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Check out this Pokemon list of all Attackers characters in Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA). Includes Pokemon with the Attacker character Role, stats, Attacker lane, best items & more!

Table of Contents

All Roles List
Attackers Defenders All-Rounders
Speedsters Supporters -

Best Attacker Pokemon Tier List

Attacker Tier List

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S Tier Pokemon
A Tier Pokemon
Pikachu Alolan Ninetales Cinderace Cramorant Gardevoir
B Tier Pokemon
Best Pokemon Tier List

S Tier Attacker Pokemon

PokemonRole / Recommended Lane
・Ability to go invisible with Smokescreen is handy when escaping
・Extremely mobile and easy to carry with
・Has a slightly higher skill cap than other Attackers
・Frequently used as a Jungler in the recent meta

A Tier Attacker Pokemon

PokemonRole / Recommended Lane
・Electro Ball is incredibly powerful, paralyzing enemies in an AoE
・Consistent power at all stages of the game
・Easy to use
Alolan NinetalesAlolan NinetalesAttacker
・Slow/freeze on auto attack is extremely useful
・Good amount of crowd control for an Attacker
・Overall high damage
・Rather weak early but makes up for it late game
・Overall easy to use due to its myriad of ranged attacks
・Powerful Unite move can be used to snipe objectives
・Unite Move deals devastating damage, but renders you immobile
・Air Slash lets you constantly disengage
・High learning curve, but good damage to make up for it.
・Long moves with AoE components that are great at dealing with multiple opponents
・Unite Move which draws in the surrounding opposing Pokemon is powerful
・A late bloomer - evolving to Lv10 will take some time and effort

B Tier Attacker Pokemon

PokemonRole / Recommended Lane
・Received damage buffs in most recent patch, can hold its own better
・Can become surprisingly bulky via a Giga Drain self-sustain build
・Good range with Solar Beam

Attacker Pokemon Character Role - Stats

List Of Attacker Pokemon

PokemonKey StatsDifficulty
Alolan NinetalesAlolan Ninetales Offense: (8)
Endurance: (8)
Mobility: (8)
Scoring: (5)
Support: (6)
CinderaceCinderace Offense: (8)
Endurance: (3)
Mobility: (6)
Scoring: (5)
Support: (1)
CramorantCramorant Offense: (8)
Endurance: (6)
Mobility: (6)
Scoring: (3)
Support: (2)
GardevoirGardevoir Offense: (9)
Endurance: (3)
Mobility: (3)
Scoring: (6)
Support: (3)
GreninjaGreninja Offense: (8)
Endurance: (4)
Mobility: (6)
Scoring: (6)
Support: (1)
PikachuPikachu Offense: (9)
Endurance: (3)
Mobility: (5)
Scoring: (4)
Support: (3)
VenusaurVenusaur Offense: (9)
Mobility: (4)
Scoring: (5)
Support: (2)

Attacker Role - Best Items For Pokemon

Held Item - Boost Attack Or Sp. Attack

Attackers need to dish out large amounts of damage against the enemy team, so they'll need to hit as hard as possible. However, there are two types of Attackers and you might get confused on which item should be equipped. So equip the ones that are appropriate to your Pokemon of choice!

Recommended: Muscle Band For Physical Attackers

ItemItem Effect
Muscle BandMuscle Band ・When basic attacks hit, the damage is increased by 1% of the opposing Pokemon's remaining HP.
・Atk +1
・Basic Atk Speed +0%
Attackers that are specialized in Physical Attacks need the Muscle Band to raise their physical damage. However, take note of which attacker type you're using - some Pokemon use special attack instead!
Upgrade Priority

Recommended: Wise Glasses for Sp. Attack

ItemItem Effect
Wise GlassesWise Glasses・Sp. Atk +3% of base value
・Sp. Atk +10
Wise Glasses will raise your Sp. Attack depending on your upgrade level. This item is used for attackers who specialized in Sp. Attack. Make sure to equip Wise Glasses on Pokemon that benefit from it!
Upgrade Priority
Special Attack & Attack Differences

Battle Item - Attack Enhancers Or Mobility

Players should choose their Battle Items based on how well they can position their Pokemon. If you have superb map awareness, feel free to use X-Attack for a further boost in damage during fights. For safer alternatives, the Eject Button is very useful for getting in & out of sticky situations.

