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Find the best Dream Addresses & Dream Islands in Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH)! Check out a showcase of all the top dream islands, best dream towns, & cool dream addresses!!!

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List Of Featured Dream Islands

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User Submitted Dream Addresses

Island Name / DescriptionDream Address
Sulfur Island
Based on 20th century Japan
Konpei Island
Eastern-themed island blooming with Camellias
Client Island
Inspired by an autumn fairy tale
Milky Island
A garden paradise with a European aesthetic
Perry Island
A variety of attractions, including a zoo
Hexa Island
A hexagon-shaped, hexagon-themed island
A tropical resort vacation destination
Ama Island
An island based around a Circus
Hakuhou Island
An island inspired by coastal Japanese cities like Kamakura
Nunnalia Island
A lively, realistic city with markets and paved roads
Obi Wan Island
An island for alcohol aficionados
Heverek Island
An island with Japanese-themed spots
Upopoi Island
A magical-girl themed island with very feminine designs
Amber Island
An island resort with a pink motif
Jukai Island
Nature-themed island that makes full use of seasons
Space Island
This island is full of space-themed elements
Alibaba48 Island
Beautiful island with giant lit-up flower fields
Ogasawara Island
Children's parks, residential areas, and Japanese gardens
Haya Island
A detailed Japanese-themed island.
Dararin Island
An island with European-feel to it.
Liatris Island
A Fairy tale themed island featuring teddy bears.
Butter Chicken Island
An island that features the dark side of society.
Iyasaki Island
A RPG themed island.
Tachitsute Island
Anime island filled with Gnomes.

Accepting Applications On Twitter!

The Gamewith team is currently taking applications for unique and interesting dream islands - if you want your island to be featured on our site, get in touch with us on Twitter! Respond to the above tweet with your Dream Address and your Island may get featured here!

Popular Dream Addresses

Island Name / DescriptionDream Address
Aika Island
Popular horror-themed island from New Leaf
Kanahei Island
Cute island from popular illustrator Kanahei
New Bark Island
Island themed after the desert and filled with sand
Pig Island
An island modeled after an iconic theme park
Fukumomo Island
This island recreates a popular Japanese animated film
Makoy Island
Custom paths & designs from former Animal Crossing games
Konpei Island
An all-white themed island

User-Submitted Dream Addresses

Sulfur Island

Creator"Chuunen" Kenya Revolve
Dream AddressDA-1649-2999-2923

Writer Comments

WriterWriterThis island is a blast from the past in Japanese history, depicting 1960s Japan - but with animals. It places a great emphasis on showcasing the thriving, developing industry of the time, and is a cool peak into the past!

▲The use of custom designs to depict rusting on roofs is quite effective here. The streetscape of Showa-era Japan is really well put together!

Client Island

Clien Island
Dream AddressDA-5925-5978-1036

Writer Comments

WriterWriterThis island is something right out of a fairy tale. It's delightful and whimsical, with tons of knick-knacks placed with care around the island. You won't get tired of exploring this island, as every section has its own distinct feel and unique theme!

▲You could lose countless hours here - in nature but also surrounded by hoards of books! A reader's paradise.

Konpei Island

Konpei Island
Dream AddressDA-4128-6963-6357

Writer Comments

WriterWriterThis island presents a wonderful eastern atmosphere, with furniture and mise-en-scene the likes of which you might see in an early 20th century Japanese novel! Every single room is exquisitely hand-crafted and is a must-see! Don't forget to dress up using some of the clothes laid out for you to the right of the plaza too.

▲The interior of this house perfectly captures the feel of a traditional Japanese inn!

Milky Island

Dream AddressDA-9296-0984-4822

Writer Comments

WriterWriterEvery corner of this island is filled with unique designs, with an incredible garden set piece taking center stage. After exploring this island, you'll feel like you just saw the palace of some wealthy lord!

▲A beachside terrace perfect for getting through those hot summer days!

Perry Island

Perry Island
Dream addressDA-0624-4031-8245

Writer Comments

WriterWriterThis islands comes packed with a zoo, wedding hall, and even some downright scary spots, managing to combine a wide array of interesting concepts. There might be a few spooky surprises waiting for you here so beware!

▲The floor tiles used in the zoo area are particularly striking!

Perry Island

▲A full map of the island, which creator Yuu labeled in English especially for us!

Hexa Island

Dream AddressDA-8580-3615-2515

Writer Comments

WriterWriterAs you can infer from its name - this island takes the shape of a Hexagon! Indeed, this theme of hexagons is very well executed and can be seen everywhere. The interiors of houses on this island are a blast, and are packed with a whole variety of interesting items!
Hexagonal Map

▲Of course, the map itself is also a hexagon! Seriously, it's hexagons all the way down.


