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Expert Rank - How To Rank Up Tips & Techniques
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Expert Rank - How To Rank Up Tips & Techniques

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This guide shows how to rank up from Expert Rank in Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA). This includes what to do before and during a match, what to avoid, what to prepare & more!

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Expert Rank Overview

For Advanced Players Who Finished Great Rank

This article is intended for players who have finished the Great Rank and are more accustomed to Pokemon Unite matches. Check out the info below to find out what to look out for and what to do before participating in Ranked Matches.

Expert Rank - Battle Guide

Things To Do Before & During A Ranked Match
1.▼ Level Up Before Capturing Drednaw
2.▼ Tell The Team Your Plans
3.▼ Check The Mini-Map Often
4.▼ Practice Various Pokemon

1. Level Up Before Capturing Drednaw

Also Provides EXP

Drednaw spawns at the 7-minute mark of the match and the EXP it provides to the team is quite significant, making it a highly contested objective. Try to get more EXP than your opponents before the first Dednaw spawns to get the upper hand in capturing it.

Drednaw Guide - Spawn Time & Location

Defeat Combee & Vespiquen Before Drednaw

Defeat Combee & Vespiqueen Before Drednaw

If you defeated Combee & Vespiquen at the 8:50 minute mark of the match, you'll find they respawn during at roughly 7:20. This means they'll be available before the first Drednaw fight - make sure to pick them up before heading bottom!

What To Do During A Match

2. Tell The Team Your Plans

Chat Wheel

Although you cannot freely communicate in-game (via chat etc), you can use Quick Chat to inform your teammates of your plans. You can either tell them where you're going or suggest that the team retreat.

Voice Chat & In-Game Chat Guide - How To Use

Inform Your Allies In Advance

If you try to tell your teammates about an objective right when it happens, they might not respond to the signal in time, as they might be doing something else. So, if you're going to fight a Boss Pokemon and need additional help, make sure to alert teammates 20 seconds in advance.

3. Check The Mini-Map Often

Check The MIni-Map Often

It's a good idea to use the mini-map to keep track of your teammates and opponents. You can also tell your allies if you need support or they can attack an area by sending a signal.

Map Guide - Types & Objectives

Attack The Opposing Goal If Area Is Unguarded

If there are no opponents in your area, seize the opportunity to defeat their Wild Pokemon and score at their goal. However, be wary since your opponents may be hiding in the bush to ambush you, or they may split it up and attack you if you are caught off guard.

Ambush Your Opponents One By One

If you notice that your opponent is acting alone, seek assistance and gather around to defeat your opponents one by one while keeping an eye on the map, as they may sneak past your defenses and score a goal undetected.

4. Practice Using Various Pokemon

Venusaur Pokemon Menu

Practicing more Pokemon can help you understand their strengths and weaknesses, which can be used against your opponents. Doing this will also help you adjust which Pokemon you will use in each battle. This is especially key if your favorite Pokemon was already chosen by your teammates.

All Pokemon List - Pokemon Roster

Practicing Will Help You Learn To Enjoy New Pokemon

Practicing with other Pokemon can aid in the discovery of your new favorite Pokemon to use in battle. It will also help you to determine which builds and roles to use.

Filling Missing Roles Is Important

During Pokemon selection, you can assume that your teammates will choose Pokemon that they are familiar with. When your team picks a set of Pokemon, do your best to adjust to their picks and fill in the important missing roles. This will let your teammates play their optimal Pokemon and be on their best performance.

Practice Before Using Unfamiliar Pokemon

Although filling missing roles is good, using a Pokemon you are unfamiliar with will hinder your team's success and possibly result in a loss. Try to use the Practice Area (or standard/quick mode) first if you are not familiar with a Pokemon.

Expert Rank - Preparation Guide

Preparation Before The Match Is Recommended

Held Items give useful stat boosts if equipped on the right Pokemon, though they may not work effectively if you equip the wrong item. It is therefore recommended to check first if your Pokemon has the right Held Items before a match.

Best Held Items For Each Pokemon

Learn The Attack Types Of Your Pokemon

Check to see if your Pokemon's attack type is Physical or Special. For example, equipping Wise Glasses on a Pokemon with the Physical Attack Type is ineffective.

Items That Increase Attack & Special Attack

Physical Attack Type Held Items
Muscle Band Muscle BandHeld Item- Atk +1 (+15)
- Basic Attack Speed 0 (+7.5%)
Float StoneFloat StoneHeld Item- Atk +1.6 (+24)
- Movement Speed 0 (120)
Attack WeightAttack WeightHeld Item- Atk +0.6 (+18)
Item 3X-AttackBattle ItemRaises your Pokemon's Atk & Sp. Atk. for a short time.

Note: Values in brackets are level 30 stats.

Special Attack Held Items
Shell Bell Shell BellHeld Item- Sp. Atk +1.6 (+24)
- Move Cooldown 0 (-4.5%)
Sp. Atk Specs Sp. Atk SpecsHeld Item- Sp. Atk +0.8 (+24)
Wise Glasses Wise GlassesHeld Item- Sp. Atk +10 (+39)
Item 3X-AttackBattle Item- Raises your Pokemon's Atk & Sp. Atk. for a short time.

Note: Values in brackets are level 30 stats.

Special Attack & Attack Differences

Don't Forget To Upgrade Your Held Items


Upgrade Held Items that you frequently use on your Pokemon to improve their effect and possibly add another stat boost (in some items).

Item Enhancers Are Required For Upgrading

You'll need Item Enhancers to upgrade your Held Items. The required amount increases as you level up an item, so try to save up Item Enhancers received as a reward or purchase them via the Aeos Emporium.

Item Enhancer - How To Get

State Of The Current Meta

Top 100 Players Top-picked Pokemon

We know getting to the Expert Rank wasn't easy, but to be honest, things are only going to get harder from here on out. We recommend studying the game's meta in further detail: We've prepared a list of Pokemon most used by the top 100 ranked players, in addition to providing enough on the state of the game's meta in Master Rank and above. Make sure to check it out if you're serious about climbing!

Meta Team & Builds For Ranked

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