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Read this guide to know the latest meta for ranked matches in Pokemon Unite. Learn about meta team comps, meta lanes, strategy, analysis of the current meta, and builds!

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Most Used Pokemon In The Current Ranked Match Meta

Pokemon Used By Top 100 Players (Updated Sep 24th)

PokemonTotal BattlesWin Rate
6Alolan NinetalesAlolan Ninetales673171.87%
17Mr. MimeMr. Mime59170.05%

This list represents which Pokemon are being used most by the top 100 players in-game. It also features the overall win rate of each Pokemon. It is intended to give you an idea of which Pokemon are most commonly encountered at high rank play!

Common Pokemon & How To Counter Them

※ The Pokemon listed below are just some of the most common ones in high rank (Master) play. Other Pokemon are also viable.

Commonly Used PokemonHow To Play Against Them
GreninjaGreninja - If jungling, invade early, as it's quite fragile
- If running Water Shuriken, never move in a straight line
SnorlaxSnorlax - If running Block, save Eject Button to jump behind/away from it
- Refrain from stacking up when its unite move is up
LucarioLucario - Refrain from engaging Zapdos / Drednaw while Lucario is still alive
- Unite Move has a long casting time, so make sure to get out of its way
ZeraoraZeraora - Relatively frail, have your Defenders CC it and burst it down
- Save your Eject Button / other dash for after it closes in on you.
- (If running Spark, remember that it can dash 3 times).
EldegossEldegoss- Try to force its ult before major teamfights
- Don't engage it on a goal

For this season, the Pokemon above have a higher likelihood of being seen in Ranked Matches. Note that these are the Pokemon with the highest representation, but it doesn't mean they're the only Pokemon used. You shouldn't feel pressured to use only these Pokemon, but you should know how to play against them.

Pick The Best Pokemon

May require diversity

While it's possible to perform well with almost every Pokemon in the game, some are clearly favored in the current meta. It's a good idea to stay cognizant of what Pokemon are currently strong (pay particular attention to Balance Patches). That being said, when playing ranked, always go with what you're best at.

Best Pokemon Tier List

Meta - Current Meta Analysis

Effect Of Mobile Release Patch

On September 22nd, the Mobile version of the game was released, and with it came a significant Balance Patch. Check out a summary of the changes below.

Overview of Changes
- Wigglytuff nerfed
- Greninja nerfed
- Cinderace buffed
- Absol buffed
- Talonflame buffed
- Venusaur buffed
- Blastoise nerfed
- Charizard buffed
- Garchomp buffed
- Cramorant slightly nerfed
- Lucario slightly nerfed

Lucario Nerfs Not Enough To Dethrone It


Although Lucario's Power-Up Punch received a slight nerf, it doesn't really seem substantial enough to cause the Pokemon to drop down in ranks. Lucario's Close Combat received a significant buff, but players are still likely to go with PUP due to how useful it is for contesting Drednaw and Zapdos.

Wigglytuff Damage Nerf

Wigglytuff's Sp. Atk, Dazzling Gleam, and Pound abilities all saw nerfs, reducing its overall damage. Everyone's favorite pink puffy menace may see a bit of a slowdown in the near future.

A Move Away From Auto-Attacks?

Three new items have been added to the game, two of which seem to emphasize using moves. This is perhaps in an effort to incentivize players to use fewer auto-attacker Pokemon. The Choice Specs in particular are likely to provide a significant boost to many overlooked Sp. Atk Attacker Pokemon, such as Venusaur and Gardevoir.

5 Stacks To Help Climb

Look for good combos for now

In the current meta, stacks (organized groups) of multiple players are extremely common. In fact, it's often a huge advantage to queue up for ranked with friends. We strongly recommend doing this, as other players will likely be doing it as well.

Swap Speedster For Another Attacker

A common tactic many teams are employing is to not run a Speedster and run another Attacker instead. In this case, you can have either the All-Rounder or an Attacker jungle instead.

Pokemon Commonly Seen In Mid
GreninjaGreninja LucarioLucario

Lucario and Greninja are the two most common ones, but it's also possible to run Cinderace or Machamp mid as well. The advantage here is that these Pokemon are more useful later game and will benefit from getting the massive exp in the middle lane. Consider running these in the Jungle at some point.

Always Participate In Team Fights

The current meta is seeing a lot of emphasis placed on participation in teamfights. Higher ranked players will have their rotations on point and won't be tunneling their lane. In this meta, objectives in the early game are far more important than scoring - this is particularly true for Drednaw.

Prioritize Drednaw For EXP Boost

Currently, prioritizing Drednaw is extremely common. This is because it will grant your team a huge EXP lead that will help you in later teamfights. Try to immediately group up and defeat it after it spawns at the 7-minute mark. It's ideal for at least one player from the top lane to rotate bottom during this time as well. It's okay to let your tier 1 goal fall if it means securing Drednaw!

Drednaw Guide - Spawn Time & Location

What Are Ranked Matches?

A Place To Test Your Skills

Test Your Skills

Ranked Matches are the main way you measure your skill in Pokemon Unite. Here, you get to fight against similarly ranked players to increase your rank. The higher you rank, the more skillful your opponents become. Ranked matches are also seasonal, so the best players may get some exclusive rewards once the season ends.

Ranked Match Mode Guide

Unlocked Upon Reaching Level 6

Reach Level 6 To Unlock Ranked

Ranked Matches are not immediately available when you start Pokemon Unite. You have to reach Trainer Level 6 in order to unlock it. Also, you need to have 5 Pokemon Unite licenses to be able to join.

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