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Fossil List & Prices

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Check out this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH) guide on all the fossils. Find the prices for all parts, including a list of fully complete dinosaur fossils.

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Fossil Price List

This list will be updated with more information as it becomes available!

All Fossils & Price

FossilParts (Price)
T-Rex FossilsT-Rex T-Rex Skull (6000 Bells)
T-Rex Torso (5500 Bells)
T-Rex Tail (5000 Bells)
FossilsArchelon Archelon Skull (4000 Bells)
Archelon Torso (3500 Bells)
FossilsAustralopithecus Australopithecus (1100 Bells)
FossilsAcanthostega Acanthostega (2000 Bells)
FossilsDinosaur Track Dinosaur Track (1000 Bells)
Anomalocaris Anomalocaris (2000 Bells)
Ankylosaurus Ankylosaurus Skull (3500 Bells)
Ankylosaurus Torso (TBD)
Ankylosaurus Tail (2000 Bells)
Iguanodon Iguanodon Skull (4000 Bells)
Iguanodon Torso (3500 Bells)
Iguanodon Tail (3000 Bells)
FossilsFossilized Feces Fossilized Feces (1100 Bells)
FossilsIchthyosaur Ichthyosaur Skull (2500 Bells)
Ichthyosaur Torso (2000 Bells)
FossilsQuetzalcoatlus Quetzalcoatlus Skull (4500 Bells)
Quetzalcoatlus Right Wing (5000 Bells)
Quetzalcoatlus Left Wing (5000 Bells)
FossilsAmber Amber (1200 Bells)
FossilsTrilobite Trilobite (1300 Bells)
FossilsArchaeopteryx Archaeopteryx (1300 Bells)
FossilsJuramaia Juramaia (1500 Bells)
Stegosaurus FossilsStegosaurus Stegosaurus Torso (4500 Bells)
Stegosaurus Tail (4000 Bells)
Stegosaurus Skull (TBD)
FossilsSpinosaurus Spinosaurus Skull (4000 Bells)
Spinosaurus Torso (3000 Bells)
Spinosaurus Tail (2500 Bells)
FossilsSabertooth Tiger Sabertooth Tiger Skull (2500 Bells)
Sabertooth Tiger Torso (2000 Bells)
FossilsDunkleosteusDunkleosteus (3500 Bells)
FossilsDeinonychus Deinonychus Skull (3000 Bells)
Deinonychus Tail (2500 Bells)
Diplodocus Skull (5000 Bells)
Diplodocus Neck (4500 Bells)
Diplodocus Lower Back (4500 Bells)
Diplodocus Tail (5000 Bells)
Diplodocus Chest (4000 Bells)
DimetrodonDimetrodon Skull (4400 Bells)
Triceratops Fossil Triceratops Triceratops Skull (5500 Bells)
Triceratops Torso (5000 Bells)
Triceratops Tail (4500 Bells)
FossilsPachycephalo Skull Pachycephalo Skull (4000 Bells)
Pachycephalo Torso (2800 Bells)
Pachycephalo Tail (TBD)
Fossils ParasaurolophusParasaurolophus Skull (3500 Bells)
Parasaurolophus Torso (3000 Bells)
Parasaurolophus Tail (2500 Bells)
PlesiosaurusPlesiosaurus Skull (4000 Bells)
Plesiosaurus Torso (4500 Bells)
Plesiosaurus Tail (4500 Bells)
FossilsPteranodon Pteranodon Skull (4000 Bells)
Pteranodon Right Wing (4500 Bells)
Pteranodon Left Wing (4500 Bells)
BrachiosaurusBrachiosaurus Skull (6000 Bells)
Brachiosaurus Lower Back (5000 Bells)
Brachiosaurus Chest (5500 Bells)
Brachiosaurus Tail (5500 Bells)
Mammoth FossilsMammoth Mammoth Skull (3000 Bells)
Mammoth Torso (2500 Bells)
FossilsMyllokunmingia Myllokunmingia (1500 Bells)
FossilsMegacerops Megacerops Skull (4500 Bells)
Megacerops Torso (3500 Bells)
Megacerops Tail (3000 Bells)
FossilsEusthenopteron Eusthenopteron (2000 Bells)
FossilsAmmonite Ammonite (TBD)
FossilsShark Tooth Shark Tooth Fossil (TBD)
FossilsMegalocerops Megalocerops Left Half Of Body (4000 Bells)
Megalocerops Right Half Of Body (5500 Bells)

Great For Money (Bell) Farming

As you can see the listed prices, you can farm money by selling fossils. As a routine, don't forget to collect them per day!

Check Out Other Ways To Farm Money Fast!

What Are Fossils?

Buried Items Found When Dug Up

Buried Items Found When Dug Up

Fossils are buried items that you can find when you dig through the star-shaped cracks on the ground. They are blue, circular rocks with shell & star designs.

Limited Ground Cracks Per Day

In New Leaf, there are only a limited number of cracks that appear on the ground on a daily basis.

Check Out How To Farm Fossils Faster

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Pachy on has 2 parts

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