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Check out this beginner guide for Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA). This guide includes beginner tips & tricks, how to win, advanced strats, Pokemon types & roles, and more!

What To Do First

Gameplay Overview

Tips For Beginners

Advanced Tips & Strategies

Best Pokemon Tier List

What To Do First

Pick Your Starter Pokemon

starter pokemon

You'll be given one Pokemon Unite license as a present when you start the game. There's a total of 5 Pokemon you can choose from.

Starter Pokemon You Can Choose From

Starter Pokemon Guide - Best Free Pokemon

Check Mail For Zeraora Launch Bonus

mail launch bonus
DurationSeptember 21, 2021 - August 31, 202

Players will receive a free Zeraora for playing Pokemon Unite! A Zeraora Unite License will be sent to your mail. Upon claiming, Zeraora will be added to your roster.

Zeraora - How To Get & Builds

Check Events For Commemorative Release Gift

commemorative release gift
DurationJuly 21, 2021 - August 28, 2021
Includes- 700 Aeos Tickets
- 5 Item Enhancers

To commemorate the launch of Pokemon Unite, Players can claim the Commemorative Release Gift from the Events Tab. Make sure to claim it before it expires.

Events - Upcoming & Current 2021

Clear All Tutorials For Aeos Coins

Learn The Basics Of Pokemon Unite


Learn the basics to Pokemon Unite and get some Aeos Coins while you're at it by completing the 4 Advanced Tutorials in the Practice Menu. Each one will give you 800 Aeos Coins for completing them.

Earn Total Of 3,200 Aeos Coins

Players will earn a total of 3,200 Aeos Coins by completing all 4 advanced tutorials. This can then be used to either purchase Unite Licenses or upgrade your Held Items, so we strongly recommend knocking out all tutorials first.

Complete The 14-Day Log-In Bonus

Get Pokemon & Other Rewards From Logging In

Get Pokemon & Other Rewards From Logging In

Don't forget to log-in every day and claim the daily reward from the 14-Day Welcome Gift! Complete all 14 days to get items, Pokemon Skins, and Unite Licenses.

Pokemon Rewards & Required Log-In Days

Required DaysReward
Day 2Alolan NinetalesAlolan Ninetales
Day 8CinderaceCinderace
Day 14GreninjaGreninja

You'll be able to obtain Alolan Ninetales very quickly on day 2, but if you want to play Cinderace or Greninja and can't wait the the required days to get them, it might be best to their Unite Licenses from the shop instead.

Raise Your Trainer Level

Raise Your Trainer Level

Increasing your Trainer Level is something that will happen naturally as a product of playing matches. Reaching certain levels will unlock key game features, including being able to upgrade Held Items and unlocking Ranked Matches.

Trainer Level - How to Get Battle Points

Trainer Level Key Rewards

LevelUnlocked Function / Pokemon
Level 2SlowbroSlowbro
Level 5VenusaurVenusaur
Level 6- Ranked Matches
- Energy Rewards
Level 7- 2nd Held Item slot
Level 9- Item Upgrades
Level 10- 3rd Held Item slot

Complete Events

Get Rewards For Completing Different Events


Event Missions are a good way to farm for Aeos Tickets, Fashion Tickets, and Item Enhancers. Some even reward Cosmetic Items for your Trainer! Events will change at regular intervals, so it's best to take care of them as soon as you can.

Event List & Guides▲Jump back up to the top

Complete Daily Missions

daily missions

Daily Missions have no duration, but they do reset every day so make sure to do them before the day ends. Clearing them rewards players with Aeos Coins and Aeos Tickets.

Daily Challenge Guide

Gameplay Overview

5v5 MOBA Featuring Pokemon Characters

5v5 Moba

Pokemon Unite is the Pokemon franchise's version of a MOBA game. Featuring Pokemon as playable characters, teams of up to 5 players each compete against one another for map domination during a match.

The Team With The Most Points Wins

Winning Team

Winning a match in Pokemon Unite is pretty straightforward: simply score more points than the opposing team. To get points, defeat wild Pokemon as well as enemy players, then bring those points to an enemy's goal and score them.

