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Read this Animal Crossing New Horizons Switch (ACNH) guide on Pascal the sea otter. Pascal not showing up? Find out his location, Pascal DIY Recipes, scallops, & famous quotes!!!

Table Of Contents

Pascal - Event Overview

How To Get Pascal

Appearance ConditionsAppears when you obtain a Scallop
TimeAny Time
:p: ※ Only once per day!!!

Pascal will sometimes appear after you've obtained a Scallop! Note that, unfortunately, he doesn't seem to spawn every time you get a scallop! You might have to keep trying to gather Scallops until he appears.

Only Once A Day!

Pascal will only appear once a day! Even if you get multiple scallops on a day, you can only get him to appear once. If you change the date, you'll have to get a new Scallop that day to summon him.

Reappears When Not Given a Scallop

If you don't give Pascal a Scallop when he asks for it, he will appear again when you find another Scallop. He'll keep reappearing until you give him a Scallop for the day.

1 DIY Recipe Or A Pearl


For every scallop you get, Pascal will provide you with 1 Mermaid Furniture recipe OR a Pearl! We're not sure what determines which he gives you at the moment, but we are looking into it. (Note that he can also give you Mermaid Clothing as well!)


↑ Sometimes Pascal will trade you a Pearl for a Scallop instead of giving you a recipe

Check Out A List Of All Mermaid Furniture Here

Available All Year


Since Scallops can be found in the sea at any time all year, so too can Pascal. Even in the Southern Hemisphere, where it's currently winter (as of July), he will appear!

Swims Around After Getting His Scallop

After you trade him a Scallop, Pascal will swim around the edges of your island, past the bounded-off rope area. You can't interact with him, but you can enjoy the adorable sight of him playing with the Scallop!

Pascal - Scallops Farming Method

Recommended Farming Procedure

1Get a Scallop by diving
2Repeat until Pascal appears, then trade the Scallop to him
3Change time to the next day
4Repeat steps 1~3

※ This method employs the use of Time Travel.!!!

After Trading, Save And Change The Date

Since Pascal will only appear once per day, if you're looking to farm Mermaid items, you'll need to save after trading with him and change the date. Finding Scallops, and then also getting Pascal to spawn, are both entirely dependent on chance, however, so you might have to be patient.

Look For Bubbles


▲ Bubbles indicate the creature could be a Scallop

Some Sea Creatures send out bubbles over the water where they are. Scallops are one of these, meaning if you see bubbles rising over the water, there's a chance it could be a Scallop! Prioritize these when farming Scallops.

Scallops Move, But They're Slow

Scallops are a creature which moves when you approach it, but they're rather slow. Even after diving, as long as you accelerate with the A button, you should be able to catch them with no problems.

Who Is Pascal?

A Deep-Sea Deep-Thinker


Pascal the Sea Otter is a recurring character in the Animal Crossing series who loves seafood & has a penchant for the philosophical! This time around, it seems like he'll be the central character surrounding the Summer Update, where he'll be responsible for giving you DIY Recipes in exchange for items!

Check Out A Full List Of Visiting Villagers Here!

Pascal Quotes List

Pascal's Wise Sayings (Quotes)

