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New Pokemon List - Release Date & Upcoming Characters
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New Pokemon List - Release Date & Upcoming Characters

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Get to know the new upcoming characters for Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA)! Learn the release dates of upcoming pokemon, next pokemon release, future pokemon, & wishlist Pokemon.

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Upcoming & New Pokemon

Espeon Now Available In The Arena! (New!)

Espeon can now be taken into battle in the Unite Arena with its latest arrival along with this May 16 Balance Patch Update. Get to use Espeon's psychic abilities and blasts enemies through the lanes. Will this new magical creature be able to beat the odds on the current Meta? Learn more about Espeon's powers and how to use them with our guides below!

Which Pokemon Might Be Added

List Of Pokemon By Generation

GenerationList Of Pokemon
Gen IBlastoiseCharizardGengarMachampMr. MimePikachuSlowbroSnorlaxVenusaurWigglytuffDragonite
Gen IIBlisseyAzumarill
Gen IIIAbsolGardevoir
Gen IVLucarioGarchompMamoswine
Gen VCrustle
Gen VIGreninjaTalonflameSylveonTrevenant AegislashHoopa
Gen VIIAlolan NinetalesZeraoraDecidueyeTsareena
Gen VIIICinderaceEldegossCramorantGreedentDuraludon

So far, a total of 26 Pokemon have been officially released, with 10 of them hailing from Generation 1 and the other 16 from following generations. It's possible that more Pokemon from other generations will be added to balance things out!

What Gen Will The Next Pokemon Be From?

What Generation do you think the next Pokemon to be added will be from? Answer the poll below to let us know!

List Of Pokemon By Roles

There are a total of 5 roles in Pokemon Unite: Attacker, Defender, All-Rounder, Speedster, & Supporter. Currently there are 7 Attackers and 5 Defenders, with the remaining 3 roles having 4 Pokemon each. We feel this means there's a higher likelihood the next Pokemon to be added will be either an All-Rounder, Speedster, or Supporter!

What Pokemon do you want to appear in the game the most and why? Let us know ⬇in the comments section below!

Wishlist & Pokemon We'd Like To See

The Pokemon below are a few possible candidates that are from generations 2 or 5 and also could potentially be added as a Supporter, Speedster, or All-Rounder!

Tyranitar - All-Rounder

Tyranitar Details
First AppearanceGeneration II

A classic and fan favorite, there are doubtless tons of people who want to see this Pokemon show up in Unite! Tyranitar is a perfect candidate for an All-Rounder, having great attack, but also very beefy defensive stats. Perhaps we could see it summon a Sandstorm in its immediate vicinity? No doubt its signature move Crunch would also make an appearance.

Feraligatr - All-Rounder

Feraligatr Details
First AppearanceGeneration II

Perhaps a somewhat niche pick, Feraligatr is close to the hearts of many players of Gold and Silver (as well as the remakes), being one of the coolest water type starters. We'd love to see this gator Slash and Thrash around Unite's battlefield!

Crobat - Speedster

Crobat Details
First AppearanceGeneration II

With a base 130 speed in the mainline games, we feel Crobat might be a good candidate for a generation 2 Speedster! It could perhaps dash around with some flying moves like Acrobatics or Fly, and attack enemies with poison moves like Venoshock and Cross Poison?

Hydreigon - All-Rounder

Hydreigon Details
First AppearanceGeneration V

Hydreigon, though known to be a very offensive beast in the main games, has rather balanced stats, and could ostensibly be added as an All-Rounder! Perhaps it could have Dragon Pulse and Dark Pulse, or maybe even a stat boosting move in the form of Nasty Plot?

Zoroark - Speedster

Hydreigon Details
First AppearanceGeneration V

Zoroark also has a good offensive stats and a decent speed to boot. With these stats, we feel it could be added as a potential Speedster! Plus, imagine all the interesting things you could do with its Illusion passive. In the main games, Illusion would make Zoroark take on the appearance of another Pokemon in your party. If it had the same power in Unite, it could certainly cause chaos!

Release Dates Of All Pokemon

PokemonRelease Date
AzumarillAzumarillApril 8, 2022
TrevenantTrevenantJanuary 20, 2022
DragoniteDragoniteDecember 20, 2021
TsareenaTsareenaDecember 9, 2021
DecidueyeDecidueyeNovember 19, 2021
GreedentGreedentOctober 20, 2021
SylveonSylveonOctober 6, 2021
MamoswineMamoswineSeptember 29, 2021
BlastoiseBlastoiseSeptember 1, 2021
BlisseyBlisseyAugust 18, 2021
GardevoirGardevoirJuly 28, 2021
VenusaurVenusaurAvailable at launch
CharizardCharizardAvailable at launch
PikachuPikachuAvailable at launch
MachampMachampAvailable at launch
GengarGengarAvailable at launch
SnorlaxSnorlaxAvailable at launch
LucarioLucarioAvailable at launch
TalonflameTalonflameAvailable at launch
Alolan NinetalesAlolan NinetalesAvailable at launch
WigglytuffWigglytuffAvailable at launch
Mr. MimeMr. MimeAvailable at launch
AbsolAbsolAvailable at launch
GarchompGarchompAvailable at launch
CrustleCrustleAvailable at launch
ZeraoraZeraoraAvailable at launch
CinderaceCinderaceAvailable at launch
EldegossEldegossAvailable at launch
CramorantCramorantAvailable at launch
GreninjaGreninjaAvailable at launch
SlowbroSlowbroAvailable at launch

Unconfimed & Rumored Pokemon


▲ Clefable as seen in the official 2020 Trailer.

Release DateTBC
License CostTBC

There is currently no news about the release date of Clefable. As of the moment, Clefable is just a rumored Pokemon. We'll have to wait for any official announcements before we can confirm its appearance.

Clefable Pokemon Guide

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Noivern 27

I think we could go another level with delphox as an attacker and maybe noivern with moves like boom burst and air slash and evolve from noibat

Anonymous 26

Honestly i really love to see my boy Birharp as an attacker, it got really high one for a 490 base stats pokemon.

Or maybe Samurott as an all-rounder considered it's quite bulky and got decent attack stats.

anonymous 25

I would also love to see bellossom as a supporter and I thint that clawitzer as an attacker would be a likely choise as there is only one other pokemon from unova in the game-crustle.

anonymous 24

I would love to see crobat as a speedster, inteleon as an attacker, metagross as a defender, dragapult as an attacker, tyranitar as an all -rounder and obstagoon as a defender.

Anonymous 23

I would like to see staraptor and infernape

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