The Flow Of A Unite Match

1Gain exp and points by defeating wild and enemy Pokemon
2Take your points to the enemy team's goal
3Score points by finishing your cast without being interrupted
4Repeat the process
5Points gained are doubled in the last two minutes of the match
Scoring Guide - How To Score Points

Only Points Scored At Goals Count

Points are not counted towards your team's overall score unless they're actually scored in an opponent's goal. Carrying around 50 points won't do your team any good if you don't actually cash them in by scoring!

Tip!In addition to giving you a brief frame of invincibility, scoring actually heals your Pokemon as well. Keep this in mind during fights, as sneaking away to score may just provide you with the necessary health boost to survive.

The More Points You Have, The Longer It Takes To Score

It's not a good idea to hoard points because the more points you're currently holding, the longer your cast time to score at goals will be. This encourages players to score at lower point-counts instead.

Maps Are Divided Into Two

Maps Are Divided Into Two

The layout of the map in Pokemon Unite is integral to the gameplay. It is divided in two, with 5 goals for each of the team's side.

Fun Fact!The map in Unite is mirrored. This means that both teams will see themselves as starting on and playing from the left side!

Wild Pokemon Placement Is Also Mirrored

Wild Pokemon Placement Is Also Mirrored

There's no advantage to whichever side of the map you get since even the wild Pokemon is mirrored between the sides. Integral boss Pokemon can be found in the middle of the map to give both teams a fair chance to get them.

Map Guide - Types & Objectives

Map Has Three Lanes

Map Has Three Lanes

There are 3 lanes in Pokemon Unite: Top, Middle, & Bottom. There are no strict rules in lane assignment, but some Pokemon are clearly more suited for certain lanes depending on the game's meta.

Which Lanes to Play Guide

Pokemon Have Specific Roles

Pokemon Have Specific Roles

Roles exist in Unite just as they do in other MOBA games. Each Pokemon will have an assigned role which best fits it. Expect your gameplay to change significantly depending on the role you play - it's best to be aware of what you're expected to do!

All Pokemon (Character) List

Pokemon Roles & Definitions

AttackerPokemon whose kits are specifically made to deal damage against enemies
SpeedsterPokemon that can quickly go in and out of battle, acting like assassins
DefenderPokemon with high defense that can easily tank enemy damage for their team and crowd control enemies
SupporterPokemon that provide useful buffs to allies and/or debuffs to enemies
All-RounderA hybrid between an Attacker and a Defender
Roles Guide - Strength & Characteristics

Pick Your Lane Based On Your Role

Certain roles tend to do better in certain lanes. Although the meta hasn't really settled yet, it's still a good idea for Speedsters to take a middle solo lane, and for Supporters to pair up with a higher-DPS partner like an Attacker or All-Rounder.

Which Lanes to Play - Top, Mid, Bottom Lane Roles Guide

Only 1 Same-Name Pokemon Can Be Chosen Per Team

You cannot choose the same Pokemon that your teammates already chose, as there can only be 1 unique Pokemon per team. Get familiar with Pokemon of different roles so that you'll have another Pokemon to fall back to if your top choice is unavailable.

Can Two Players Use The Same Pokemon?

Do Pokemon Types & Element Matter?

Do Pokemon Types & Element Matter?

In Pokemon Unite, Pokemon types and elemental attacks do not follow the same rules as in core Pokemon games. There are no type weaknesses and strengths to memorize in Unite.

Elemental Types & Moves Details

Pokemon Level Up & Evolve

During a match, your Pokemon will level up and even evolve. To do this, players need to defeat wild and enemy Pokemon to gain EXP. Note that some Pokemon, such as Pikachu, will not evolve at all!

How To Level Up Fast

Each Pokemon Has Its Own Set Of Moves

Each Pokemon Has Its Own Set Of Moves

The way moves work in Unite is rather unique: you'll have a maximum of 2 regular and 1 Unite move available at any time, but your abilities will change over the course of a fight. Consult the table below, noting that the exact levels you learn moves will depend on the Pokemon you're playing.

