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Read this Dream Suite guide for Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch (ACNH). Find out about dreaming, best dream addresses, how to set a greeting, differences & dream town!!!

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Summer Update Wave 2 Update Details

The Dream Suite - What Is Dreaming?

Visit Other Players' Islands In Your Dreams

Where To AccessIn your dreams (Sleep in a bed in your house)
TimeAny time

Dreaming is a feature overseen by Luna the Tapir. By sleeping on a bed in your home, you will be able to visit the islands of other players! In order to do this you'll simply have to slip into any bed in your house.

Cannot Use During Network Maintenance

Error Code

Since Dreaming is an online activity, you will not be able to access it at points when there is an ongoing Network Maintenance. You will simply have to wait for the maintenance to end before you can continue Dreaming.

NSO Subscription Needed

Perhaps the most important thing to note about this feature is the fact that you will need a Nintendo Switch Online (Paid) subscription to use it. You can learn more about this membership from the Nintendo official website.

Get A Dream Bell Exchange Ticket

Dream Bell Exchange Tickets

You will get a Dream Bell Exchange Ticket for every time you upload or update your island! You will get these items in the mail the day after from Luna. They can be sold for 5,000 bells, but they don't seem to have any other uses than that. Read the article below for more detailed information.

Check Out Dream Bell Exchange Tickets Here

Dream Suite Usage Guide

Overview Of What You Can Do

Person Visiting An Island
・Can visit any registered island and explore an instanced version of it
・Can download Custom Designs from the island
・Can't bring in or take out items
Person Registering A Dream Address
・Can show off their own island to others
・Can distribute your own Custom Designs
・Can see how many visitors you have from your passport on the Nook Link App
・Get 5000 Bells each time you upload/update your island

Almost No Downsides To Registering Your Island

If you register your island and get a Dream Address, you'll be able to share your creations with people all over the world. Since visitors cannot make any permanent changes to your island, you won't have to worry about anything changing! There are practically no disadvantages to registering your island, in fact considering that you get 5000 Bells every time you update it, it's recommended to do so!


▲You can see how many people visited your island using the Nook Link Mobile App!

Dreaming Main Commands

I want to dreamVisit other players' islands by entering their Dream Address
I'd like to share a dreamGet your island's Dream Address so you can share it with others
Where am I?Gives you more information on Dreaming
I want to wake upReturns you to the real world

When you speak to Luna you'll get the above 4 options. To simply visit other islands, the first option will suffice! To share your island with others, you'll need to choose the second option and register it.

Dream Address Needed To Visit Other Islands

Dream Address
What You Can DoDescription
Update your dream・Overwrite the currently registered island with a newer version
・Can only be done once per day
Adjust privacy settings・Set Dream Address to private, removing it from the map and passport
Delete your dream・Delete a registered dream/island
・You'll be able to register a new one the following day

In order to visit other players' islands in your dreams, you'll need a special code called a Dream Address. After generating a Dream Address, you can update or delete your dream, as well as adjust privacy settings to determine who can see it.

Revisit A Dream Island Function (NEW!)


As of Update 1.5.0, you can now view a list of Dream Islands that you have already visited. This can be done by selecting "I want to dream" then "Revisit a dream".

Favorite Islands You Often Visit

Revisit Fave

You can also add certain islands you visited to your favorite list by pressing the "x" button. Use this function for easier access to your favorite islands!

Exchange Dream Addresses In Our Forums Here!

Can Only Upload Once A Day

Dream Address Update

In order to get others to visit your island, you'll need to upload your island online. However, this can only be done once per day, so be careful!

How To Delete Your Dream Address

dream delete

If you want to delete your Dream Address, sleep on a bed in your house and meet Luna once again. Choose "About the dream I shared..." and ask her to delete your dream. Once deleted, your Dream Address will be invalid and other players won't be able to visit your island.

Set Your Greeting Via Your Passport


When players explore your island, they will be able to speak to an avatar of your character. When they do so, the message displayed in your passport will appear! Go to your passport and change the top comment in order to set a custom greeting for visitors!

Check Out The Passport Here

Report With "-"

If you encounter content on an island that is inappropriate, you can report it and leave the island right away by pressing the "-" button on your Switch!

