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Top Lane Guide - How To Play As A Top Laner
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Top Lane Guide - How To Play As A Top Laner

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The top lane can be very challenging in Pokemon Unite. Read this guide to improve playing and winning as a top laner, positioning, tactics, strategies and useful tips, & more.

Table of Contents

Early Game

Mid & Late Game

Tips On Fighting Bosses

Which Lane Should You Go To?

Things To Know As A Top Laner

First Few Minutes

  • Get Wild Pokemon in the Top Lane
  • Know when to KO your opponents
  • Effects of defeating Rotom

Take note of the above pointers during the opening segments of a match as a top laner. They can be very helpful when defending your lane or when helping out teammates. Note that being a top laner does not necessarily mean that you have to always stay inside your lane. Use your lane to level up and grow stronger to support your team in the latter parts of the game.

Mid To End Game

  • Move to other lanes
  • Defeat Drednaw
  • Level up for the Zapdos fight

With most Pokemon in the match having evolved or getting their strongest moves, moving around and seeking weak points becomes the new objective of the game. Take advantage of numbers to either defeat enemies in team fights or converge on boss spawn points for added bonuses Remember that Pokemon Unite is a team-based fight so cooperation is key!

Early Game: Start ~ 9 Minutes

Quickly KO the Aipoms

Aipom Farming

To start, you and your teammate must clear the Aipoms in the top lane. As these Aipoms move down the lane when attacked, quickly follow and continuously attack them. Note that 2 more Aipoms spawn at the front of the farthest goal.

How To Level Up Fast

Top & Bottom Start Almost The Same

Both the top and bottom lanes start and proceed the same. Locations of Wild Pokemon are initially mirrored. However, the placement of obstacles, the bushes, and spawns are a bit different.

Grass (Bush) Guide

KO The Corphish Spawns

Corphish spawn

A Corphish spawns directly in the middle of the top lane. This can be a good chance to get an XP advantage over the enemy top lane. After dealing with the Aipoms, quickly proceed and try to get this Wild Pokemon from the enemy team. If you find yourself fighting hard for it, make sure to at least land the last hit to get the EXP!

Last Hitting Guide

Get It Before The Enemy

If you want to get the Corphish earlier than the enemy team, you or 1 of your teammates can go forward to take it before the enemy team gets to it. While the EXP won't be divided to 2 members, your team at least gets the EXP instead of the enemy. Be mindful of the enemy's position if you want to do this move.

Deal With The 2 Corphish Spawns Near The Goal

Corphishes near the frontmost goal

At exactly the 9-minute mark, 2 more Corphishes will spawn near the farthest goal. As leaving the goal to farm these leaves it open to the enemy team, have either you or 1 of your teammates to take the Corphishes instead and leave 1 to guard the goal.

Early Game: 9 ~ 8 Minutes

KO The Combees & Vespiquen

Combees and Vespiquen

3 Combees and 1 Vespiquen spawns at exactly the 8:50 mark at the center of the top lane. As this is a very likely spot for a clash, always prepare your moves to secure a KO. Just maintain focus and try getting the last hit if you can.

Use Moves To KO Wild Pokemon

When contesting the Combees and the Vespiquen, be mindful of their remaining HP. If you can secure a clean last hit with your move, use them! Note that you need to know how much damage your skill does at your current level for this to be effective.

Get The Aipoms and Corphises Again

After dealing with the Combees and the Vespiqeun, another spawn wave of Aipoms and Corphises should appear near the front goal. KO them for more EXP and Aeos Energy.

List Of Wild Pokemon

When Is A Good Time To Attack The Enemy?

When Contesting Wild Pokemon

Fight during wild Pokemon

When competing for a Wild Pokemon, allow the enemy team to damage the Wild Pokemon first. This places the Wild Pokemon's aggro on them and with your attacks combined, you may have a chance KO an enemy Pokemon. In the top lane, the Combee and Vespiquen spawn location is a good spot for a clash.

Teamfight Battle Tips

Ask For Your Jungler's Help

Mid Area

The Jungler, or the mid laner, can visit the top lane to increase your chances of winning a clash through sheer numbers. Use the mini-map to view the location of your Jungler and coordinate an attack. On the other hand, be also careful of the enemy team's Jungler.

Jungler Guide

Early Game: 7 Minutes Left

Go To The Bottom Lane

Drednaw Fight

Once the timer hits the 7-minute mark, Rotom and Drednaw spawns in the arena. If defeated, Drednaw grants the whole team EXP and a temporary shield. Given that advantageous buff, the top lane should assist in focusing and defeating Drednaw once the clock hits 7 minutes.

Drednaw Guide

Recall Back To Base Then Go Bot

Going directly to the bottom from the top lane saves just a little bit of time when compared to just teleporting back then going bot. If you find yourself unlucky and with a little bit of health, you might get ambushed if you traverse the middle lane from the top. Just to be safe and also to recover HP, going back to base first then going bot is recommended.

