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Flower Breeding Guide - How To Get Hybrid Flowers
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Flower Breeding Guide - How To Get Hybrid Flowers

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Read our hybrid flower breeding guide on Animal Crossing New Horizon Switch (ACNH). This includes how to get hybrid flowers, flower breeding charts, flower layout, & flower genetics!

Tips & Advice

List Of Flowers

Flower Breeding Video Guide

Brief 1 Minute Guide

If you're more partial to guides in video format, check out the succinct compilation we've put together on our Youtube channel above!

Things To Do Before Starting To Breed Hybrid Flowers

Buy The Seeds You Need

Flower Breeding

Your first step will be to buy the seeds of flowers you want to breed! Purchase seeds at Nook's Cranny (↓ Check Out When You Can Purchase Flowers). If the flower you want isn't sold on your island, head to someone else's island and buy flowers there!

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Possible To Uproot Existing Flowers

Flower Breeding

If you want to use a flower that already exists on your island, it's possible to uproot it with a shovel & relocate it. However, note that some rare flowers only spawn from other previously bred flowers, so using a pre-existing flower might not work for all color variations.

Prepare A Breeding Space

Flower Breeding

Before starting, designate a specific space for your flower breeding. It is a good idea to do this to, so you can better keep track of which flowers you need to water. Also, when it rains, flowers you haven't watered will also spawn new ones, which can make cleanup quite a pain.

Flower Breeding

⬆ Try to avoid having a situation like this, where flowers grow out of control.

How To Breed Flowers & Hybrid Flowers

How to Breed Flowers & Hybrid Flowers

Cross Pollination Procedure

Flower Breeding Process

① Plant flower seeds

② Wait for flowers to bloom

③ Water those flowers

④ Check if new flowers have appeared on the next day

⑤ Repeat steps 3~4 until you get the color you want

Place In 3x3 Flower Layout


▲One ideal layout for planting holes is a 3x3 tile area.

Flowers will need to have space between them for new flowers to grow. It's best to plant flowers in a 3x3 grid layout.

Plant Flowers In A Cross Shape


The basic way to cross pollinate flowers is to plant flower in a cross-like plus shape (think of a D-pad on a controller). This method works the best when you want to cross pollinate flowers of the same color (ex. Red & Red).

If You Need To Expand...


In the event that you need to expand your operation, continue planting in the shape indicated by the above picture!

Plant Flowers In An "X"


If you're using a rare flower as part of your breeding, do your planting in an "X" formation. This way, you can put the rare flower in the middle & it can touch a maximum of 4 other flowers.

Expanding The X Formation Layout


Expanding this formation is a little different from the regular "D-pad" formation. You'll need to alternate planting the two flower varieties (like in the above picture) to make this work.

No Guarantee

Even if you follow the above patterns & space your flowers out, take note that this method does not have a 100% chance of working. Be patient & keep planting flowers to get the hybrid and colors that you want.

Water Every Single Day!

Flower Breeding

It's necessary to water plants regularly every day in order to breed new ones. This will increase the growth speed of the flower & make it easier to create new flowers. Don't forget this!

Get 2 Flowers From Other Players

If you have at least two of any given flower, you'll be able to make more of it. When you visit other players' islands, make sure to get at least two of each flower type they have!

Have Friends Water Your Flowers!

It appears that having a friend water your flowers will make hybrids bloom faster than they would if you did it yourself. We tested this ourselves and determined that we were able to get ~2 more hybrid flowers in the same period of time with a friend.

Flower Breeding with friends
Click to Enlarge

Flowers on our island which were watered by a friend seemed to spawn hybrid flowers at a much faster rate!

If you don't have anyone you can ask, why not find someone on our forums?

Flower Seed Shop Schedule

The letters in the top row stand for the months of the year, J = January, F = February, etc.

Shop Seasonality For All Flowers


Keep in mind that your shop will always sell 2 specific types of flowers (this is different for every player), so you won't get all 3 available seeds that particular month - there will be some randomness involved. These flowers will be sold at Nook's Cranny.

Hybrid Flowers (Flower Hybrids) List

(※) Flowers marked "Hybrid" must be the product of breeding! Regular store-bought flowers will not work.

All Hybrid Flowers Chart

Mum Purple Mums Pink Mums Green Mums
Rose Purple Rose Orange Rose Blue Rose Pink Rose Black Gold Rose
Tulip Purple Tulip Orange Tulip Pink Tulip Black Tulip
Cosmos Orange Cosmos Pink Cosmos Black Cosmos
Lily Orange Pink Black Lily
Hyacinth Purple Hyacinth Orange Hyacinth Blue Hyacinth Pink Hyacinth
Pansy Purple Pansy Orange Blue Pansy
WindflowerWindflower Purple Orange Windflower Blue Windflower Pink Windflower

A Note On Breeding

Flower breeding is a lot more complicated than one might expect, as it seems that flowers have their own individual DNA, which only gets more complicated the more you breed them. There can also be various different ways of getting the same color flower. This means that there is indeed an element of chance involved in the process.