How To Leave An Island

Once you've started dreaming, the only way to leave an island is to return to the bed in the central plaza and lie on it! That's all there is to it!

Rescue Services Are Usable

Rescue Services

If you somehow get stuck on an island, you can still use the Rescue Services from your Nook Phone to be airlifted to safety. This feature will still cost Nook Miles and will take you to the central plaza.

Dream Suite VS Normal Travel

Simultaneous Play Not Possible


↑ Not the actual owner of the island, just an NPC version of them!

In the Dream Suite, it's not possible to play with other people simultaneously! The Dream Suite is fundamentally a single-player experience, whereas regular travel via the Airport is not! This is arguably the biggest difference between the two.

Don't Have To Worry About Vandalism

Given that others will be playing an instanced, non-live version of your island, you won't have to worry about others messing up your island! Play on a Dream Island will not influence the owner's real island in any way.

Can't Take or Bring Items

You can freely explore any island you visit in a dream, but it is not possible to bring items back from or leave items on that island! If you want to actually trade with someone, you'll have to use online or local play via the Airport.

Leave Tools For Visitors


If you want visitors to use tools such as the Ladder and Vaulting Pole, drop them on the ground so that they can be picked up and used! Players might need these to traverse cliffs and rivers.

Get Custom Designs


Although you can't get items while dreaming, there is one slight exception to this! By interacting with an object placed in the middle of each island's plaza, you can actually download Custom Designs from other players. If you find a design that you're particularly fond of, make sure to download it before leaving!

Check Out More About Custom Designs Here

The Dream Suite In Past Games

Appeared In New Leaf

New Leaf

↑ Luna welcoming you to the Dream Suite in New Leaf.

The Dream Suite was a facility first introduced in New Leaf, which was overseen by Luna the Tapir. It worked more or less the exact same way as the New Horizons one, with players being able to visit other villages in their dreams!

Able To Do The Same Things

New Leaf

↑ Luna telling you your Dream Address.

The exact functions of the Dream Suite will be more or less the same as they were in New Leaf, with one exception. There doesn't appear to be an actual physical building where Luna resides - instead it'll simply appear as an option when you go to sleep.

Creative Options Have Expanded

Due to the release of the Island Designer Tool in ACNH, players now have many more avenues of creating unique islands. The Dream Suite allows people to share these island designs with even greater ease, so it's likely that we'll see a lot of people making islands specifically designed for player exploration!

The Term "Dream Town" Isn't Used

The term "Dream Town" was used in previous games, but doesn't seem to be used in Animal Crossing: New Horizons by any of the NPCs. In New Horizons, players have "islands" instead of "towns", so this term isn't likely to see a lot of use.

Islands You Should Visit With Dream Address

Special Thanks To All Island Designers!

Island's NameCreator / Dream Address
HAKUHOTO (はくほう島)@MNiithu

We'd like to take time to thank all of the great ACNH creators for giving us permission to showcase your islands here - Thank you so much! We have a massively expanded version of this list available here, so make sure to check it out!

Check Out Our Best Dream Islands Compilation Here

Realistic & Vibrant City

Dream AddressDA-1862-2456-1929

@midio's extremely effective use of items makes his island look so realistic, lived-in, and brimming with energy!

fish market

▲Take a walk through a lively fish market near the ocean!


▲Escape the hustle and bustle of the city with some greenery in this calm and relaxing park.

▲The streets of this town are paved with intricate designs!

A Cool And Refreshing Summer Isle

my home
Dream AddressDA-2557-1607-2056
Social AccountYoutube

@MNiithu has put together an incredible island which beautifully combines the feel of traditional sea-side Japanese locales such as Kamakura and Enoshima, with invigorating streets reminiscent of Venice! The abundance of hydrangeas and bamboo lends a cool air to the whole island - one perfect for a stroll while wearing a Yukata!

▲This area was heavily inspired by Kamakura's equally beautiful bamboo forests.


▲This section features a miniaturized version of Kamakura, all the way down to the train running through the town!

▲A classy Venetian cafe, blended perfectly into the vibrant colors of the town

▲A map of the whole island with landmarks and attractions labeled - there's a lot to see here!

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Weird and highly specific question: if someone has a villager in boxes in a dream snapshot, can they be recruited from the dream?

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Feel free to add your dream addresses on

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