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Welcome to our guide on Pokemon UNITE, the Pokemon MOBA style real time team-battle game. Learn about the new Pokemon game on Switch & Mobile, including gameplay!

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Pokemon Unite Announced

New Real Time Team Battle Game

Pokemon Unite

On June 24th, the Pokemon company's newest project, Pokemon Unite, was officially announced! This game is set to be an action-packed multiplayer team battle game!

Free To Start

Free To Play

One of the most important announcements of the reveal was that Pokemon Unite will be free to start! There will be in app-purchases available as well.

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Cross-Platform Play

Pokemon Unite will feature cross-platform support, meaning Switch and Smart Phone players alike will be able to play alongside each other!

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Release Date Unknown

As of yet, the release date for the game has not been announced, so we'll have to stay tuned for more updates!

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Pokemon Unite - Gameplay Details

List Of Appearing Pokemon

Check out our guides above to learn list of Pokemon (both playable & mobs) to learn which Pokemon will appear in Pokemon Unite.

Pokemon UNITE Official Trailer

5v5 Combat


Just like many other familiar MOBA titles, Pokemon Unite will feature 5v5 person combat. It looks like players will choose one main Pokemon to be their avatar.

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Level Up And Grow Your Pokemon


Players will be able to gain experience on their main Pokemon, leveling it up and eventually even evolving. Along the way, you'll be able to customize which moves your Pokemon learns.

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Point-Based Gameplay

Score Points

The goal of the game will be the gain more points than the enemy team. Points will be obtained by capturing objects or catching Pokemon which roam the map.

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Two-Lane Map With Central Area


The Direct also gave us a glimpse of the layout of the game's map as well. A more or less symmetrical design, the map features two main lanes, with a connecting middle section and area vaguely reminiscent of the "jungle" in other MOBA titles.

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Grab Objectives To Get Points

Scoring A Goal

It seems the main way of getting points in Unite will be to stand on an objective unopposed long enough for the bar to fill up. Doing so seems to destroy the objective - each time has 5 objectives on their side in total!

Save Up Points And Spend Them On Objectives

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From the gameplay footage revealed so far, we can see that Pokemon gain points which are displayed next to their name, as well as on the Pokeball in the bottom of their UI. These are spent and cashed into real points when you capture an objective. It's unclear if they disappear when your character is defeated.

Capture Pokemon

Catching Pokemon

Players will be able to battle and capture wild Pokemon around the stage. Doing so will grant you experience points and allow you to summon that Pokemon into battle!

Use Pokemon In Battle?

Although not many details were given, we can glean from the UI that Pokemon you captured will be stored in a Pokeball on your screen. This Pokemon can likely be thrown out to aid you in battle. It is not known if it will have a cooldown.

4 Battle Moves


Keeping to main line Pokemon games, it seems players will be able to have a maximum of 4 moves available to them. Their final move, the "Unite" move, is likely similar to an ultimate in other games, as it can't be used as freely.

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Close Range Or Long Range Specialization?

Character customizability and specs are likely to come in the form of move specialization. Players will be able to select more melee-centered moves, or ranged moves if they prefer to fight at a distance.

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