1Talented folks are just normal folks who practice something more than other folks, maaan.
2It's more fun to ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow. But, like, a waterslide is more fun than ANY bike.
3It's not all about the Bells, maaaan. There's also weeding, and fishing, and crafting, and bug catching, and...
4Castles are just, like, houses that're wearing armor, maaan.
5If you can't get your jam out of the jar, does that mean you're in a jammed-jam jam?
6If time is always running out..are we doing something to chase it away?
7You ever wonder when an island stops being an island and turns into just...the land? Maaaaaaan!
8You don't always get to do what you love, but you can always learn to love what you do.
9Eyeballs are like windows so your brain can look outside, and your brain needs that sunshine, maaan!
10Maaaaan...I know I say that a lot, but what do I even mean by it? Maaaaan!
11Do you think ducks get confused during heated dodgeball matches?
12Do roosters go back to sleep after they wake everyone up? I mean, they're pretty much done for the day.
13If kayak is still kayak backward, how do you know if you're saying it in the right direction? Think about it...
14Magic is just science with your eyes closed, maaan. *
15No one likes a traffic jam. But traffic jelly? Slap some peanut butter on it and it’s aaaall good. *
16You ever look up at the clouds in the sky and imagine shapes? They're doin' the same thing to you, maaan. *
17Music is just air gettin' its dance on, maaan. We're all breathing shy songs that want to cut a rug. *
18Afterthoughts are still thoughts. They just come after other thoughts.
19You can't worry about people thinkin' you're a fake. Everything you do is real! Unless you're, like, a hologram.
20It's impossible to mail boomerangs. No matter how many stamps you put on 'em, they always come back.
21NookPhones give you all those apps to keep you from ordering an entree. They're fillin' us up on bread, maaaan.
22Want to attract a bunch of otters? Scallop-shaped hot-air balloon, maaaan... Otters for miles.
23They always reboot movies, so why not food? And can I get a sequel to carbonara? Carbonara 2, maaan!
24It's important to take slow, deep breaths when you get mad. Short, fast ones just make you lightheaded.
25When someone tells you to hold your horses, you tell them no. Maaan, they're way too heavy!
26It's really easy to forget you have toes...until you stub one. Then it's like, "What are these things, man?"
27Sometimes I think about learning to make bread, but then I remember I'm already pretty good at buying it.
28If you're cool with wearing your pajamas all day, maybe you actually just like wearing your clothes to bed. *
29Rocks are the oysters of the land. *
30Where you are, whether you're in a house or in your own head, make it comfy. You be good to you, maaan. *
31Sometimes I wish I was a bird. It's pretty obvious why - so I could turn my head back and forth real fast! *
32Ever read a book about gravity? They're impossible to put down, maaan... *
33Remember, even if things are bad, there are always hammocks. *
34Who was the first to think that eating shellfish was a good idea? Must have been an otter... *
35Isn’t your birthday just the anniversary of something somebody else did? Think about it, maaan. *
36They say "swing for the fences" and "go the whole nine yards," but, like, what if you don't play hockey? *
37You wear the hat-the hat doesn't wear you. If it does, well, then you need a smaller hat, maaan. *

※ Indicates user-submitted sayings!!!

Pascal has no shortage of wise words to share with you - we're planning on writing every one we can find here! If you find a new one let us know in the comments! If not, tell us which of his quotes is your favorite!


What To Do If Pascal Isn't Showing Up?

Only Appears Once A Day

We mentioned this above but it bears repeating - Pascal will only come up to you once per day! You can still collect as many Scallops as you want, but don't expect him to keep coming back. Keep track of when he arrives and if you want to see him again, employ the use of Time Travel.

Double Check If You've Updated Your Game


Pascal will only appear if you've updated your game to Ver 1.3.0! You can check the version of your game by going to the Switch Home screen, selecting Animal Crossing, and pressing the + button. The version will be displayed below the game title. If you're running an old version, update it right away!

Get The Wetsuit

Pascal can only be found in the sea around your island, so make sure you've obtained it first, as it's necessary to start swimming and diving.

WetsuitHow To Get
WetsuitWetsuit Buy with bells at Nook's Cranny
Nook Inc. Wet suitNook Inc. Wet Suit Buy with Nook Miles at the Nook Stop
Check Out The Wetsuit In Detail Here

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Irvinn 49

“WHAAAALES” is one of them

Anonymous 48

"How come drawers are where you keep your drawers? Pointlessly confusing, maaan. No need for it."

"Laughter is your brain getting so excited, it forgets how lungs work. "Hur hur!" It's the best malfunction."

Anonymous 47

"If you love someone, send 'em a mixtape, and then think about it for 15 years. Works every time, maaan."

"Cheese is just milk that's been lucky enough to age gracefully."

"Trees are earth hair. And grass? A giant earth beard. Which means... deserts are the bald spots? Maaan!"

Anonymous 46

"A guy made a dog drool by ringing a bell, but so what? Bells make EVERYONE drool. Bells are delicious!"

"If you love your job, you'll never work a single day. Unless you're a heavy-metal drummer. That's work."

Anonymous 45

"It's OK to laugh even when you don't get the joke. It feels good either way, maaan."

"You know the difference between a boulder and a grain of sand? Just, like, SIZE, maaan!"

"It's hard to stay mad if you're eatin' cotton candy. Mostly because you'll be focused on how sticky you are."

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