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Unite Moves List - Effects & How To Use | Pokemon UNITE

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Guide on Unite Moves in Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA), the new MOBA style team-battle Pokemon game. Learn their effects, how to use, cooldowns, list of all Unite moves, & more.

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List Of Unite Moves & Effects

PokemonUnite Move & Effects
AbsolAbsolMidnight SlashMidnight Slash
Unleashes a flurry of slashes in front of the user. This move ends by unleashing powerful blades of energy, dealing increased damage to opposing Pokemon and shoving them.
AegislashAegislashCoup De GraceCoup De Grace
Has the user unleash a ground-splitting slash in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon it hits. The lower the opposing Pokemon’s percentage of remaining HP, the more damage the move deals. If this Unite Move knocks out an opposing Pokemon, the boost count increases.
Alolan NinetalesAlolan NinetalesSnow GlobeSnow Globe
Attacks with chilly snow and ice, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect when it hits. Deals increased damage to opposing Pokemon that are frozen.
AzumarillAzumarillBelly BashBelly Bash
Sure Hit
Has the user pound its belly three times, granting it a shield. With each pound, the user loses HP in exchange for an increased Attack. The user can move while pounding its belly.
Afterward, the user targets an opposing Pokémon and then charges at that Pokémon, dealing damage to and throwing all opposing Pokemon it hits while charging
BuzzwoleBuzzwoleUltra Swole SlamUltra Swole Slam
Sure Hit
SHas the user fly at high speed, dealing damage to all opposing Pokemon in the area of effect. Afterward, the user targets the opposing Pokemon with the lowest percentage of HP among those hit and charges down at it from the sky, dealing damage once again for that Pokemon.
BlastoiseBlastoiseHydro TyphoonHydro Typhoon
Spouts water to attack while spinning and throws opposing Pokemon in a large area. The user is shielded while using this move.
BlisseyBlisseyBliss AssistanceBliss Assistance
Has the user dash to the designated ally Pokemon to give it an egg, granting that Pokemon a shield and increasing its Attack and Sp. Atk for a short time. The user also intercepts a portion of the damage received by that Pokemon for a short time. While dashing, the user throws nearby opposing Pokemon and those it comes in contact with.
CharizardCharizardSeismic SlamSeismic Slam
Sure Hit
Grapples an opponent in front of it, flies into the air, & slamming it to the ground to deal heavy damage.
CinderaceCinderaceBlazing Bicycle KickBlazing Bicycle Kick
Sure Hit
Kicks a giant fireball toward the designated location, which then explodes, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect. This Unite Move increases the user's movement speed for a short time when it hits.
ClefableClefableWonder WishWonder Wish
Has the user waggle its finger, restoring HP to ally Pokemon in the are of effect. The lower an ally Pokemon HP is, the more HP this move restores to that ally. Afterward, the user gets a random move that it can perform by using its Unite Move again within a set amount of time. Note: Some random moves will activate immediately.
CramorantCramorantGatling Gulp MissileGatling Gulp Missile
When the Pokemon uses a move, it catches some form of prey in its mouth. Afterward, when the Pokemon receives damage, it spits the prey out as a counterattack at an opposing Pokemon. The type of prey and effect differ based on the Pokemon's HP
CrustleCrustleRubble RouserRubble Rouser
First grants the user a shield before dealing damage over time to nearby opposing Pokemon & leaving them unable to act. If the user receives damage while this move is in effect, the move deals additional hits to nearby opposing Pokemon.
DecidueyeDecidueyeNock NockNock Nock
Fires quills in the designated direction, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon. The move ends by unleashing a particularly large quill that deals damage to all opposing Pokémon it hits. This move deals increased damage if the opposing Pokémon’s remaining HP is low. While using this move, the user becomes immune to hindrances but is unable to move.
DelphoxDelphoxFanciful FireworksFanciful Fireworks
Deals damage over time to opposing Pokémon in the designated area of effect. Opposing Pokémon that are hit have decreased movement speed and weakened HP recovery effects for a short time.
DodrioDodrioTriple TrampleTriple Trample
Has the user run to the designated location. While running, the user is immune to hindrances. If the user makes contact with opposing Pokemon while running, it deals damage to them and throws them into the air. When the user arrives at the designated location, its attack increases for a short time, and it is granted a shield. Also, its sprint gauge charges faster for a short time.
DragoniteDragoniteDraco ImpactDraco Impact
Has the user fly into the air before crashing down with several comets on a designated area, dealing damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of effect and throwing them. The farther the user flies, the more the Unite Move gauge is consumed. While this Unite Move is being used, the user becomes immune to hindrances.
DuraludonDuraludonRevolving RuinRevolving Ruin
Has the user spin, firing a beam of light at the ground in a sweeping circle around it. If this beam hits an opposing Pokemon, it deals damage to it, grants the user a shield, and increases the user's Attack for a short time. Both the shield effect and the Attack increase are strengthened the more opposing Pokemon are hit by the beam of light. Damage is dealt to any opposing Pokemon in the area of effect after the beam of light is fired.
