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Read this Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH) guide on in-game secrets and cheats! Find out furniture, DIY, item, money-making, & TV-related tricks here!!

Secrets & Tricks Overview

:p: If you know any other secrets that we haven't listed here, please let us know in the comments!

K.K. Slider's Secret Songs

Get Secret Songs By Requesting To K.K. Slider

secret songs

There are some songs you can only get by requesting to K.K. Slider. Type in the name of song to specifically request the secret song when he comes to your island on Saturday.

Learn How To Unlock & Meet KK Slider From Here

List Of Secret Songs We've Confirmed

FarewellFarewellAnimal CityAnimal CityDrivinDrivin'
Check Out List Of All KK Slider Songs From Here

Furniture Secrets / Cheats

Change Clothes In The Refrigerator


Were you aware that it's possible to change clothes using your fridge in New Horizons? Step in front of your fridge and hold the A button to change clothes. Why you're keeping clothes in there remains a mystery, however.

Toilets Drain Your Fruit Power


Nature often calls - and it turns out, sometimes it wants its fruits back. If you sit down on a toilet anywhere on your island while under the effect of a fruit stamina buff, your fruit-granted power will flush down the drain. If you were planning to uproot trees, this could really put a lid on your plans, so be careful.

Throw Away Garbage In Bins


By pressing the A button in front of garbage bins you've placed, you can dispose of items you don't need - you know, like a real garbage bin! If you really want to get rid of a particular item and can't be bothered selling it, try setting up a garbage can on your island!

DIY-Related Secrets

The A Button Speeds Up Your Work


Perhaps many of us do this unconsciously, but this time it actually works: you can actually increase your crafting speed by pressing the A Button! Either press A twice in quick succession, or hold the A button the second time you press it.

Get Recipes From Villagers Who Are Crafting

DIY Recipe

If you walk into a villager's house and talking to them while they're in the middle of crafting something, you can get a DIY Recipe from them! If you don't see your island's denizens out and about, enter their houses from time to time!

Check Out A List Of All DIY Recipes Here!

Item-Related Secrets

Attack Wasps With Firecrackers!


Did you know you're not entirely helpless when a swarm of vicious wasps attacks you? You can actually counter attack using Firecrackers! Whether you happen to have these on you is another matter, however...

Rearrange Items By Holding "A"


By holding the A button while in your inventory screen, you can drag and drop items at will. You have to hold the button for just a tad longer than you might anticipate. Given how much time you'll spend managing your inventory, this is a really useful tip!

Check Out Other Inventory Management Tips Here

Bell-Earning Tips

Bells And Furniture Fall From Trees

Shake Trees

By shaking a tree you can occasionally get 100 Bells, and even some pieces of furniture to fall out! If you've got nothing else to do, it might even be worth your while to run around shaking up trees!

Hitting Rocks Can Give You Bells Too

Money Rock

There will be one rock on your island every day which will contain money! By hitting it you'll be able to get bells - sometimes even LOTS of bells. Make sure to do this every day!

Non-Native Fruits Sell For More


The fruit species native to your island will always sell for 100 bells at shops. However, fruit that didn't natively grow on your island will sell for 500. Make sure to go to your friends' islands, nab some fruit, and bring it back home!

Check Out A List Of All Fruits Here!

Earn Interest With The ABD

By depositing money in the bank, you'll be able to earn interest on it, as it grows every month! Now imagine if you were somehow able to acquire a time machine...

Check Out The ABD (ATM) Here!

Grow Money Trees In Golden Holes

Money Tree

You've no doubt seen glowing holes around your island every day ... well, if you plant money in those holes, you can get 3x the amount you planted back later on! We don't recommend putting in more than 10,000 bells though, as you could lose money.

Check Out More Details On How Much Money To Plant Here!

Turn Weeds Into Umbrellas And Sell Them

One Clump of Weeds will sell for a mere 10 bells, but if you collect 15 and turn them into a Leaf Umbrella (Via the DIY Recipe), you'll be able to sell it for 300 Bells, effectively selling it for twice as much.

Check Out The Leaf Umbrella Recipe Here!

Game The Turnip Stock Market


Playing the Turnip Stock Market is a risky game - but what if you could turn the odds in your favor? By leaving your turnips on another player's island and changing time, you can wait for the best turnip price without letting your crop spoil!

Check Out Our Detailed Turnips Guide Here

Bonus Turnip Trivia!

Did you know that the whole concept of the Turnip Stock Market is an elaborate Japanese-language pun? In Japanese the word for Turnips ("Kabu") is a homophone of the word for Stocks (also "Kabu"). The more you know.

TV Show Secrets

Tons Of Different Programs To Watch

TV Shows

If you've placed a TV in your house you'll know that there are programs to watch, but did you know just how many different ones there are? What's more is, by setting your time to October, you can see a Halloween version of the News Program. Perhaps there will be variations for other holidays as well! If you've found a TV show we don't have here, please share a screenshot in the comments!

List Of TV Shows We've Spotted


TV Shows

Animal Planet

TV Shows


TV Shows

News Program

TV Shows

News Program (Halloween Edition)

TV Shows

Quiz Show

TV Shows

Robot Anime

TV Shows


TV Shows

Variety Show

TV Shows

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Anonymous 12

I found Boris johnson on my tv.

Anonymous 11

I have the concert tv show @ 8pm on my animal crossing new horizons game. But the news and the cooking shows are in japenese and the comedy show is in japenese. And the weather channel is in japenese. And the tennis show have tennis players with no face’s that’s soo creepy.

Gigglér 10

Giggler it’s random

Anonymous 9

Hey that turnip thing i bought from Daisy Mae for 107 bells i sold for 6,234 bells

AkumaSoul 8

In fact you can burry more than 10k and get it out 3x
I've started burying 11k and do a list on wich days to burry more. For me its 1 day per week that you can put more inside there. Haven't tryed it yet but I think 100k will give 300k when its done. I'll keep you updated

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