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Battle Pass Season 11 - Price & Is It Worth It

Battle Pass Season 11 - Price & Is It Worth It | Pokemon UNITE

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Battle Pass Season 11 - Price & Is It Worth It | Pokemon UNITE - GameWith

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Battle Pass Season 11 gives items & skins in Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA). Includes Season 11 Premium Battle Pass price, rewards, how to level up, and battle pass start & end date..

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Battle Pass Season 11 Release Date

Battle Pass Season 11: Sacred Style

StartOctober 13, 2022
EndDecember 1, 2022

Season 11 Battle has just been released this October! Sacred Style brings a middle eastern style theme to Unite with its traditional background and contents.

Battle Pass Season 11 Trailer

Take a look what's in store for you in this tenth season in Pokemon Unite! Plus check out the new Sacred Style contents you can get in this season's battle pass.

New Pokemon Holowear Skins

Ranger Style

Sacred Style


Elevate your wardrobe this season with Trevenant and Delphox's newest holowear skin! Check out on what level you will be able to unlock them in here.

All Pokemon Skins & Holowear List

Battle Pass Season 11 Rewards

Level 1 ~ Level 10

Indicates items that require a Premium Battle Pass to acquire.

1Ranger Style: TrevenantRanger Style: Trevenant
2Aeos CoinAeos Coins x 200
3Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 30
4Aeos CoinAeos Coins x 200
5Sticker (Fan - Sacred Style)
6Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 15
7Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 300
8Aeos CoinAeos Coins x 200
9Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 30
10Sacred Set: Headwear

Level 11 ~ Level 20

Indicates items that require a Premium Battle Pass to acquire.

11Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 15
12Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 300
13Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 15
14Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 300
15Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 15
16Frame (Sacred Style)
17Aeos CoinAeos Coins x 200
18Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 300
19Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 15
20Expression (Tongue Out)

Level 21 ~ Level 30

Indicates items that require a Premium Battle Pass to acquire.

21Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 150
22Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 300
23Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 15
24Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 300
25Aeos CoinAeos Coins x 100
26Silver Emblem Box
27Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 150
28Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 30
29Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 15
30Elegant Set: Shoes

Level 31 ~ Level 40

Indicates items that require a Premium Battle Pass to acquire.

31Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 15
32Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 300
33Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 15
34Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 300
35Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 15
36Background (Sacred Style)
37Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 150
38Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 300
39Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 15
40Sticker (Lamp - Sacred Style)

Level 41 ~ Level 50

Indicates items that require a Premium Battle Pass to acquire.

41Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 150
42Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 30
43Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 150
44Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 30
45Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 15
46Gold Emblem Box
47Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 15
48Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 300
49Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 150
50Sacred Set: Tops and Bottoms

Level 51 ~ Level 60

Indicates items that require a Premium Battle Pass to acquire.

51Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 15
52Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 300
53Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 15
54Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 30
55Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 15
56Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 300
57Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 15
58Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x 300
59Item EnhancersItem Enhancers x 15
60Sacred Style: Delphox
61 battle pass giftBattle Pass Gift

Item Probability On Battle Pass Gift

Total Non-Cosmetic Items Gained

ItemsNon-PremiumPremium Pass
Aeos TicketAeos Tickets9005700
Item EnhancersItem Enhancers270450
Aeos CoinAeos Coins1,0001,000

Buying the Premium Battle Pass will grant you a significant amount of Aeos Tickets. These tickets can be used to purchase Item Enhancers, which is crucial for upgrading your items. Note that you also get Item Enhancers from the Battle Pass as well, with the Premium version giving you a lot more.

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Microtransactions & In-App Purchases

Battle Pass Season 11 Price

Battle Pass Prices
Premium PassGem 490 Gems
Premium Pass Plus
(+10 Levels)
Gem 840 Gems

Players can choose between the Premium Pass and the Premium Pass Plus when purchasing the Battle Pass. They're basically the same with the only difference being the Premium Pass Plus immediately gives players an extra 10 battle pass levels.

How To Purchase A Battle Pass

1 Click the Ticket Icon next to the Shop in the Menu
2 Tap the "Obtain Battle Pass"
3Choose either Premium Pass or Premium Plus Pass
4 Exchange Aeos Gems to get your Battle Pass choice
Aeos Gems Guide
How To Get & Prices

Complete Missions To Rank Up

The main way to increase your BP Level is by completing any available daily and weekly missions. These are timed so do them before they expire and are replaced by another set of challenges. See a list of missions ▼below.

