)

Get Randomly From Redd's Raffle

How To GetGet from Redd's Raffle
Sell Price150 Bells

Raffle Balloons can be obtained on the day of a Fireworks Show. They are randomly given to you by Redd as a part of his Raffle. The first 12 times you get a ticket from Redd you'll be able to get all 12 of his items without duplicates, but after that your chances of getting a Balloon will be completely randomized. Luckily there are 5 Balloons in total:

The 5 Balloon Color Variations

Color Variations
Red BalloonRedBlue BallonBlueYellow BalloonYellowGreen BalloonGreenPink BalloonPink

There are a total of 5 different balloon you can get. If you want to get multiple of one specific balloon, you might need to spend a lot of time getting random items from Redd.

Check Out Redd's Raffle Here In Detail

Uses Of Raffle Balloons

Hold Them In Your Hand


You can hold balloons in your hand and walk around with them. Additionally, by pressing the A button you can bind them to something! Perhaps these will be useful for some events later down the line?

Can Be Used To Decorate Your Island


It's possible to simply place a Balloon outside on the ground. This is extremely useful for decorating your island and creating fun environments like playgrounds and parks. Decorate your island with Balloons and then have others come visit it!

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What Is A Floating Present Balloon?

Presents Floating In The Sky

Get Rare Items from floating Presents

As you explore your island, you might fight a present floating in the air, attached to a balloon. if you manage to bring it down, you might get a rare item by opening the present!

Get Rare Items From Balloons (Floating Presents)

Contents Of Balloons
Furniture/ClothesDIY Recipes

There are generally four main categories of items you can get from a balloon. Because the pool of possible items is so big, it's really important that you never let a balloon present go by without shooting it down! Always pack your slingshot before heading out.

Seasonal Furniture Recipes Only Drop From Balloons

Every season brings with it some sort of events and limited-time furniture. To get these DIY Recipes, your only option is to shoot down Balloons!

Check Out All Seasonal DIY Recipes List!

Get Furniture Color Variations

The furniture sold at Nook's Cranny on every island is fixed. However, by popping balloons, you'll be able to get recipes for furniture in colors that are not available in your island's store!

Does The Color Of The Balloon Matter?

There are various colors to the different balloons that float around your island, including blue, yellow, red, and green. In our experience, blue balloons often have materials, while yellow ones have bells. It seems that there is indeed a link between balloon color and items contained.

Balloon Contents By Color - Our Data Sample
Clothes10000 BellsDIYDIY
10000 BellsDIYFurnitureDIY
Furniture1000 Bells
Furniture1000 Bells
Iron Nugget5000 Bells
Furniture1000 Bells
Clay10000 Bells
Clay1000 Bells
Clay5000 Bells
Tambourine1000 Bells
Iron Nugget10000 Bells
10000 Bells
1000 Bells

Special Balloons Spawn During Events

Easter Balloon

⬆ A balloon that spawns during the Bunny Day event!!!

During seasonal events which feature DIY recipes or materials to gather, special balloons may also appear on your island. If you break these, you'll be able to obtain seasonal items.

Check Out The Full Event Calendar Here

Break 300 Balloons To Get Golden Slingshot

golden slingshot

In order to get the Golden Slingshot, you'll need to break a whopping 300 Balloons. This will no doubt take some time, so make sure you don't miss a single one!

Learn How To Get Golden Slingshot From Here

How To Pop Floating Balloons (Floating Presents)

Use A Slingshot To Pop

Use a Slingshot to Pop floating

The only way you can bring down a floating Present is by popping it with a Slingshot. Use the A button to shoot upwards and take it out.

How To Get The Slingshot

How To Get The Slingshot

You'll only be able to get the Slingshot DIY recipe once you've purchase it from Timmy. Just learn the recipe and you'll be able to craft it at any workshop!

Check Out How to Get the Slingshot

Floating Balloon Spawn Time & Conditions

Have An Irregular Spawn Rate

Appears Randomly on the Island

Balloons can appear on your island at all times, regardless of weather. It seems that their spawn rate is basically random, so you'll need to keep your Slingshot on you at all times so you never miss one! Make sure you hunt for balloons daily!

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Two May Spawn At Once

Unlike previous games in the franchise, in New Horizons, two balloons can spawn at the same time. In our experience so far, the overall spawn rate of balloons has increased significantly.

Listen To The Wind

When a Balloon spawns on your island, you'll hear a kind of whistling windy sound in-game. This is a sign that a Balloon has spawned somewhere on the island, so try to find it!

Look Up To The Sky And See


Tilt your R stick upwards to make your character look to the sky. This perspective will let you better survey the skies for the presence of Balloons!

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They don’t reswpawn every 5 minutes dumb

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