All Battle Items List

Recommended Battle Items

Item 1Eject ButtonQuickly moves your Pokemon in the designated location.70s
Item 3X-AttackRaises your Pokemon's Atk & Sp. Atk. for a short time.40s
Item 5Full HealRemoves all hindrances affecting your Pokemon40s

Attackers Role - Lanes & How To Play

Recommended Lane - Top Or Bottom

Recommended Lane - Top Or Bottom

Attackers can go top or bottom when starting, provided the lane isn't already occupied by 2 Pokemon. By default, go bottom lane so you can take out Drednaw easier. However, this decision is best made in coordination with your team.

Which Lanes to Play - Top, Mid, Bottom Lane Roles Guide

Which Wild Pokemon To Attack On The Top Lane

Top Lane
Click to Enlarge

If you chose the top lane we highly suggest that you target these Wild Pokemon first. The key here is to go for the Corphish and try to guarantee a list hit on that. This will put you ahead of the enemy team in experience.

Top Lane Guide

Which Wild Pokemon To Attack On The Bottom Lane

Bottom Lane
Click to Enlarge

If you chose the bottom lane, try to go for the Audino in the upper middle part of the lane first. This is a "shared" mob, and getting the last hit on it will put your team at an advantage.

Main Damage Dealer Of The Team

Main Damage Dealer Of The Team

Attacker Pokemon generally have powerful offensive kits. Their normal attacks in particular are often long-ranged, allowing them to engage other Pokemon from a distance.

Can Do Burst Damage But At Long Intervals

Can Do Burst Damage But At Long Intervals

Attacker moves can often deal quite a bit of burst damage once use but are on somewhat long cooldowns. If the target isn't taken immediately, there is a high chance that it can counter-attack, putting the attacker in danger of being KOed. It is important that the attacker has support to safeguard their retreat.

All Moves List - Effects & Pokemon

Main Drawback Is Lower Health

Generally, Attacker Pokemon have a lower health pool than those from other roles. This makes them quite vulnerable to being KO'd easily if they are without their supports and other team members.

How To Heal HP

Moves Often Lack Crowd Control

Attackers' moves usually do not have prolonged crowd control effects, meaning that you will need to rely on the help of other teammates to maintain a line for you to pull back to. This also means you should use caution when going into the attack range of other Pokemon, especially defenders or all-rounders.

How To Play Attacker Pokemon

Work With Defender Pokemon

Work With Defender Pokemon

Try to pair with a Defender Pokemon when heading to the upper or lower lanes. With you two together, you can focus on attacking while the Defender Pokemon tanks the damage and create opening for the team.

All Defenders List

Check The Minimap Frequently

When using Attacker Pokemon, it's necessary for players to consistently check their minimap. From there, you can spot your teammates' locations, enemy location when they're in your sight, and which goals are being pushed.

Map Guide - Types & Objectives

Do Not Engage One On One

Do Not Engage One On One

With a lower health pool & lesser crowd control, going in solo can be risky. Only do this to Pokemon who have a lower health than yours or those singled out from their team. Do not fight when you're alone as much as possible. Enemy crowd control can make short work of you, so be aware.

9 Things Not To Do & Mistakes You Should Avoid

Unite Move Deals Massive Damage

Attacker Unite Moves often deal heavy damage in a line or area. Use them at the beginning of crucial fights to soften the enemy or use them mid-battle to finish off weakened foes.

Unite Moves List - Effects & How To Use

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