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Quick Battle is a 4v4 / 3v3 game mode in Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA). This guide includes Quick Battle rules, features, battle maps, game mode tips, levels, & more!

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Quick Battle - Overview

Catch 'Em Battles New!

In Catch ’Em battles, some wild Pokemon will be catchable in Mer Stadium. When you catch one of these wild Pokemon, a symbol depicting that Pokemon will replace your battle item icon. You'll only have a limited amount of time to activate this symbol, but once you do, you'll be able to play as that wild Pokemon.

How To WinThe team with the highest total score at the end of the battle wins
Player No4v4
Battle MapsMer Stadium
Match Time5 minutes
TypesRandom Match
Friends Match
CPU Battle
Event Period May 30, 2022 - June 26, 2022

Wild Pokemon That Can Be Played Are Highlighted

Keep an eye out for Wild Pokemon with a white aura as these can be caught and played with. This sphere distinguishes them from the other normal, un-playable Wild Pokemon encountered in the arena.

Take control Of Boss Pokemon!

You'll be able to encounter Boss Pokemon during the game. These are much stronger and has a higher damage output than typical Wild Pokemon. Use them to get an advantage over the opposing side!

Boss Pokemon Makes Goal Zones Defenseless

Some Boss Pokemon moves may render the goal zone defenseless for a limited time when used while inside an opposing goal zone. This allows you and your squad to successfully push lanes. Furthermore, rendering goals unprotected disables whatever healing that goal zone may have till the charge runs out!

Full-Fury Battle

Full-Fury Battle

A new quick battle mode was announced this Sunday (Feb 27th) entitled Full-Fury Battle. It will only be available through the Weekends & Monday.

How To WinThe team with the highest total score at the end of the battle wins
Player No4v4
Battle MapsMer Stadium
Match Time5 minutes
TypesRandom Match
Friends Match
CPU Battle
Event PeriodFebruary 27 - March 2, 2022

Same Rules As Mer Stadium

Same Rules As Mer Stadium

The quick battle itself is similar to Mer Stadium with the same rules and mechanics but with an added twist for your team to get the highest score possible.

Use Rotom To Your Advantage


To earn more points, attack Rotom in the center regardless of whether you're on the top, bottom, or center lane. Capturing Rotom can get you to score a Goal without interference and thus help you break your opponent's Goal Zone.

Earn Rewards By Completing Event Tasks

Event Tasks

There are also rewards for completing tasks for this event so make sure not to miss it.

Events Guide

Special Rules - Mer Stadium

There are no special rules set in place for Mer Stadium. It will play out just like a regular Quick Battle match.

NoteFor the period of time between Oct 20 and Nov 10, a special Halloween Mode is available for play in Mer Stadium. This is seasonal.

Special Rules - Auroma Park

Special Rules
1All Goal Zones don't have specific teams, both can be use to score a goal.
2When a player scores a goal, all points scored by their team at that same goal will be doubled for a short amount of time
3When you get on a "Dash Panel", it will automatically go in the direction of the arrow.
4When you enter into a "Dash Panel", movement speed will be increased.
Auroma Park - Map & Wild Pokemon Guide

Special Rules - Shivre City

Special Rules
1If you KO an opponent Pokemon, you can get the score that the opponent Pokemon was holding
2If Avalugg is KO'd, all players in the team that defeated it will receive an ice shield
3When you enter the main battle area, the movement speed of your Pokemon will increase
Shivre City - Map & Wild Pokemon Guide

Quick Battle - Features

Unite Battle That Can Be Played Quickly

Unite Battle That Can Be Played Quickly

As it says in the name, Quick Battle is a game mode in Pokemon Unite where the matches end fairly quickly. Instead of the regular 10 minute games, Quick Battle matches only last for 5 minutes.

Smaller Player Teams

Smaller Player Teams

Another change is the amount of players. In Quick Battle, you can play in either 4v4s or 3v3s depending on the map available that day.

3 Maps Change Daily

3 Maps Change Daily

There are 3 Quick Battle maps that rotate every day: Mer Stadium, Shivre City, and Auroma Park. Each should have their own unique feature, from graphics to the Wild Pokemon you can find there.

Map Types & Guides

Available Maps For Quick Match

Challenge Missions Held In Quick Battles

Challenge Missions Held In Quick Battles

There are currently Challenge Missions that can only be done in Quick Battles. The type of challenge will differ depending on the map.

Play Against CPU, Friends, Or Random Players

Play Against CPU, Friends, Or Random Players

Quick Battle can be played along with friends or other random players. Players can also choose to play against Bots if they want to in this game mode.

How To Play CPU Match

Quick Battle - Set Up Flow

1. Choose A Pokemon

Choose A Pokemon

The first thing to do as with any other match is to select the Pokemon that you want to use in battle. Choose between Pokemon you have unlocked or the week's free Pokemon.

All Playable Pokemon

Can't Have 2 Of The Same Pokemon In A Team

A team can only have 1 of each Pokemon in a team. Use chat to communicate with your team, whether it's with roles or which Pokemon to use.

2. Choose Battle Item & Held Items

Choose Battle Item & Held Items

Remember to choose the Battle Item & Held Items for your Pokemon before starting the match. You can do this by tapping "Battle Preparation". These items are essential to get the most out of your Pokemon.

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3. Start Of The Battle

Start Of The Battle

After each team member is ready, the match will begin automatically. You can see the Pokemon of both your team and enemy team in the loading screen.

Quick Battle - Gameplay Flow

1. Divide Team Members Into Each Route

Divide Team Members Into Each Route

At the start of the battle, each team member should proceed to their specific lanes and defeat Wild Pokemon they can encounter.

2. Aim To Score At Goal

Once you've leveled up for a bit, head to one of the goals and score with the points you've collected. If an enemy is near the goal, either push them back with another teammate or wait for them to leave.

Scoring Guide & How To Score Points

3. Battle Against Enemy Pokemon

 Battle Against Enemy Pokemon

Time to fight the enemy Pokemon head on. If you can KO your enemy Pokemon, you will both get EXP points and the Aeos Energy that Pokemon held. If you're KO'd, you will respawn later in your base.

Enemy Aeos Points Need To Be Picked Up

When you KO an enemy, their Aeos Points will fall where they were defeated. Remember to pick it up to add it to your points. It's a Yellow Ball.

4. Repeat 1 ~ 3

Cycle between defeating Wild Pokemon and heading to Goals to score. If an opponent team heads to any of your team scores, defend it to prevent them from scoring.

5. Defeat Special Wild Pokemon

Defeat Boss Pokemon

Special Wild Pokemon that you can battle and defeat to get buffs will spawn on every map. They are stronger than other Wild Pokemon and will cast a special move if not captured earlier. They will also provide benefits when defeated.

List Of Wild Pokemon

6. Defeat Boss Pokemon

List Of Boss Pokemon

After a minute, a Boss Pokemon will show up in the middle of the map. The Pokemon will be different in every map and will also have different effects.

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All Playable Pokemon


List Of All Battle Items

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