Players Can Use Gems To Increase Level

Price Per LevelGem 55 Gems

Players can increase their BP Level by spending Gems. If you have enough gems, you can easily unlock tiers to get their items.

Microtransactions - In-App Purchases & Paid Items

Is It Worth It - Should You Buy The Battle Pass?

Is Premium Battle Pass Worth Buying?

Locked Premium Battle Pass
▲ Items with a yellow padlock on the upper-right of the frame require a Premium Battle Pass to unlock

If you want to earn more Aeos Tickets and Item Enhancers, purchasing the Premium Battle Pass will be worth your while. Buying it will give you a massive 2400 Aeos Ticket and 90 Item Enhancer advantage over players who don't.

More Item Upgrades

Aeos Tickets and Item Enhancers can be used to upgrade your items for better effects when used in the battlefield. If you have the cash to spare, we recommend purchasing the battle pass.

Held Items Tier List

Battle Pass Missions List

Daily Missions

Take note that Daily Mission objectives change daily - the ones listed below are merely examples.

20 pointsBlock 1 goal
25 pointsParticipate in 1 battle
35 pointsWin 1 battle

Weekly Missions

Take note that Weekly Mission Rewards may change each week, so stay tuned for updates!

Week 1

40 pointsMake a total of 15 assists
40pointsPick Up 9 Sitrus Berries
40 pointsIn Shivre City, defeat Electrode 1 time
90 pointsParticipate in 2 ranked matches with a friend
90 pointsWin 3 battles
90pointsParticipate in 3 battles with a friend
120 pointsScore a total of 720 points
120 pointsLog in a total of 1 day

Week 2

40 pointsBlock 3 goals
40 pointsWin a ranked match 1 time
90 pointsKnock out Abra a total of 2 times
90 pointsParticipate in3 battles with a friend
90 pointsKnock out Zapdos a total of 10 times
120pointsKnock out Rotom a total of 15 times

Battle Pass Overview & How To Unlock

Unlocks At Level 5

Battle Pass Level 5

Access to the Battle Pass can only be unlocked once you reach Trainer Level 5. You can increase your Battle Pass level using several methods to unlock more exclusive items. Furthermore, you can also get a Premium Battle Pass that allows you to get more items from the Battle Pass in exchange for Gems.

Trainer Level Up Guide Details

Has Free & Premium Tiers

Pokemon Unite's Battle Pass has 60 tiers that reward the player with items per tier. Some tiers can be unlocked for free while others can only be accessed by buying a Premium Battle Pass.

How To Increase Battle Pass Level

How to increase battle pass level
  • Complete Daily Missions
  • Do Weekly Missions
  • Clear Season Missions

Note that the following items above can only be done within a specific time frame. Once you complete a mission, you have to manually claim them to advance your Battle Pass. If you want to quickly increase your Battle Pass level, try to complete all missions as soon as you can!

Level Up Rank To Unlock Items, Cosmetic Skins

Battle Pass Venusaur Sunshine Style

Similar to other Battle Passes, the Battle Pass in Pokemon Unite requires players to increase their BP Level to unlock different items & cosmetic skins. Purchasing a Battle Pass will let you get extra rewards every time you gain a level.

60 Levels & Items To Unlock

There are a total of 60 BP Levels each with its own item to unlock. Every time a player reaches a level, they can claim the corresponding item to that level. Note that you need to have a Premium Battle Pass to get all of the rewards!

Get Chest Rewards After Maxing Out

Get Chest Rewards after maxing out

Even after you max out your Battle Pass level for the season, you'll be able to get rewards. Every 130 points you earn will get you one gift box. You can store a maximum of 21 of these boxes at a single time.

Battle Pass Chest Rewards & Drop Rates

Battle Pass Chest Rewards
ItemDrop Rate
Aeos TicketAeos Ticket x10050%
Holowear TicketHolowear Tickets x1020%
Fashion TicketFashion Ticket x2030%

Items from the Battle Pass gift chests will drop at the rates outlined above. This will be a good way of getting tickets to purchase cosmetic skins for your Pokemon and yourself!

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