If you use our combinations before and don't get the result you want, try the following:

  • Remove the unwanted flower and try again
  • Buy new flowers with "fresh" DNA

Flower Hybrids - Roses

ResultColor 1Color 2
Pink RosePinkRedRedWhiteWhite
WhiteWhite RedRed RedRed
Pink RosePinkRedRed (Hybrid)RedRed (Hybrid)
Orange RoseOrangeRedRedYellowYellow
Black BlackRedRedRedRed
Black Black Pink RosePink Pink RosePink
Purple Rose PurpleWhiteWhiteWhiteWhite
Gold RoseGold*1Black BlackBlack Black
Red RoseRed (Hybrid)Purple Rose PurpleOrange RoseOrange
Black Black Red RoseRed (Hybrid)Red RoseRed (Hybrid)
Blue Rose Blue Red RoseRed (Hybrid)Red RoseRed (Hybrid)
Blue Rose Blue Black BlackBlack Black

*1 Golden Watering Can Required

Check Out How To Get Roses From Here

Blue Roses Are Very Complicated

The process of making blue roses is rather convoluted, requiring you to breed several times over. Make sure you have a lot of space prepared if you're trying to produce these.

Flower Hybrids - Lilies

ResultColor 1Color 2
Orange OrangeRedRedYellowYellow
Pink PinkRedRedWhiteWhite
Black Lily BlackRed LilyRedRed LilyRed
Check Out How To Get Lilies From Here

Flower Hybrids - Pansies

ResultColor 1Color 2
Red PansyRed (Hybrid)Red PansyRedBlue PansyBlue
Purple PansyPurpleBlue PansyBlue Blue PansyBlue
Purple PansyPurpleRed PansyRed (Hybrid)Red PansyRed (Hybrid)
Check Out How To Get Pansies From Here

Flower Hybrids - Cosmos

ResultColor 1Color 2
Pink Cosmos PinkRedRedWhiteWhite
Orange Cosmos OrangeRedRedYellowYellow
Black Cosmos BlackOrangeOrangeOrangeOrange
Check Out How To Get Cosmos Flowers!

Flower Hybrids - Tulips

ResultColor 1Color 2
Pink TulipPinkRed TulipRedWhite TulipWhite
Orange Tulip OrangeRed TulipRedYellow TulipYellow
Purple Tulip PurpleOrange Tulip Orange Orange Tulip Orange
Purple Tulip Purple Black TulipBlack Black TulipBlack
Purple Tulip Purple Black TulipBlack Yellow TulipYellow
Black TulipBlackRed TulipRedRed TulipRed
Black TulipBlackRed TulipRed(Hybrid)Red TulipRed(Hybrid)
Black TulipBlack Orange Tulip Orange Orange Tulip Orange
Check Out How To Get Tulip Flowers!

Flower Hybrids - Hyacinths

ResultColor 1Color 2
Pink Hyacinth PinkRed HyacinthRedWhite HyacinthWhite
Blue Hyacinth BlueWhite HyacinthWhiteWhite HyacinthWhite
Blue Hyacinth BlueOrange Hyacinth Orange Orange Hyacinth Orange
Orange Hyacinth OrangeRed HyacinthRedYellow HyacinthYellow
Orange Hyacinth Orange Blue Hyacinth Blue Yellow HyacinthYellow (Hybrid)
Purple Hyacinth Purple Yellow HyacinthYellow (Hybrid) Yellow HyacinthYellow (Hybrid)
Purple Hyacinth Purple Blue Hyacinth Blue Blue Hyacinth Blue
Purple Hyacinth Purple Orange Hyacinth Orange Orange Hyacinth Orange
Check Out How To Get Hyacinths!

Flower Hybrids - Windflowers

ResultColor 1Color 2
Blue WindflowerBlueWhite WindflowerWhiteWhite WindflowerWhite
Pink WindflowerPinkRed WindflowerRedOrange WindflowerOrange
Pink WindflowerPink Blue WindflowerBluePink WindflowerPink
Windflower PurplePurplePink WindflowerPinkPink WindflowerPink
Windflower PurplePurple Blue WindflowerBlue Blue WindflowerBlue
Windflower PurplePurple Blue WindflowerBlue Pink WindflowerPink
Check Out How To Get Windflowers Here!

Flower Hybrids - Mums

ResultColor 1Color 2
Pink MumsPinkRed MumsRedWhite MumsWhite
Purple MumsPurpleWhite MumsWhiteWhite MumsWhite
Purple MumsPurpleRed MumsRedYellow MumsYellow
Purple MumsPurpleYellow MumsYellow (Hybrid)Yellow MumsYellow (Hybrid)
Green MumsGreenPurple MumsPurplePurple MumsPurple
Green MumsGreenYellow MumsYellow (Hybrid)Yellow MumsYellow (Hybrid)
Yellow MumsYellow (Hybrid)Yellow MumsYellowRed MumsRed
Pink MumsPink Yellow MumsYellow (Hybrid)Yellow MumsYellow (Hybrid)
White MumsWhite Yellow MumsYellow (Hybrid)Yellow MumsYellow (Hybrid)
Red MumsRed (Hybrid) Yellow MumsYellow (Hybrid)Yellow MumsYellow (Hybrid)
Red MumsRed (Hybrid) Purple MumsPurple Purple MumsPurple
Check Out How To Get Mums Here!

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Anonymous 54

I was trying to get a blue rose and I finally got one so I just left it alone for a while and it kept re-breeding and so far I have 48 blue roses lol


I got blue blue and whit whit windflowers

Michelle 52

Anyone want pink wildflowers, mums or tulips? I can come plant them on your island!

Reply with dodocode if interested!

Anonymous 51

I could water your flowers in exchange for letting me buy seeds!

Anonymous 50

Does anyone have yellow hyacinth seeds in their shop? If so, could I go and buy a stack? For whatever reason that's the only one that I've never seen in my shop, on an island, or with Lief.

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