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Learn how to see a shooting stars (meteor showers) in Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH). Includes shooting star time, how to wish on star, Celeste, & zodiac DIY Recipes!!!

Shooting Star Event Overview

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Shooting Star Video Guide

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The Shooting Star Event - Time Guide

A Star That Flies Across The Night Sky

shooting star

The Shooting Star is an event that occurs on your island between the hours of 7pm & 4am. During this event, you can look up to the star & make a wish.

When Do You See Shooting Stars? (Hours)

Meteor Showers are entirely random. However, you'll be told a Meteor Shower is coming during the daily morning announcements, so make sure to check every day. As mentioned previously, the star itself comes between the hours of 7pm & 4am.

How Often Do Shooting Stars Come?

While advancing time for various experiments, we observed that Celeste usually appears at least once a month. However, your milage may vary, as it is indeed random.

Event Overview Chart

1Meet Celeste to get DIY recipe
2Wait for a Meteor Shower to be announced in the morning
3Wait for the Meteor Shower to start, look up to the sky, & wish
4Pick up the Star Fragments the next day

How To Wish On A Star

Look Up To The Sky


In order to wish upon a shooting star, use the R stick to gaze up at the sky and press A to make a wish when you see a shooting star. When you do this successfully, you will get star fragment on the next day on the beach.

Shooting Stars Come One After Another

When you find a shooting star and are unable to make a wish, don't worry! More and more stars will come afterwards, giving you plenty of time to get ready.

Shooting Star Event Rewards & Zodiac Items

Get Star Fragments or Zodiac Fragments

When you take part in this event, you'll be able to get some rare DIY materials the following day, including Star Fragments & other Zodiac Fragments (like an Aries Fragment, etc). Large & Zodiac Fragments are extremely rare & getting them is entirely random!

Items Obtained From Shooting Stars
Star FragmentStar FragmentLarge Star Fragment Large Star FragmentZodiac FragmentZodiac Fragment

Get Zodiac Recipes From Celeste

Meeting Celeste

On the night a shooting star passes over your island, you will be able to get certain DIY recipes by talking to Celeste. The recipe you get appears to be random, so make sure to do this event over & over to get lots of recipes!

DIY Recipes You Get Change According To Date

Except for the first time you talk to Celeste, the zodiac DIY recipe you get will depend on the time you talk to her.

Zodiac DIY Recipes From Celeste

(※) Note: Some of these item names may be slightly off from their real name. Once we've confirmed the exact English name, we'll update this page!!!

Zodiac Sign + Recipe Period Materials
AriesAries Rocking Chair 3/21 ~ 4/19 Star Fragment x3
Aries Star Fragment x2
Gold Nugget x1
Stone x5
TaurusTaurus Bath 4/20 ~ 5/20 Star Fragment x3
Taurus Fragment x2
Gold Nugget x1
Stone x8
GeminiGemini Closet 5/21 ~ 6/21 Star Fragment x3
Gemini Fragment x2
Gold Nugget x2
Stone x6
CancerCancer Table 6/22 ~ 7/22 Star Fragment x3
Cancer Fragment x2
Gold Nugget x2
Stone x3
LeoLeo Sculpture 7/23 ~ 8/22 Star Fragment x3
Leo Fragment x2
Gold Nugget x2
Stone x3
VirgoVirgo Harp 8/23 ~ 9/22 Star Fragment x3
Virgo Fragment x2
Gold Nugget x2
Stone x4
LibraLibra Scales 9/23 ~ 10/23 Star Fragment x3
Libra Fragment x2
Gold Nugget x2
ScorpioScorpio Lamp 10/24 ~ 11/22 Star Fragment x3
Scorpio Fragment x2
Gold Nugget x2
Stone x5
SagittariusSagittarius Arrow 11/23 ~ 12/21 Star Fragment x3
Sagittarius Fragment x2
Gold Nugget x2
CapricornCapricorn Ornament 12/22 ~ 1/19 Star Fragment x3
Capricorn Fragment x2
Gold Nugget x2
Stone x12
AquariusAquarius Water Jug 1/20 ~ 2/18 Star Fragment x3
Aquarius Fragment x2
Gold Nugget x2
Stone x5
Pisces LampPisces Lamp 2/19 ~ 3/20 Star Fragment x3
Pisces Fragment x2
Gold Nugget x2
Stone x4

Other Recipes Celeste Will Give You

Once you've gotten a Zodiac DIY recipe from Celeste, talk to her on a different day within the same Zodiac sign period to get different DIY Recipes which use Star Fragments.

Other Non-Zodiac Recipes From Celeste

(※) Note: Some of these item names may be slightly off from their real name. Once we've confirmed the exact English name, we'll update this page!!!