Level & Move Progression

Level 1Choose one of two moves to use
Level 3Learn the move you chose not to learn at level 1
Level 4-6Choose one of two new moves
Level 7-9Choose one of two other new moves
Level 9-10Gain your final Unite move
Level 11+Gain small upgrades to your 2 main moves
All Moves List - Effects & Pokemon▲Jump back up to the top

Using Items

3 Types Of Items In Pokemon Unite

Held ItemsItems that passively provide a stat increase. These can be upgraded.
Battle ItemsItems that can be used to provide a temporary special buff in a match. Has a cooldown & Cannot be upgraded.
BerriesItems that spawn on the map

Held Items

Held Items

Pokemon can have up to 3 Held Items, which a player needs to manually set before starting a match. Held items have two components: a passive buff to stats, and an effect that can be either passive or dependent on a certain condition (like scoring a goal.)

All Held Items List

Battle Items

Battle Items

Battle items provide some sort of beneficial effect to your Pokemon, such as a stat boost, a teleport effect, or a way to cleanse stuns. Unlike Held Items, these are active and have a cooldown!

All Battle Items List


On Field Items

Berries are items that spawn directly in the map during a match. These can provide healing or even speed boosts when a Pokemon walks to it.

All Berry List

Item Builds Are Essential For Pokemon

Item Builds Are Essential For Pokemon

Knowing what type of item builds fit the role of your Pokemon is essential to choosing the right items for them. For example, Attackers will benefit more when using items that increase Attack (or Sp. Atk) and Speed, while Defenders may prefer HP and HP restoration.

Held Items Can Be Upgraded

Held Items Can Be Upgraded

Upgrade your Held Items to further increase the status boost that they give you. Getting an essential item in your build to at least level 20 should be top priority.

Best Held Item Upgrade▲Jump back up to the top

Tips For Beginners

Overview Of Basics

  • Prioritize Objectives
  • Play As A Team
  • Mind The Exp Gap
  • Last Hit Gets More Exp
  • Don't Forget Jump Pads
  • Play With Friends!

Know The Importance Of Objectives

Unite is a PvP game where you'll have to take out enemy players, but there are also several crucial wild Pokemon-based objectives that you can't ignore. Fights will naturally occur around these, so it's crucial that you're ready to take these objectives at any moment.

Be Aware Of Boss Pokemon Spawns

Be Aware Of Boss Pokemon Spawns

Always be aware if Rotom or Drednaw are up and try to aid your allies in taking them, as they provide valuable buffs. This is even more important for Zapdos who gives the team that defeats it Points and opens the opposing team's goals.

Boss Pokemon & Effects

Boss PokemonEffect
ZapdosZapdosGives points to all players on your team, and makes scoring instant for 30 seconds.
DrednawDrednawGive the whole team shields and a big burst of exp.
RotomRotomFights for you while moving to the nearest goal. If it reaches it, scoring there becomes instant for a short while.

Zapdos Can Easily Turn A Fight

If your team takes down Zapdos, you'll get a total of 110 points. If all 5 players cap, this will net your team an extra 220 points, which is often more than enough to turn a game. It's no exaggeration to say that everything depends on Zapdos.

Tip! It's almost always a good idea to save your Unite move for the final two minutes. Try to refrain from using it in the 3rd minute, or at least do your best to bring it back up from cooldown.

Do Not Go Off On Your Own

Do Not Go Off On Your Own

Pokemon Unite is a team game - it can be dangerous to face off against foes alone. Of course, if you're confident in a particular matchup it's okay to act independently, but in general it's best to stick with your team.

Avoid Fighting On Enemy Goals

Pokemon standing on their own goal will gain a shield and HP regeneration over time. This makes it very disadvantageous for you to fight against Pokemon defending like this. Unless you're very confident you can secure a kill, refrain from fighting near goals.

