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Nook's Cranny - Hours & How To Upgrade
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Nook's Cranny - Hours & How To Upgrade

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Read this Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch (ACNH) building guide on Nook's Cranny. Shop hours, how to upgrade, if you can move it, relocation, and items sold!

Nook's Cranny - How To Unlock & Items

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How To Build Nook's Cranny

Watch This Video Guide On Nook's Cranny

Steps To Build Nook's Cranny

1Build yourself a house
2Go to the Resident Services tent and talk to Tommy (or Timmy)
3Get the quest to gather materials
・Wood x30
・Hardwood x30
・Softwood x30
・Iron Nugget x30
5Hand over the materials to Tommy (or Timmy)
6Wait until the next day

Unlocks After Building A House

In order to start the mission to build Nook's Cranny, you'll have to first build yourself a house! To do this, you'll have to pay off your first 5,000 Nook Miles loan!

Gather Lumber By Hitting Trees


Wood can be gathered by hitting trees with your Axe! It's entirely random which of the 3 types of wood will drop, so keep going until you've got all the mats! You can also gather wood by going on Mystery Island tours!

Gather Iron Nuggets By Hitting Rocks

Iron Nuggets

Iron Nuggets can be obtained when hitting rocks. There are a limited number of rocks on your island, which means the amount of Nuggets you can get in one day is relatively low. You can also gather iron nuggets from rocks in mystery islands!

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How Long Does It Take To Build?

Nook's Cranny will take only one day to build! If you're in a hurry, you can always change the time of your game.

You Can Move Nook's Cranny Later

Moving major buildings will be unlocked as you progress through the game, but it will cost a lot to do so. To access this, you'll need to unlock the Resident Services Building first!

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How To Upgrade Nook's Cranny

Upgrade Requirements

Requirement・Buy and sell 100,000 Bells worth of merchandise at the shop
・Build at least one bridge (high likelihood)
・Have a certain amount of time pass after building it

As far as we've been able to verify, the requirements for the Nook's Cranny upgrade are as stated above. If we're able to confirm that the bridge is not necessary, we'll update this article in the future!

Unlock Conditions Seem To Be Unclear

As many users have pointed out, it's possible that Nook's Cranny will upgrade after a set amount of time has passed. We encourage users to try all these methods, but if they fail, waiting it out might be your only option.

In-Game Experiment Results

Click Here To See Our Experiments/Results

Save Data Info

Progress・Prior to upgrading Resident Services (right up to placing the first bridge)
・Did not yet have the quest to open up the Tailor
・Didn't use the Drop Off Box at all

Tests Carried Out

Hypothesis 1・Purchase 10,000 bells worth of goods
Hypothesis 2・Purchase 20,000 bells worth of goods
Hypothesis 3・Purchase 25,000 bells worth of goods
Hypothesis 4・Purchase 30,000 bells worth of goods
Hypothesis 5・Purchase 30,000 bells worth of goods and wait 10 days
Hypothesis 6・Purchase 40,000 bells worth of goods
Hypothesis 7・Purchase 50,000 bells worth of goods
Hypothesis 8・Purchase 50,000 bells worth of goods and wait 10 days
Hypothesis 9・Purchase OR sell 50,000 bells worth of goods
・Sell items at least once
Hypothesis 10・Sell 20,000 Bells worth of goodsd
Hypothesis 11・Purchase 60,000 bells worth of goods
Hypothesis 12・Purchase 70,000 bells worth of goods
Hypothesis 13・Place your first bridge
Hypothesis 14・Wait 10 days after placing your first bridge
Hypothesis 15・Talk to Mabel in the plaza
Hypothesis 16・Buy one item of clothing from Mabel
Hypothesis 17・Purchase or sell 100,000 bells worth of goods
・Place your first bridge

※ We employed the use of date/time alteration for the purposes of these experiments.

Buy or Sell Over 100,000 Bells Worth Of Items

Nook Shop

After extensive tests, our team was able to get the Nook's Cranny upgrade on the day after buying OR selling a total of 100,000 bells worth of items at the shop. For this reason we think the probability is high that the requirement is simply 100,000 bells worth of spending (selling or buying).