CreatorMana Osawa
Dream AddressDA-2750-7975-3902

VIVIER Island Showcase


Writer Comments

WriterWriterThis island superbly captures the feel of a tropical resort destination! The floors lined with a particularly stunning hibiscus pattern, as well as the waterfall and fountains really leave a strong impression on visitors! We also recommend entering the homes of every villager, as they're all excellently furnished. We have to tip our hats off to Mana Osawa's artistic sensibilities - this is a must see.

Ama Island

Dream AddressDA-1497-1926-1474

Writer Comments

WriterWriterThe theme of this island is the Circus! As such, the whole place is booming with activity, with characters like Pietro (who might indeed have connections to the circus) roaming about. Also noteworthy are the dynamic use of fossils as decoration and the unique custom designs laid out all over the floors! Finally, we recommend exploring the island while keeping on the lookout for potential hidden treasures...

▲This custom design based off circus balls is also quite a good match! Very skillful use of custom floor designs!

Hakuho Island

my home
Dream AddressDA-2557-1607-2056
Social Media AccountsYoutube

Writer Comments

WriterWriterThis is an incredible island which beautifully combines the feel of traditional sea-side Japanese locales such as Kamakura and Enoshima, with invigorating streets reminiscent of Venice! The abundance of hydrangeas and bamboo lends a cool air to the whole island - one perfect for a stroll while wearing a Yukata!

Nunnalia Island

fish market
Dream AddressDA-1862-2456-1929

Writer Comments

WriterWriter@midio's extremely effective use of items makes his island look so realistic, lived-in, and brimming with energy! The streets of this town are incredibly intricate, with both bustling marketplaces and greenery to enjoy.

Obi Wan Island

Obi Wan Island
CreatorObi Wan
Dream AddressDA-0592-4995-4265

Writer Comments

WriterWriterA conceptually rich, fun island to explore - every area is littered with something interesting to find! The combination of regular tiles and custom designs is also quite impressive. In general the island is very well organized and is highly recommended!

▲In the middle of the island there's also a conspicuous space research station... make of that what you will!

Heverek Island

Heverek Island
Dream AddressDA-0592-4995-4265

Writer Comments

WriterWriterAn island with a carefully planned out design & theme. In the middle o the island are traditional Japanese-themed spots that give a unique feeling when walking through them!
Heverek Island 1

▲A unique bamboo grove spot with custom-designed stalls & paths for your visiting pleasure.

Upopoi Island

Upopoi Island
Dream AddressDA-6060-2924-5696

Writer Comments

WriterWriterThis is a very feminine island with designs of the magical-girl theme. It has a lot of fantasy-design elements that make you want to take a closer look!
Upopoi Island 1

▲The island has many magical girl-themed costumes to fulfill your ultimate superheroine dreams!

Amber Island

Amber Island
Dream AddressDA-4778-4705-2459

Writer Comments

WriterWriterThis island's design centers on a very pink tropical island resort style. It is dotted with a lot of items that make it feel like an uninhabited island. It uses custom designs and plenty of flowers & trees!
Amber Island 1

▲There is a pink-themed church in the north-east of the island which is a site to see! Check the owner's Twitter account for more info!

Jukai Island

Jukai Island
Dream AddressDA-8015-1510-8647

Writer Comments

WriterWriterThe island's design centers around the natural wilderness of an uninhabited island. Updated every few days, it makes full use of each season. This island is best explored with a ladder onhand!
Jukai Island 1

▲The island is fun to explore especially during winter season when there is snowfall!

Space Island

Space Island
Dream AddressDA-1525-0125-2989

Writer Comments

WriterWriterAn unique island with an original space-themed design. It has very good looking space-themed spots in central parts of the island.
Space Island 1

▲Check the island owner's space-themed room for a classic mission to outer space!

Alibaba48 Island

Alibaba48 Island
Dream AddressDA-0968-0746-3682

Writer Comments

WriterWriterThis island is filled with giant flower fields that light up beautifully at night. The colors of the flowers tell a story so it's nice to pay attention to this detail.
Alibaba48 Island 1

▲The mermaid-shaped hyacinth field has a wonderful color story with shades that represent the color of the sea.

Ogasawara Island

Ogasawara Island
Dream AddressDA-7229-0272-7622

Writer Comments

WriterWriterThe island is full of residential areas, children's playgrounds & parks, and Japanese-themed gardens. It's a great island to use as reference for your own.
Ogasawara Island 1

▲The island has a roller-coaster in its amusement park! Hop on for a thrilling ride!

Haya Island

Haya Island
Dream AddressDA-2352-3776-7656

Writer Comments

WriterWriterA Japanese themed island that has an intricate design. Even items such as manholes are well coordinated to fit the overall theme of the island. A great must-see reference for a Japanese style island.
Haya Island 1

▲There are many photo spots in the island that uses perspective amazingly.

