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Learn about Toy Day (Christmas) event guide for Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch (ACNH). Learn what is toy day, when (what time) does it start, stockings, rewards, and more!!!

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Toy Day - When Does It Start

Happening On Dec. 24th

Happening On Dec. 24th
DateDecember 24th 5:00am ~ 25th 4:59AM

The main winter celebration in Animal Crossing, Toy Day will happen on Dec. 24th. Jingle, the reindeer villager will give out the presents to everyone in your island.

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Available In The Winter Update

Coming In Winter Update

Toy Day, along with Turkey Day, were both added into the game during the Winter Update on Nov. 19, 2020.

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Toy Day - Event Walkthrough Guide

Toy Day Walkthrough

1Talk to Jingle in front of Resident Services
2Get the Festive Wrapping Paper recipe
3Create 3 and give them to Jingle
4Get a Magic Bag and Toy Day Stockings
※ Put up Toy Day Stockings in your house
5Equip the bag and deliver presents to Villagers
If you're good friends with the villagers you'll get a present back
6When you hand out a present to a majority of villagers, you'll get a reward from Jingle
7When you hand out presents to all villagers, you'll get another reward from Jingle
Once you finish handing out presents, you'll be able to exchange presents with villagers
Red Wrapping Paper can be obtained from residents when exchanging presents
8On the 25th, check the Stockings you put up to get Jingle's Photo

Get A Recipe From Jingle

Toy Day

First you'll want to head to Resident Services and talk to Jingle. He will then give you the recipe for Festive Wrapping Paper. You can find the ingredients for this recipe by checking decorated trees outside.

Required Materials

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Make 3 Wrapping Papers

Toy Day

Once you make 3 Festive Wrapping Papers, return to Jingle once more. You'll get Toy Day Stockings, as well as a Magic Bag full of presents which you'll need to hand out to villagers!

Hang Up Your Stockings On The 24th

Toy Day

Make sure you hang the Toy Day Stockings somewhere in your house on the 24th! You can get Jingle's Photo on Dec. 25th for doing this today, so get this done asap.

Hand Out Presents

Toy Day

Equip the Magic Bag given to you by Jingle. Head around your island and give out presents to all villagers. Make sure to check inside their houses as well.

What To Do When You Can't Find Villagers

Villagers will either be in their houses or somewhere on the island. If you can't find a particular villager outside, search inside of their houses as well. You should also be aware that villagers are sleeping in midnight and early morning. Try to find them all until Jingle leaves at 4:59am next morning.

Check How Many Presents Are Left

magic bag

Open your inventory and look inside the Magic bag. It tells you how many presents are left. It will also tell you which villager you should deliver to if the number of present left is few.

No Hint Or Specific Order


When you talk to a villager, a present will be given to them automatically from your bag. You won't have to worry about giving them the right gift in a specific order (like was the case in previous games). You can check how many presents are left in your bag by checking it in your inventory, though.

Get A Reward From Close Friends

Toy Day

If a villager you give a present to has a high friendship level with you, you will get a present in return! This present is usually a color variation of a Toy Day item.

Learn More On Friendship Level From Here

Villagers React To Santa Outfit

Toy Day

If you wear a Santa outfit while handing out presents, you'll get a small reaction from your villagers! This outfit will be sold at the Able Sisters on the 24th, so make sure to buy it to up the festiveness of your Toy Day Celebration.

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Get Reward From Jingle For Giving Out 50%

Toy Day

When you give out presents to more than half of all villagers in your island, you'll get the recipe for a Gift Pile as a reward from Jingle!

Get Reward For Giving Out All Presents

Toy Day

Successfully handing out all of the presents in your bag and talking to Jingle will get you a special Toy Day Sleigh!

Exchange Gifts With Villagers

Toy Day

After you've handed out all presents, you'll enter the gift exchange phase. Use Wrapping Papers to the item in your inventory and exchange it with villagers to get special toy furniture from them.

How To Get Red Wrapping Paper


The Red Wrapping Paper you use to make Gift Pile can be obtained while exchanging gift with villagers. See the table below to learn how to get it.

1Finish delivering all Jingle's presents
2Talk to the villager while you have no present wrapped by Wrapping Paper
3Accept gift exchange and open your inventory
4Press B and cancel the gift exchange. Villager will give you 3 Red Wrapping Papers. You can only get them once per villager.

