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Item Enhancer - How To Get & How To Buy
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Item Enhancer - How To Get & How To Buy

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Item Enhancer can upgrade Held Items in Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA). This guide includes how to use Item Enhancers, how to farm, how to get it, enhancement chart, price, & uses!

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What Are Item Enhancers?

Use To Upgrade Held Items

Used To Upgrade Held Items

Using Item Enhancers is one of the ways you can upgrade Held Items in Pokemon Unite. Upgrading lets you increase the passive stat boost & effect provided by your items to your Pokemon during matches. This makes Item Enhancers incredibly useful, as they can have a direct, positive affect on your matches.

Similar Items

Only Upgrades Held Items

Unfortunately, Item Enhancers are limited to only upgrading Held Items. It's not possible to upgrade Battle Items in Pokemon Unite.

More Item Enhancers Needed Per Level Up

The more you upgrade a Held Item, the more Item Enhancers you need to use. To get a single Held Item to its max level, more than 2,000 Item Enhancers are required.

Item Enhancers Required Per Level

2Item Enhancer x3 16Item Enhancer x50
3Item Enhancer x4 17Item Enhancer x55
4Item Enhancer x518Item Enhancer x60
5Item Enhancer x619Item Enhancer x65
6Item Enhancer x820Item Enhancer x80
7Item Enhancer x1021Item Enhancer x100
8Item Enhancer x1222Item Enhancer x120
9Item Enhancer x1423Item Enhancer x140
10Item Enhancer x2024Item Enhancer x160
11Item Enhancerx 2525Item Enhancer x180
12Item Enhancer x3026Item Enhancer x210
13 Item Enhancer x3527Item Enhancer x240
14Item Enhancer x4028Item Enhancer x270
15Item Enhancer x4529Item Enhancer x300
--30Item Enhancer x300

Get Your Items To Level 20 First

LevelRequired Amount

You should prioritize getting your most important items to level 20, as that will ensure you unlock the level 3 effect of the item. Also, leveling one item from 21 to 30 will cost you 2020 Item Enhancers, which is a hefty cost that is hard to justify.

Test It Out First

Upgrade to 30 Instantly

If you want to see if a Held Item can be part of a viable build, you can use a 7-Day Max-Grade Trial Card. When used, this consumable raises your Held Item temporarily to Level 30 for 7 days. You can use this time to test out builds before deciding to upgrade it with Item Enhancers.

Upgrade To 30 Instantly

It's also possible to instantly upgrade any given item to level 30 by using something called a Super Item Enhancer. You can currently only obtain 3 of these (from events), so you'll have to use them wisely. Check out more information in the article below.

Super Item Enhancer - How To Get

Item Enhancer - How To Get

Total Number Of Free Item Enhancers

*Numbers are based on September 2021 events.

The total number of free Item Enhancers in the game can vary wildly due to the changing of events. Sometimes, Pokemon Unite doles out Item Enhancers for free when celebrating something. Also note that new events that reward Item Enhancers may come out in the future.

Buy From The Shop

Buy from the shop
ShopAeos Emporium
PriceAeos TicketAeos Ticket x 10

Item Enhancers are sold in the Aeos Emporium shop for 10 Aeos Tickets each. There's no limit to how many you can buy - you're only limited by your available currency.

Purchase It With Gems

Aeos Gem
Aeos TicketAmount
Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x10GemAeos Gem x1

If you run out of Aeos Tickets and attempt to purchase an Item Enhancer, you'll be prompted to spend Gems to purchase Aeos Tickets. 1 gem will give you 10 tickets, which is equivalent to one Item Enhancer.

Microtransactions - In-App Purchases & Paid Items

Complete Events & Missions

Complete Events & Missions

A free way to get Item Enhancers is by completing missions! Players can check the Event Menu to see which missions will yield Item Enhancers for clearing them.

Do Held Item Enhancement Support Missions

Do Held Item Enhancement Support Missions

A recommended event, "Held Item Enhancement Support Missions", can give you a total of 1700 Item Enhancers. With that amount, you can upgrade at least 3 items from level 1 to 20.

Events - Upcoming & Current 2021

Battle Pass Reward

Battle Pass Reward
Season 3 Battle Pass
Free225 total Item Enhancers
Premium285 total Item Enhancers

The Premium Battle Pass includes Item Enhancers as rewards for reaching specific levels. Do note that you will need to purchase the Battle Pass with Gems to be able to get the premium rewards.

Battle Pass Season 3 Guide

You Can Also Use The Aeos Ticket Rewards From the Battle Pass

Aeos Tickets Battle Pass Reward
Season 2 Battle Pass
Free1500 total Aeos Tickets
Premium3900 total Aeos Tickets

You will also receive a total of 1500 total Aeos Ticket from Battle Pass and 3900 total Aeos Ticket from Premium Pass that you can use to purchase Item Enhancers! So try to use them when you need more Item Enhancers than what you needed!

Aeos Tickets - How To Get & Uses

Pull From The Energy Rewards

Pull From The Energy Rewards
Drop Chance20% for 10 x Item Enhancers

Players can also obtain Item Enhancers by pulling from Energy Rewards. Since Energy Rewards are entirely random, this is not a good way to farm for them.

Click Here For The Energy Rewards Guide!

How To Upgrade Items

Access The Menu

Access The Menu

In order for you to use your Item Enhancers, you'll first need to access the Held Items tab. To do this, open the side menu from the Main Menu.

Select "All Held Items"

All Held Items

After being redirected to the Side Menu, select Battle Prep and then the Held Items option.

Choose Which Item You Want To Upgrade

Choose which item you want to upgrade

From there you can either upgrade any of the Held Items your Pokemon has equipped or the ones you have in the inventory. Select any one of them to open the Upgrade Menu.

Start Upgrade

The last thing you'll need to do is to initiate the upgrade! Simply press the upgrade button found at the bottom of the Held Item's upgrade menu. Be careful since Item Enhancers are used up permanently. Make sure you're upgrading the right one!

Which Held Items To Enhance First

The items below are recommended Held Items to upgrade. This is due to them being usable by most Pokemon. Investing in these Held Items can greatly increase your stats during a match.

Held ItemsReason
Muscle BandMuscle BandFor physical damage dealing Attacker and Speedster Pokemon that rely on auto attacks, the Muscle Band is a must. The attack speed bonus is extremely beneficial for a wide variety of Pokemon.
Focus BandFocus BandThis item can be used by basically any Pokemon, due to the excellent defensive stats it provides. The healing portion of it will likely help you stay alive in many cases!
Wise GlassesWise GlassesThis held item is recommended for Special Attackers only! This is a simple overall DPS increase that you can't go without.
Buddy BarrierBuddy BarrierThis item will provide you with HP as well as a powerful shield every time you use your Unite Move. In fact, the shield will also be applied to a nearby ally as well! This item is incredible and can be used on almost any Pokemon, not just Defenders & Supporters!
All Held Items List

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No 2

No it takes about $40 to fully enhance 1 item and $120 for the full set of 3.. then you might want to play a caster/fighter so thats another $120 for that set

Anonymous 1

So it takes about $400 to enhance 1 item to level 30. Alrighty then.

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