Always Watch The Level Gap

Level Gap

It's crucial that you don't pick fights you can't win. Always pay attention to the levels of all Pokemon in a fight. Even a one level difference is not ideal, but anything more than 2 and you should probably reconsider the engagement.

Consider Leveling Up Instead

Prioritize Leveling Up With Wild Pokemon

Although it might be tempting to constantly engage in fights against enemy Pokemon, it can often be a better idea to just focus on gaining EXP by defeating wild Pokemon instead. Don't stray too far from lane since you still need to defend your goals.

List Of Wild Pokemon

Last Hit Gets Most Exp

Take note that if multiple team members are engaging against an enemy or a wild Pokemon, the player that gets the final hit will gain the most EXP points. The remaining players will still get a small portion.

Score Is Not Split

Unlike experience, score is not split among players who participte in a kill. Only the player who gets the last hit will get the points from a wild Pokemon.

Make Use Of Bushes To Hide Your Presence


Hiding in grass will prevent enemy Pokemon from seeing your presence unless they come into the same grass as you. You can use this advantage to ambush other Pokemon or avoid a fight you can't win. Conversely, your enemies can do the same, so always be wary when entering grass!

Grass (Bush) Guide - Effects & How To Use

Use Jump Pads To Get Around Maps Quickly

There are multiple Jump Pads that you can utilize to move around the map quickly. 4 regular Jump Pads can be found around the central area of the map and another one called a Super Jump pad will spawn on your base in the middle of the match!

Super Jump (Launch Pad) Guide

Play Against Bots To Learn The Game

Play Against Bots To Get To Learn The Game

If you're finding it hard to understand the game when playing against other players, consider playing against bots. Here you can try out different items and Pokemon at your own pace.

VS Bots - How To Play CPU Match

Play With Friends To Refine Strategies


You can also play with your friends in Unite. Players can create a party of up to 5 to play matches together. Note that they need to either be your Unite friend or Nintendo friend to be able to invite in lobbies.

How To Add Friends & Play With Trainers▲Jump back up to the top

Advanced Tips & Strategies

Overview Of Advanced Tips

  • Optimize Your Settings
  • Master Move Cancelling
  • Utilize Jungle Buffs
  • Focus Down Priority Targets
  • Get Boss Timings Down
  • Avoid 9 Common Mistakes

Optimize Your Setting & Controls

If you want to really improve your play, you'll need to take a hard look at your settings: Ensuring that you're able to smoothly target the right enemy at the right time is key, and to do that you'll need to tinker with a few control settings.

Recommended Settings - Controls & Graphics Guide

Master Cancelling Moves

B Button

If you don't need to use a move or you accidentally selected a move, make sure to cancel it properly by pressing the B button while holding the Ability you want to cancel. This is key for preventing accidental misfires of moves!

How To Cancel Abilities & Moves

Make Use Of Jungle Buffs

Jungle Buffs

Specific Wild Pokemon will give players that beat them special buffs when they are defeated. Always check your minimap and see if these buffs are available.

Do Not Be Greedy For Jungle Buffs

Communicate on your team on who should get the Jungle Buffs. Since they are more aggresive buffs, it's better for it to go to your team's Speedster or Attacker.

Get Jungle Buffs From Defeating Specific Wild Pokemon

PokemonJungle Buff
BouffalantBouffalantPurple Buff - Adds a slowing effect to enemies when an attack hits
LudicoloLudicoloOrange Buff - increases damage against enemies that are low health

Focus Down Priority Targets

Focus On A Single Enemy At A Time

Choosing the right target to attack is vital for improving your gameplay. Spreading your damage too thin over a large area is not ideal, and neither is pouring in all your abilities into the enemy's bulky Defender Pokemon. Try to focus on high priority targets, like Speedsters and Attackers.

▲Jump back up to the top

Avoid Common Mistakes

You can make more progress by avoiding some simple mistakes during battle, such as not playing the objective, not coordinating with your team or not watching the minimap. Avoid these common mistakes to take your performance to a higher level.

9 Things Not To Do & Mistakes You Should Avoid

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