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Mystery Island Tour - Best Island Types Guide
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Mystery Island Tour - Best Island Types Guide

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Check out a list of islands on Mystery Island Tours in Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch (ACNH)! Includes obtainable items, villagers, fruit, multiplayer (with friends) & more!

Table of Contents

Learn More About What You Can Do In Airport From Here

List Of All Mystery Islands & Obtainable Items

Video Guide On Best Island To Visit

Watch this video guide to learn best mystery tour islands to visit! The video includes info on Tarantula island, Money Rock Island, and more!

Island Recommendation

Note: The islands you visit are totally random.

Image Recommendation
Tarantula Island
Click to Enlarge
① Tarantula Island

- Has circular river with island in the middle
- Only Tarantulas spawn on this island (Scorpions during summer)
- Will respawn on island when stung by Tarantulas
Shark Island
Click to Enlarge
② Shark Island

- Has cliffs shaped like a dorsal fin
- Spawn a lot of dorsal-fin fish
- Great for money-making!
Click to Enlarge
③ Bamboo Island

- Simple island with a Bamboo forest
- Can spawn more than other rare islands
Emperor Butterfly Island
Click to Enlarge
④ Emperor Butterfly Island
(※) Image submitted by user

- Filled with butterflies like Peacock & Emperor butterflies
- Can spawn hybrid flowers of the same kind in one island
Fruit Island
Click to Enlarge
⑤ Fruit Island

- A Fruit Tree version of the Bamboo island
- Easy to level the area of trees
- Great for catching rare bugs
- Tarantulas and Scorpions don't spawn
Click to Enlarge
⑥ Island With Big Pond

- A basic island with a large pond
- Good spot for fishing
Click to Enlarge
⑦ Island With A Cliff

- Simple island with a cliff
- Requires ladder to access all areas
Spiral Island
Click to Enlarge
⑧ Spiral Island

- Nothing particularly special on this island.
rare flower island
Click to Enlarge
⑨ Rare Flower Island

- Many rare flowers bloom here
- Flower types are random
- Good place for catching butterflies
Island No Bugs
Click to Enlarge
⑩ Island With Few Bugs

- Usually no insects at all
- During certain months, only Giant Water Bugs (sell for 2000 Bells each!) will appear
- Can only fish up Trash (※)
⑪ Rainforest Island (※)TBD
- Atlas Moth, Rainbow Stag, Goliath Beetle
⑫ Goldfish Pond Island (※)TBD
- Goldfish, Koi

※ This mark means that the information has not been confirmed by us personally and was instead submitted by readers in the comment section!

If you've been to any islands that we haven't listed here, please post a comment (and a screenshot if you can) below! We will update this list regularly.

① Tarantula Island

Tarantula Island
Click to Enlarge
Obtainable Items- Tarantulas
- Bamboo

This is an island filled with Tarantulas! You can sell each one you catch for 8,000 Bells, so if you fill up your inventory you can make a ton of money. This is highly recommended for Bell Farming!

Check Out More Details On Tarantula Island Here!

② Shark Island

Shark Island
Click to Enlarge
Obtainable Items- Saw Shark
- Hammerhead Shark
- Great White Shark
- Whale Shark
- Sun Fish

This island has a large pond with an island in the middle. The island is made of cliffs in the shape of a dorsal fin!

③ Bamboo Island

Click to Enlarge
Obtainable Items- Bamboo Pieces
- Young Spring Bamboo
- Pansy

An island with a bamboo forest. There are no rivers or ponds, and the bamboo forest is surrounded by the ocean.

Get Bamboo Materials

You can get plenty of bamboo & Young Spring Bamboo from this island. They are usually hard to obtain, so bring back a ton with you on your way home!

Check Out Bamboo DIY Recipes Here!

④ Emperor Buttefly Island

Emperor Butterfly Island
Click to Enlarge
Obtainable Items- Emperor Butterflies (night)
- Hybrid Flowers

This island will have a pond in the middle surrounded by hybrid flowers of the same type. It will spawn many Emperor Butterflies at night.