How To Recall / Return To Base Guide

Staying To Defend Is Okay

If you have capable teammates, you can also choose to stay in the top lane and defend it. If by chance you get to KO the enemy Pokemon, you can score a goal and attack Rotom. Another possible move is to move to the opponent's middle lane to KO their Wild Pokemon.

Fighting Rotom As A Top Laner

Mid Game: 7 ~ 5 Minutes

If You Defeat Drednaw

Front Goal

If your team is successful in defeating Drednaw, you can then proceed to pressure and clear the enemy's bottom goal. This helps a lot in the long run as it can be hard for the enemy team to contest Drednaw later as their goal and recovery area is farther from it.

No Need To Quickly Return To Top

After defeating Drednaw, depending on the situation, there is no need to immediately run back to the top lane. As it is expected to have more team battles during this phase, be proactive and look for on-going team fights to assist your teammates. Should the top lane be a likely spot for a clash, head there and be prepared.

If You Fail To KO Drednaw

Audinos Farming

Failing to KO Drednaw leaves you and your team at a disadvantage due to the EXP bonus gained by the enemy team. If you charge head-on to a clash during this time, the likelihood of you winning is low. Seek out Wild Pokemon on your side to lessen the gap. If your front-most goals are destroyed, farm EXP by taking down the nearby Audinos.

How To Level Up Fast Guide

Defeat Rotom Then Prepare For Drednaw

Should you succeed in defeating Rotom, you can take this opportunity for a counterattack. The enemy team would likely send some forces to defend the top lane, leaving their bottom lane vulnerable to attack. Go to the bottom goal and destroy it to slow down enemy reinforcements in the next Drednaw spawn.

How To Defeat Rotom As A Top Laner

Mid Game: 5 ~ 3 Minutes

Prepare For The Drednaw Fight Again


If defeated, Drednaw will spawn again after 2 minutes. Check your mini-map for Drednaw's respawn time and converge at the bottom lane 10 to 20 seconds before Drednaw spawns. Prepare for the fight by eliminating all Wild Pokemon in the top lane for experience points.

Save Your Unite Move

It is very likely that you and the enemy team would have Unite moves by this time, making battles more difficult. Make sure to reserve your Unite Moves for the Drednaw clash. If possible, do not use your Unite Move before the Drednaw clash.

Check The Announcements

Displayed At A Specific Time

After reaching the 5-minute mark, regular announcements will be displayed on the screen. The score difference between the 2 teams can be determined using these announcements. While the difference is due to the score, it is also possible that both team's levels are also considered. Remember to check for level differences. whenever these announcements pop up.

Don't Panic

Don't lose hope or panic during this time as there is still ample time left to make a comback. Gather your wits and look for possible weak points in the enemy team to exploit.

What To Do When You're Losing

Late Game: Last 3 Minutes

3rd Drednaw Spawn

If you and your team were able to defeat Drednaw for 2 times without any problems, you can try and contest it for the 3rd and last time. Reserve your Unite Moves for Zapdos later as that is likely to be the clash that decides the match's conclusion.

Follow The Announcements

When winning, do not let the enemy team score a goal. On the other hand, when losing, keep on the pressure and try to score with whatever you can. Note that goals are doubled during the last 2 minutes. Take note of Pokemon that have a large amount of Aeos Energy, be they friend or foe.

Use The Mini-Map To Check Pokemon With Aeos Energy

50 Points Aeos Energy

You can use the mini-map to pinpoint enemy Pokemon that carry a large amount of Aeos Energy. Pokemon that have numbers displayed on them have large quantities. Prioritize these targets and use their Aeos Energy to score.

Map Guide

Fighting Rotom - Top Lane Tips

Rotom Spawn Spot

Rotom Fight
Spawn TimeAfter 3 minutes
Respawn Time2 minutes after getting KO'd
*Will not spawn once Zapdos spawns at the 8-minute mark
KO Effects・Rotom scores 20 points once it reaches the enemy team's goal
・The goal hit by Rotom becomes vulnerable for 15 seconds, requiring no charge time to score
・Rotom attacks enemy Pokemon that it encounters while traveling to a goal

Defeat Rotom

Rotom spawns at the 7-minute mark. Prioritize defeating Rotom as much as you can as defeating it make it very easy to score. Even with that said, it can be hard to bring Rotom down. Defeat it with at least another teammate to help you. You can also ask the Jungler for an extra hand.

Rotom Guide

Fighting Zapdos - Top Lane Tips

Spawn TimeExactly 8 minutes into the match
KO Effects・Adds 20 Aeos Energy to each member of the team
・All enemy goals become vulnerable for 20 seconds, requiring no charge time to score
・2 seconds after defeating Zapdos, each. member of the enemy team gets struck by lightning, damaging and disabling them for a moment

With only 2 minutes remaining, Zapdos spawns at the middle of the arena. The effects for defeating it can greatly increase your chances of winning the match. Try to get close and prepare to fight it once it spawns.

Zapdos Guide

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