Does Time Passing Matter?

In previous games, the passage of time after meeting a specific requirement was necessary in order to upgrade certain shops. In our experiments, we tested this hypothesis but were unable to confirm that the passage of a large amount of time (more than one day) had any correlation to unlocking this upgrade.

Resident Services Upgrade Not Necessary

Nook Shop

It is not necessary to upgrade your Resident Services building in order order to upgrade Nook's Cranny!

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Unusable For One Day

Nook Shop

On the day that the renovations of Nook's Cranny are being carried out, you will not be able to use the shop's services! You will receive an announcement about this the previous day, so make sure you're ready for this!

Nook's Cranny Shop Hours & Details

Business Hours: 8am to 10pm

Nook Shop

⬆ "Nook's Cranny: Open from 8am to 10pm"

Nook's Cranny is open from 8 in the morning to 10 at night, for a total of 14 hours a day. There will be times when you can't access it, so if you intend to play for a long time, plan ahead!

A Different Hot Item Every Day

Nook Shop

In Nook's Cranny, every day one particular item will sell for a much higher price than usual. In fact, you will get double for selling it! The hot item of the day will be listed on the board to the right of the door.

Drop-Off Box Works 24/7

The drop-off box located to the left of the door is usable 24 hours a day. The money you get here will be deposited into your bank account directly the following morning. However, there is a handling fee, which means your items will only sell for 80% of their usual price. Additionally, once you put an item in, you can't get it back, and you can't sell Turnips this way.

Drop-Off Box Things To Remember

1Sell price is 20% lower than usual
2Items placed in the box can't be recovered
3Turnips can't be sold
4Hot Items won't sell for double

Turnips Can Be Sold

Nook Shop

It's possible to sell off Turnips you've purchased from Daisy Mae here at Nook's Cranny. Note that the price of Turnips fluctuates every day! Remember to sell when the price is high!

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Nook's Cranny - Items Sold List

List Of Items Sold

Items listed here are ones which we've been able to confirm ourselves. There are definitely others!

Kettle1300 Bells
Tin Bucket1000 Bells
Hammock1300 Bells
Low Partition Screen870 Bells
[Test Your DIY Skills (Recipes)]
・Potted Ivy
・Swinging Bench
・Rocking Chair
・Wooden-block chair
・Wooden-block bookshelf
・Wooden-block stereo
・Mini DIY Workbench
2680 Bells
Flimsy Fishing Rod400 Bells
Flimsy Net400 Bells
Flimsy Watering Can800 Bells
Flimsy Shovel800 Bells
Slingshot900 Bells
Flimsy Axe800 Bells
Two-color Umbrella770 Bells
Medicine400 Bells
Cracker100 Bells
Various Flower Seeds240 Bells each
Fish fishing rod2500 Bells
Star net2500 Bells
Outdoorsy watering can2500 Bells
Printed-design shovel2500 Bells
Colorful slingshot2500 Bells
Axe2500 Bells
Black lace umbrella750 Bells
Purple shiny-bows parasol1620 Bells
Party Popper100 Bells
Brown Wrapping Paper160 Bells
Light-blue wrapping paper160 Bells
Cherry400 Bells
Timer840 Bells
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Myst Lunarbane 6

Nope, selling hot items doesn't seem to have worked either.
Seems like the only thing left is either selling turnips or just waiting for some random chance thing to happen.

Myst Lunarbane 5

I've bought and sold over 500k bells worth of goods, have 2 bridges and inclines, and been playing since it came out, still no upgrade
The two things I haven't yet done are sell more than 2 hot items or sell any turnips.
So I just sold 28 hot items and I'll p.ost tomorrow if that unlocks it.

Anonymous 4

Some people are speculating its just 28 days after unlocking it

Anonymous 3

I've sold over 500,000 worth of stuff and have bought over 100,000 worth of stuff and have still not gotten a request to upgrade.

Blake 2

The 100,000 sell requirement is definetly wrong. Have over 1m bells from selling sharks and scorpions and I still have nooks cranny

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