A burning ring is left where the beam of light touched the ground, and opposing Pokemon that touch this burning ring take damage and have their movement speed decreased for a short time.
EldegossEldegossCotton Cloud CrashCotton Cloud Crash
Has the user float into the air and become invincible. If used again, has the user pound the ground, attacking and shoving opposing Pokemon and restoring HP to ally Pokemon in the area of effect.
EspeonEspeonPsychic SolarePsychic Solare
Has the user throw opposing Pokemon in the area of effect into the air and suspend them using psychic power. After a delay, an explosion occurs that deals damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and shoves them.
GarchompGarchompLivid OutrageLivid Outrage
Has the user unleash a powerful chain attack while dashing forward. The final attack throws opposing Pokemon but also leaves the user in a stun which is unable to act for a short time
GardevoirGardevoirFairy SingularityFairy Singularity
Warps space in the designated area, drawing in opposing Pokemon. Shoves and deals damage to opposing Pokemon the instant the warped space disappears.
GengarGengarPhantom AmbushPhantom Ambush
Has the user jump to the designated area and allows them to start sneaking with increased movement speed. If used again, deals damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and decreases their movement speed for a short time.
GlaceonGlaceonGlacial StageGlacial Stage
Has the user leap up high, creating an ice zone in front of it that deals damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of effect.
While the user is in the ice zone, its movement speed is increased, and it gains 1 ice crystals whenever a set amount of time passes. The movement speed of opposing Pokémon in the ice zone is decreased.
GreedentGreedentBerry Belly FlopBerry Belly Flop
Has the user eat a Berry to recover HP and then leap to the designated area, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and throwing them. The user then eats a special Berry, allowing it to stash an unlimited amount of Berries in its tail for a short time and resetting the cooldown of all its moves.
GreninjaGreninjaWaterburst ShurikenWaterburst Shuriken
Has the user jump to the designated area and attack opposing Pokemon in the area of effect with a giant water shuriken.
HoopaHoopaRings UnboundRings Unbound
Transforms the user into Hoopa Unbound for a short time, increasing the user's max HP and creating a ring at the designated location. Each ally Pokemon can warp to the ring's location once only. As Hoopa Unbound, the user's moves change to Hyperspace Fury and Psybeam. As Hoopa Unbound, the user cannot score goals or activate its Ability.
LucarioLucarioAura CannonAura Cannon
A large frontal Aura Sphere and damages all opponents who enters the line of fire.
MachampMachampBarrage BlowBarrage Blow
Increases the user's movement speed, Attack, Defense, and Sp. Def for a short time. If used again, unleashes a combo attack, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and shoving them. The final blow deals an especially large amount of damage.
MamoswineMamoswineMammoth MashMammoth Mash
Has the user jump to the designated location and become immune to hindrances. The user then repeatedly stomps the ground, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and decreasing their movement speed for a short time with each stomp. The final stomp throws opposing Pokemon in the area of effect.
MewMewMystical MirageMystical Mirage
Sure Hit
Has the user float higher, create a field at its current location, and become invincible. The user and all ally Pokemon in the area of effect stealth. After a set amount of time passes, this Unite Move deals damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect.
Mr. MimeMr. MimeShowtimeShowtime
Has the user jump to the designated location and start a pantomime performance, dealing damage over time to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and leaving them unable to act for a short time.
Attacks opposing Pokemon near the user with tremendous bolts of lightning
Has the user stare at an opposing Pokemon and attack continually, dealing damage and binding them. Shields the user and makes them unstoppable while they're using this move.
SnorlaxSnorlaxPower NapPower Nap
The user falls asleep and begins to snore, dealing damage over time to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect while restoring the user's HP. Invincibility is granted throughout the move's whole duration.
SylveonSylveonFairy FrolicFairy Frolic
Has the user jump into the air and briefly become invincible. The moment the user lands, it deals damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and restores its own HP. For a short time afterward, a set percentage of damage dealt by the user is converted into HP for the user
TalonflameTalonflameFlame SweepFlame Sweep
Has the user perform an aerial somersault before charging forward, dealing damage to opposign Pokemon in this move's path and shoving them.
TrevenantTrevenantPhantom ForestPhantom Forest
Creates a cursed forest, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect, throwing them, and decreasing their movement speed for a short time. For a short time afterward, the basic attacks of all allied Pokemon deal increased damage to opposing Pokemon that were hit by this Unite Move. The user is also granted a shield when this Unite Move hits an opposing Pokemon. with the shield effect becoming stronger the more opposing Pokemon are hit. While the user is shielded, HP recovery effects applied to the user are strengthened.
TsareenaTsareenaQueen AscendantQueen Ascendant
Sure Hit

