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Welcome to Pokemon Unite's (Pokemon MOBA) Unite Squad Recruitment Forum. Recruit people for your Unite Squad or join an existing one and enjoy playing as a team!

Unite Squad Recruitment Forum

Recruit Or Join A Unite Squad

Unite Squad

This forum is where you can recruit people for your Unite Squad or join an existing one! Unite Squads are groups of Pokemon Unite Trainers that consist of up to 30 members. You may create your own Unite Squad or join another Trainer's Squad by sending a join request.

How To Make / Join A Unite Squad

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[FV]Antios 216

We recruit active members from beginners to professionals. As a member of our Unite Crew, you can help achieve the event rewards and become better. Additionally, you can grind ranked battles and other game modes with friendly other members.
Name: [FV]Fave

Anonymous 215

Looking for an active squad? Recuiting ultra or master ranks only!

Join us now!


Anonymous 214

IronGollums, join for an active squad. We play ranked games and climb every season, usually most of us reach master. Code: #LRNC7AXF

Marlyz 213

Kh@os Squad is looking for daily active new members!


Anonymous 212

For those interested to join StrongrTogether, my trainer ID is 3TAPFH7.


StrongrTogether 211

Hi all!

I'm recruiting friendly, respectful, and competitive masters in the Asia time zone. I've always hit 1600 at least and am keen to build a team to see how we fare in the tournaments.

I usually play Mewtwo Y, but can also play Zacian, Slowbro, Gengar, Duraludon, and Venusaur.

The team name is StrongrTogether. Drop an application and let's chat there!


Anonymous 210

Hi everyone,
Recuiting active players!
Join us now!


Anonymous 209

Hi everyone,
If you're looking for a new squad with people who currently like to play ranked matches. You're welcome in ours.
ID: #5M42403F

Kind regards.

Anonymous 208

I’m so sorry for the late response! Still interested!?

Anonymous 207

Hey everyone my name is Pocketnak and I’m the captain of team Erase! We are looking to expand our team and compete competitively.

Masters in the current season
CP 1300

ID: #40Q2NP12

Anonymous 206

I’m part of a unite squad with a few people. Me and another guy are active everyday and we rank master every season looking for anyone to join our squad. Code is: #051M5QG3

Anonymous 205

Open squad looking for new active members. The only rules is being active for the last 15 days, and being respectful.


Anonymous 204

Looking for one player to join my team of 4 - Tournaments and Rank 5s - we are all in Veteran currently - edging Ultra

Anonymous 203

Looking to rank up to master, am currently stuck in Ultra this season. I usually play all-rounders but can do defense as well.

Stars 202

Hiya, I'm just looking to get back up to masters and having difficulty doing so in solo q, I'm EU region, username is: flaminstars

Anonymous 201

Sent you a request. I play defender. We can partner up

Rinx4000 200

Hey guys currently stuck in Ultra. Who wants to play?


Anonymous 199

Wrong code *facepalm*. It’s actually #9GX2QC01

Anonymous 198

Hi all, wrong code on last post!
I've managed to reach master rank in solo queue, but I'm failing miserably at progressing further. I mostly play ranged attackers and would love to be in a competitive team interested in strategy


Anonymous 197

Hi all, 
I've managed to reach master rank in solo queue, but I'm failing miserably at progressing further. I mostly play ranged attackers and would love to be in a competitive team interested in strategy


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