Check Your Stockings On The 25th

Toy Day

Once Christmas Eve is over and it's officially Christmas Day, make sure to check the Stockings you put up the previous day! You'll be able to get a photo of Jingle from it. This can only be obtained on the 25th of December, so don't forget!

How To Exchange Gifts

Finish Handing Out Presents For Jingle


Once you've finished helping out deliver Jingle's presents, you can start exchanging gifts with villagers.

Wrap Your Item With Wrapping Paper


Purchase wrapping paper at Nook's Cranny. Open your inventory and use the wrapping paper to decorate your item and make it ready for gift-giving!

Learn How To Get Wrapping Papers Here

Talk To A Villager To Exchange


Once you've prepared the present, talk to a villager to start the gift exchange. You can only exchange one gift per villager.

Get Different Color Toy Furniture


The toys you get from gift exchange will have a different color from the ones you normally purchase at Nook's Cranny.

Toy Day Furniture and Items

Rewards From Jingle

NameHow To Get/Materials
NameFestive Wrapping PaperTalk to Jingle for the first time
Blue Ornament x1
Red Ornament x1
Gold Ornament x1
NameToy Day Stockings Create Festive Wrapping Paper 3 times
NameGift Pile Give gifts to over 50% of villagers on your island and then talk to Jingle
・Red Wrapping Paper x3
Wooden-block toy
Cardboard Box ×1
NameToy Day Sleigh Give presents to all villagers and then talk to Jingle
NamePhoto of Jingle Hang up Toy Day Stockings in your house on the 24th and then check them on the 25th.

How To Get Jingle's Photograph

jingle photo

Getting Jingle's photograph is somewhat missable - you'll have to first hang up the Toy Day Stockings you get on the 24th somewhere in your house. Then, return the following day and check them. Note that it if you miss this, it seems to be possible to time travel back to the 24th and put the stockings up!

Limited-Time Toys On Sale

Toy Day
Sale PeriodDec 1st to 25th
※ Need to upgrade Nook's Cranny

First note that in order to see the toys on sale, you'll need to upgrade Nook's Cranny! Then, from the period of Dec 1st to 25th you can see a different toy on sale every day.

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Toy Day Items

Check Out A Full List Of Toy Day Items Here

Colors Fixed For Each Island


The Toy Day items you can obtain are set and unchangeable for your particular island. It's also not possible to customize these and change their color, which means that it won't be easy to get color variants of toys.

Get By Trading With Villagers

After handing out all presents to your villagers on the 24th, you'll be able to exchange presents with them instead! If you wrap a present with wrapping paper (found at Nook's Cranny), you can trade it to them and get a special Toy item!

Get Color Variants From Other Players

If you really want a specific color toy, your only real option will be to connect with other players. Note that you don't actually need to buy the item on their island, simply touching the item will register it to your catalogue, allowing you to buy it later on!

▶Find people to trade with on our forums!

Get A Festive Wreath From The 15th


After December 15th, one of the villagers on your island will come up to you and present you with a Festive Wreath! This can't be purchased, so make sure you don't sell it!

Buy Santa & Reindeer Outfits

Duration12/15 〜

Starting from the 15th of December, you'll be able to purchase Reindeer and Santa outfits from the Able Sisters shop! These aren't necessary for the Toy Day event itself, but they are nice to have so you can see how villagers react!

Check Out All Christmas Clothes From Here

Everything Available On The 24th

Toy Day

On December 24th, all Toy Day-related outfits will be available for sale at the Able Sisters!

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User-Created Custom Designs

Some users have already put together unique custom designs you can bring in to your own game free of charge! These include Santa & Reindeer outfits, as well as just fancy dresses - check them out!

Check Out Christmas Custom Designs Here

Get Festive Items' DIY Recipes

Duration12/15 〜 1/6 (Both Hemispheres)

Christmas-themed items, such as Christmas Trees and decorative lights, is available from Dec. 15th ~ Jan 6th. They can be obtained just as any other seasonal DIY recipe (via balloons and talking to villagers).

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Create Christmas Themed Island


Use festive items you got and create a Christmas themed island! Read the guide below for some inspiration on Christmas island ideas.

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