Nova LightNova LightStar Fragment ×5
Crescent Moon ChairCrescent Moon ChairStar Fragment ×7
Large Star Fragment ×1
MoonMoonStar Fragment ×15
Large Star Fragment ×1
AsteroidAsteroidStar Fragment ×5
Stone ×10
AstronautAstronaut SuitStar Fragment ×5
Iron Nugget ×5
RocketRocketStar Fragment ×10
Iron Nugget ×20
SatelliteSatelliteStar Fragment ×10
Iron Nugget ×15
Space ShuttleSpace ShuttleStar Fragment ×5
Iron Nugget ×10
Manned SpacecraftManned SpacecraftStar Fragment ×10
Iron Nugget ×20
Lunar LanderLunar LanderStar Fragment ×10
Iron Nugget ×15
Lunar RoverLunar RoverStar Fragment ×10
Iron Nugget ×10
Tire ×4
Flying SaucerFlying SaucerStar Fragment ×15
Iron Nugget ×10
Star RockStar RockStar Fragment ×3
Iron Nugget ×1
Star GarlandStar GarlandStar Fragment ×10
Starry Sky WallStarry Sky WallStar Fragment ×5
Large Star Fragment ×1
Star WallStar WallStar Fragment ×5
Large Star Fragment ×1
Milky Way FlooringMilky Way FlooringStar Fragment ×5
Large Star Fragment ×1
Spaceship WallSpaceship WallStar Fragment ×5
Large Star Fragment ×1
Lunar Surface FlooringLunar Surface FlooringStar Fragment ×5
Large Star Fragment ×1
Spaceship FlooringSpaceship FlooringStar Fragment ×5
Large Star Fragment ×1
Star HatStar HatStar Fragment ×5
Star PochetteStar PochetteStar Fragment ×6
WandWandStar Fragment ×2
Tree Branch WandTree Branch WandTree Branch ×5
Star Fragment ×3
Iron WandIron WandIron Nugget ×3
Star Fragment ×3
Golden WandGolden WandGold Nugget ×2
Star Fragment ×3
Windflower WandWindflower WandOrange Windflower ×1
Star Fragment ×3
Mum WandMum WandYellow Mum ×1
Star Fragment ×3
Cosmos WandCosmos WandWhite Cosmos ×1
Star Fragment ×3
Tulip WandTulip WandRed Tulip ×1
Star Fragment ×3
Rose WandRose WandRed Rose ×1
Star Fragment ×3
Pansy WandPansy WandYellow Pansy ×1
Star Fragment ×3
Hyacinth WandHyacinth WandPink Hyacinth ×1
Star Fragment ×3
Lily WandLily WandWhite Lily ×1
Star Fragment ×3
Check Out All DIY Materials Here!

How To Meet Celeste

Days Of The Week She Appears & Weather

MonthAny month
WeatherSunny or cloudy
PlaceSomewhere on your island

Celeste Appears On Shooting Star Event

When Celeste shows up on your island, she'll be accompanied by shooting stars. Look for Celeste when you see a shooting star in the sky.

Learn More About The Shooting Star Event From Here

Some Users Have Seen Celeste With No Shooting Stars

Some users have mentioned that they've seen Celeste on days with no shooting stars. It's possible that Celeste won't appear every time there's a shooting star.

Shooting Stars Come Without Announcement

Usually, Isabelle will let you know that there will be shooting stars during the island-wide announcement. However, you can still see a shooting star without an announcement. Gaze up at the sky at night when the weather is clear to see if there are any shooting stars.

Get Star Related DIY Recipes From Celeste

WandStar WandStar Fragment x3
Large Star Fragment x1

When you talk to Celeste for the first time, she will give you a DIY recipe for Star Wand. After getting this recipe, you will get DIY recipes of zodiac items according to when you talk to her.

Check Out All Other Wands You Can Get Here

Ask Celeste About The Zodiac

▲"If you show me something Zodiac-related, I'll tell you everything I happen to know about it!"

After you make a wish upon a shooting star, you might find Zodiac Fragments on the beach the next day. Show zodiac fragments or furniture you made using them to Celeste and she will tell you a story about each constellation.

Check Out List Of All Zodiac Star Fragments From Here

List Of Zodiac Related Items

DateZodiac Fragment/Zodiac Furniture
3/21~4/19- Aries Star Fragment
- Aries Rocking Chair
4/20~5/20- Taurus Star Fragment
- Taurus Bath
5/21~6/21- Gemini Star Fragment
- Gemini Closet
6/22~7/22- Cancer Star Fragment
- Cancer table
7/23~8/22- Leo Star Fragment
- Leo Sculpture
8/23~9/22- Virgo Star Fragment
- Virgo Harp
9/23~10/23- Libra Star Fragment
- Libra Scales
10/24~11/22- Scorpio Star Fragment
- Scorpio Lamp
11/23~12/21- Sagittarius Star Fragment
- Sagittarius Arrow
12/22~1/19- Capricorn Star Fragment
- Capricorn Ornament
1/20~2/18- Aquarius Star Fragment
- Aquarius Water Jug
2/19~3/20- Pisces Star Fragment
- Pisces Lamp

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Anonymous 27

For time travelers I am in northern hemisphere and on Jan 30th 2023 I ran across a meteor shower, I’ve gone back several times to visit the same day and it continues to reoccur. Just putting that out there for any time travelers. :)

Anonymous 26

3 of my Villagers told me there was going to be a Meteor Shower tonight. I was finally ready ahead of time, thanks to them. The only time I got an announcement from Isabelle was in my first or second week of playing the game.

Ember 25

I have been playing since the very first week of release and I have never, not ever had a meteor shower on my island! I’m not ver happy about it

Mee 24

Nope. I did not meet Celeste once. I play AC for about a week but a slow pace. I manage to catch my first meteor show at 11.20 pm on June 2nd

Anonymous 23

Actual meteor showers have tons of shooting stars and are announced. There are times you can get shooting stars without having a meteor shower but there's usually only a couple at a time.

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