Dararin Island

Dararin Island
Dream AddressDA-3294-9641-9678

Writer Comments

WriterWriterEach room of the player's house is filled with individuality so it will definitely serve as a reference. Different places in the island also feature different themes and settings. The technique using custom designs and sign posts also works well with the overall theme.
Dararin Island 1

▲The island features different concepts per area. Also shows great usage of items for display.

Liatris Island

Liatris Island
Dream AddressDA-5339-1921-4469

Writer Comments

WriterWriterThe island welcomes you with adorable teddy bears of all sizes and colors. It is like a fairy tale filled with cuteness.
Liatris Island 1

▲There is a spot with teddy bears lined up which is perfect for screenshots

Butter Chicken Island

Butter Chicken Island
Dream AddressDA-5551-4749-9732

Writer Comments

WriterWriterFrom the Creator: The island is still under renovation. The road in the island is really unique. The island also gives a mixed feeling of reality and dreams.
Liatris Island 1

▲Inside the island there is a suspicious place...?

Iyasaki Island

Butter Chicken Island
CreatorShikaku Chimaki
Dream AddressDA-8122-1615-5279

Writer Comments

WriterWriterA RPG-Themed island. The whole island is designed like a dungeon. Its maze like construction makes it a perfect fit for RPG lovers!
Iyasaki Island 1

▲The whole island is designed like an open-world dungeon.

Tachitsute Island

Tachitsute Island
Dream AddressDA-5848-2882-3289

Writer Comments

WriterWriterAn island wherein lots of gnomes live. Since there are gnomes everywhere it gives off a perfectly suspicious atmosphere. The island also does reenactments of famous anime which makes it a really fun place to explore.
Iyasaki Island 1

▲The gnomes on the island look as if they're doing a photoshoot...

Popular Dream Addresses & Islands

Popular Islands Shared Online

The islands on this list are popular dream addresses that are being talked about or shared online. These can be from famous people, have popular themes, or simply be islands that are amazing to visit.

Aika Island

Aika Island
Dream AddressDA-1182-7179-4326

Popular Horror Village Back From New Leaf

Aika Village was a popular scary-themed village back in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. It has now been reborn as Aika Island and has upgraded spooky designs from before.

Island With Sci-Fi Elements

Aika Island 1

Aika Island will have science fiction elements that make it a very interesting island to visit.

Kanahei Island

Kanahei Island
Dream AddressDA-3845-4148-6266

Island Created By Popular Illustrator Kanahei

This island is owned and created by the illustrator Kanahei.

Has Free Design Showcase

Kanahei Island 1

Kanahei's island has a design showcase where visitors can grab their illustrations & designs specifically for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

New Bark Island

New Bark Island
Dream AddressDA-6435-7619-3708

Desert-Themed Island

New Bark Island is up to the brim with sand and is a full-blown desert island. The landscape and residential areas are all designed with the desert theme in mind.

Still Work-In-Progress

New Bark Island 1

The island is still currently being developed as it still has a lot of free space. Visit again in the future to see any island improvements!

Pig Island

Pig Island
Dream AddressDA-2015-3877-9796

Recreation Of Popular Theme Park

Pig Island 1

This island's design is based off of a popular series of theme parks around the world, including the set up and facades of iconic rides in the amusement park.

Invite Friends To Visit

Visiting this island can be fun with a bunch of friends. You can schedule a fun online outing with fellow Animal Crossing players on this island.

Fukumomo Island

Fukumomo Island
CreatorMr. Tsukumaro
Dream AddressDA-9258-5523-0303

Recreation Of Iconic Animated Movie

This island is a faithful recreation of a popular Japanese animated movie that's set in an iconic bathhouse.

Explore Movie's Scenes

Fukumomo Island 1

You can find various movie scenes within the island. You can also download some of the custom designs to dress up & feel like you're part of the movie.

Makoy Island

Makoy Island
Dream AddressDA-3258-5626-9286

Paths Recreated From Previous Games

Makoy Island 1

On this island, you'll find familiar paths & custom designs reminiscent of previous Animal Crossing games. If you've played them before, you'll feel yourself filled with nostalgia.

Good To Visit Day Or Night

This island has a lot of curious spots that change when it's day or night. Make sure to visit during different times of the day to fully enjoy the island's design.

Konpei Island

Konpei Island
Dream AddressDA-8369-6250-9194

All White Island

The whole concept of this island revolves around the color white. It's in the winter season and all design elements such as furniture and details are all white.

Creates Beautiful Building With Custom Panels

Konpei Island 1

This island is filled with custom panels that craft beautiful tall buildings that overlook the white scenery. It's a clever way to pull off the color motif of the island.

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