Has the user leap towards a Pokemon from the opposing team and kick it high into the air before showering it with a series of kicks while airborne and dealing damage. The moment the user lands on the ground, it recovers HP. While airborne, the opposing Pokemon that is being kicked and Tsareena will not be affected by other moves.
TyranitarTyranitarTyrannical RampageTyrannical Rampage
Has the user explode with anger and go on a rampage, increasing its movement speed for a short time. If the user is affected by a hindrance, it will return to normal faster than usual. While the user is rampaging, its basic attack pattern changes and the attacks deal increased damage. If a Pokemon on the opposing team is hit by these basic attacks when their HP is below a set percentage, it is immediately knocked out.
VenusaurVenusaurVerdant AngerVerdant Anger
Launches a giant seed toward the designated area. The seed then splits apart, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area of effect and decreasing their movement speed for a short period of time.
WigglytuffWigglytuffStarlight RecitalStarlight Recital
Has the user begin performing a recital, granting itself and nearby ally Pokémon a shield as well as removing all status conditions from the affected Pokémon and making them immune to hindrances for a short time.
ZeraoraZeraoraPlasma GalePlasma Gale
Sure Hit
Unleashes a blast of lightning, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon in the area os effect and throwing them. This also creates a zone of plasma that increases the user's basic attack range and dealt while the user is inside the zone.
ZoroarkZoroarkNightfall DazeNightfall Daze
Has the user release three dark shock waves with increasing areas of effect, dealing damage to opposing Pokemon. The user is immune to hindrances while releasing shock waves.
All Pokemon Moves List

What Are Unite Moves

Special Finishing Moves Each Pokemon Has


Once a Pokemon reaches a certain level, they learn a finishing move called a Unite Move. Each Pokemon has a different Unite Move which they can use to deal heavy damage to opponents, potentially changing the flow of the match!

Some Unite Moves Have Multiple Hits

There are other Pokemon that have Unite Moves which have two parts. Using Charizard's Seismic Slam as an example, the first time you use the move it will fly you up in the air ignoring the map's obstacles. Its basic attack increases for a period of time, and if you press the Unite Move again, you'll perform a Seismic Slam. Snorlax's Power Nap has a similar effect, letting players roll an additional time if they press ZL after using it once.

Enter An Enhanced State After Using Unite Move

Stat BoostEffect/Duration
Movement Speed Increase・Approximately 20%
・5-7 seconds
Attack Speed Increase・Approximately 30%
・5-7 seconds
Additional Shield Effect・Approximately 10% of Max HP
・5-7 seconds

Unite Moves also provide you with 3 major buffs on use! Your movement speed will increase by roughly 20% and your attack speed by approximately 30% for 5-7 seconds after using your unite move. You will also be granted a shield for about 10% of your HP. Don't forget about these important effects after using your Unite Move!

Some Held Items Affected By Unite Moves

You can also get an an additional damage boost or a shield stack-up by equipping the Energy Amplifier and Buddy Barrier respectively. Having these items on your Pokemon will assist you in gaining an advantage in team fights and be able to defeat the opposing Pokemon faster.

Held Items To Boost Your Unite Moves

Items Which Are Affected By Unite Moves

ItemsEffect / Description
Buddy BarrierBuddy Barrier・HP +20 (+600)
When the Pokemon uses its Unite Move, that Pokemon and the nearby ally Pokemon with the lowest HP are each granted a shield equal to 20/30/40% of their max HP.
Energy AmplifierEnergy Amplifier・Unite Move Charge Rate +0.4% (+6%)
・Move Cooldown -0.3% (-4.5%)
After the Pokemon uses its Unite Move, the damage the Pokemon deals is increased by 7/14/21% for a short time.

There are Held Items that help to increase your Unite Move's effectiveness and provide more support to your team. Having these items will also grant you an advantage in teamfights, and therefore objectives.

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How To Speed Up Unite Moves Cooldown

Defeat Wild Pokemon

Defeat Wild Pokemon

Defeating Wild Pokémon will reduce the waiting time for Unite Moves by about 5% per Pokémon. The Unite reduction rate is the same if you manage to defeat Boss Pokemon. Take note that the Unite cooldown reduction does not apply when defeating your opponent Pokemon.

List Of Wild Pokemon

Taking Over Opponent's Goal & Destroying A Goal Zone


Each time you take over an opponent's goal, the cooldown for your Unite Move will be reduced by about 13%. & as well as the cooldown for destroying a goal will be reduced by about 14%. The cooldown reduction will not be based on your points, so if you are trying to use your Unite Moves early, try to obtain more goals.

When To Use Unite Moves

During Group Battles


Unite Moves are highly recommended to be used in group battles. Using Unite Moves with a wider range may deal greater damage to your opponents and may possibly defeat them all at once.

Also Applies To Single-Target Moves

Although there are Unite Moves that deal damage to a single target, you should still use them in group battles. Defeating a single Pokemon can instantly change the course of a group battle and could be a chance to win.

Use Them During The Last Few Minutes

Group battles most often occur in the last few minutes of a match - mostly in attempts to score a few more goals or to defeat the Boss Pokemon Zapdos. The final stretch of the fight begins at 2 minutes, when Zapdos spawns!

Zapdos Guide - Spawn Location & Strategy

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