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Unite Squad Recruitment Forum

Unite Squad Recruitment Forum

Last Updated: 2022/6/15 13:16

Welcome to Pokemon Unite's (Pokemon MOBA) Unite Squad Recruitment Forum. Recruit people for your Unite Squad or join an existing one and enjoy playing as a team!

Unite Squad Recruitment Forum

Recruit Or Join A Unite Squad

Unite Squad

This forum is where you can recruit people for your Unite Squad or join an existing one! Unite Squads are groups of Pokemon Unite Trainers that consist of up to 30 members. You may create your own Unite Squad or join another Trainer's Squad by sending a join request.

How To Make / Join A Unite Squad

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Pinje 54


I just created a Unite Squad and want some members to complete events with so we can gain some rewards together. Everyone is welcome. Hopefully we can play some games together now and then as well.

The squad name is Gismo with ID: #Y280MC6K

My name is Pinje. I’m level 28 and in ranked matches I’m in masters 1400.

I hope you will join.

Anonymous 53

I will recruit you. I’m a veteran class 1. Also, I’m level 33. There is one rule u have to follow team synergy. Here is the code: #6FHG8EF8 I look forward to battling with u

_Gmx 52

Hello, looking for an active squad with skilled members to play ranked matches. Tired of playing with randoms. I normally play with Gengar & Azumarill. I normally score around 150-300 points ranked matches. Let’s play!
I’m level 31
Veteran Class 2

Anonymous 51


Tantilas 50

Looking for active squad.
SN- Tantilas

Anonymous 49

Join my unite squad.. bumijr ID: #P8RN2C44

Anonymous 48

Hi same here

Anonymous 47

What Rank are you guys?

Anonymous 46

I’m looking for some friends to play and talk about unite and Pokémon with. I don’t have discord and play casually so anyone is welcome. If you have Reddit dm to u/TheGloryCat, that’s me :)

Anonymous 45

What is your squad name and your in game name? My boss and I will join you.

Anonymous 44

Looking for a unite squad to play with ranked, also open for participating in tournaments :)
Currently at the 1800+ elo
Playing mostly Blastoise (Main), Crustle, Cinderace, Pikachu, Machamp and Wigglytuff
RashekSan : YKQE3MR

Anonymous 43

I been looking to join a squad. I play Pikachu mostly. I am ultra class 2 currently. This is my first season, and I started halfway in the season. I definitely looking for a team to practice and help improve overall.
My handle is PkLuffy121979
My briangrammer121979@gmail.com

Anonymous 42

Trainer name: Lenny0711
Squad name: Nationwide

Looking for other players to join my squad! Anybody is welcome to join and play!

My current level is 26, and a Veteran ranked.

Anonymous 41

1600 master just looking for some good players to play with

Anonymous 40

Looking for people who want to take the game fairly seriously, looking to get better at the game play in tournaments.

ELO: 1800+(Almost in the 1900s)
Mains: Machamp (Top/Bot) Zeraora (Mid) Cinderace (Mid/Top) Dragonite (Bot)

Trainer ID: Floogknuckle

SimplexTwo 39

Looking for members to join newly formed squad, if you're a casual player looking for a squad then all you got to do is join...

Ashikabi18 38

Girlfriend and I made a squad for anyone that's wants to join. All is welcome. We usually play bottom together and communicate extremely well. We are looking for others to join and be a family!

Anonymous 37

Hey y’all, if anyone needs a good cinderace and Lucario, me and my friend are decent. We are in ultra class and pushing for masters at the moment. We would love to have a full team to work with. Our ign’s are MrUncredible and Sandaco

B 36

Hello, my ign is Drosser, and I main Eldegoss as a solo, but I would like a more consistent team to not have to deal with randoms (master rank 1600)

Pocket Nak 35

Hey how's it going everyone!! I'm searching for some players to build a team and participate at up incoming tournaments.

- Our rank : master (experts+ welcomed)
- My Elo points : 1400+
- Role : any role welcomed
- Age : 20+
- Language : english

- My unite : PocketNak (C07THQM)
- My discord : Pocket Nak#2525

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