⑤ Fruit Island

Fruit Island
Click to Enlarge
Rare Fruit Island
Obtainable Items- Same Fish and Bugs as your island

This island is like the Bamboo Island, but without the Bamboo. There are no ponds or cliffs, making it really easy to tear down all the trees and use as a bug hunting ground. On summer nights, you can catch Golden Stag and Horned Hercules beetles, making this a great place for money-farming.

⑥ Island With A Big Pond

Click to Enlarge
Obtainable Items- Carp
- Koi
- Pansy

An island with a large pond on it. This is a good place to focus on fishing!

Aim For Koi

Click to Enlarge

Koi spawns frequently on this island. You can sell it for 4000 bells, making this a great money-making opportunity.

⑦ Island With A Cliff

Click to Enlarge
Obtainable Items- Hyacinths

Not a particularly appealing island if you're looking for items. You need a Ladder to access all the areas because of the cliffs.

⑧ Spiral Island

Spiral Island
Click to Enlarge
Obtainable Items- Hycanith

This island features winding rivers that form a spiral shape. They will often impede your way, meaning you might be unable to proceed if you don't have the Vaulting Pole!

⑨ Rare Flower Island

rare flower island
Click to Enlarge
Obtainable Items- Rare Flowers (Type is random)

Tons of rare flowers will spawn on this island. All you need is a Shovel and you'll be able to bring them back home to plant on your island!

Additionally, the flowers that spawn here will be different for each person. Some might spawn Roses while others have Lilies.

Check Out More Info On How To Get Rare Flowers By Breeding

⑩ Island With Few Species Of Bugs

Island No Bugs
Click to Enlarge
Obtainable Items- Giant Water Bug
- Trash

One member of our team was able to get this item and we were unable to confirm the presence of any insects except for Giant water bugs. We explored for 1-2 hours, but this was the only bug to appear - which is excellent, because it happens to sell for 2000 bells a piece. Also, according to other users, you can only fish up trash on this island!

What Is Mystery Island Tour?

Main Points
  • 1 trip costs 2,000 Miles
  • Single Player only
  • If you have the maximum number of villagers, you won't find a new one on a mystery island
  • Different flowers will spawn for different people
  • The island you get is totally random
  • Rare islands have a very low chance to be selected
  • You can purchase some tools with miles
  • Most critters are the same as your island

You Can Visit A Deserted Island

mystery tour

Mystery Island Tour is a tour on which you can visit a deserted island by consuming a Nook Miles Ticket. Talk to Orville at the Airport to take part in a Mystery Tour. On that tour you can get materials, find new villagers and experience a different island environment!

Learn If You Should Buy Nook Miles Tickets Or Not From Here

You Can Meet New Villagers


At each deserted island, you can meet 1 new villager. By talking to him/her, you can ask them to move to your island!

Sometimes There Are No Villagers

There are many cases when visiting a Mystery Island where there won't be anyone on it. If you have the maximum number of characters on your island, this might happen, so try kicking one out!

Check Out How To Make Villagers Leave Here

Not Possible To Play With Friends (Co-op)

The Mystery Island tour is a single-player experience only. It is not possible to bring your friends along with you!

You Can Still Purchase Some Tools

Wilbur Tools

By talking to Wilbur on the island, you'll be able to purchase some flimsy tools from him (though they cost Miles!) It is of course best to be well-prepared and bring your own tools, but if you happen to forget, this is a good alternative.

Note that the tools Wilbur sells are all flimsy. Since Flimsy axes cannot cut down trees, it's really important to bring your own Axes before coming!

Items You Can Buy While On Tour

Flimsy Net100
Flimsy Axe100
Flimsy Shovel100
Flimsy Fishing Rod100

Get Coconuts and Bamboo

These special islands could potentially have special fruits & plants such as Coconuts & Bamboo! These are worth collecting & bringing back and planting on your island!

Check Out The List Of All Fruit Here!

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Anonymous 92

Here’s another picture

Anonymous 91

I think I found a new island. It’s in the shape of a flower (kind of). Nothing special is really here, but it looks awesome.

Aithee 90

just like Ewa in the comments, the no 10 island (few bug island) I've only been able to fish out garbage for the past hour

Anonymous 89

You can also get an island where the rocks only drop bells when hit

Anonymous 88

Yeah. I've also been to trash island. there were no fish. Just cans, boots, tires, and stones coming out of the water.

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