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Check out the update & latest news for Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA). Find out all updates about Pokemon Unite, including the latest news, new Pokemon, how to update, patch, and more!

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Updates & Latest News

UNITE Joins Pokemon 2022 World Championships!

2022 Pokémon World Championships

Great news for all our UNITE trainers as Pokemon UNITE tournaments will now be also held at the Pokemon Championships Tournament this coming August 2022!

Official Twitter Update

World Championship 2022 - Tournament And Cup

Trevenant Is Coming To Pokemon Unite! New!

Trevenant Pokemon UNITE

It looks like a new character coming to Pokemon Unite: Trevenant! The official Twitter account of Pokemon UNITE just posted a teaser indicating Trevenant's upcoming appearance in the Battle Arena! Trevenant's release date is January 19 or 20 depending on your time zone.

Pokémon UNITE Winter Tournament Super Play Collection New!

Check out Lucario's 4-Hit attack accurately done by JPN_Iroas from the Galaxy Team during the 6th round of B block. You can also check the rest of the collection of the gameplay highlights from the Winter Tournament at the official Youtube JP channel of Pokemon UNITE.

Official Twitter Update

For more details on the tournament, check out our Winter Tournament in Japan article in the link below.

Winter Tournament In Japan

Snorlax's Concert Debut

Concert Style Snorlax

Witness Snorlax's big concert debut as its Concert Style Outfit is now available at Zirco Trading!

Lucario Looks Virtuoso

Be virtuoso in the heart of the battle as the Concert Style outfit for Lucario is now available for purchase at Zirco Trading!

Pokemon World Championship Series Coming Soon!

Letter From the Producer

Pokemon UNITE teams from around the globe will have the opportunity to battle it out over a competitive season this 2022, with qualifying teams going head-to-head at the upcoming World Championships this August. A new tournament mode is soon to be launched as well designed to even the playing field for competitors, regardless of their held item grades.

More Pokemon Characters & Contents!

In the future, not only will the number of playable Pokemon will increase, but there are also various plans to make the battle on Aeos Island more enjoyable.

New Additional Languages!

It was also announced that Pokemon UNITE will be updated to support Bahasa Indonesia, Brazilian Portuguese, Hindi, Russian, Thai, and Turkish language soon. There's currently no exact date yet so make sure to stay tuned for further details regarding this.

Official Twitter Update

Pokémon UNITE Winter Tournament Highlights Collection

The Winter Tournament management released several tournament highlights featuring the best gameplays including a replay of Tsareena getting a double kill on the 6th round of A Block. Check out the link for the full video details!

Official Twitter Update

Winter Tournament In Japan

Older News & Updates

Work In A Power Plant Today

Zeraora Power Plant

Have you ever dreamed of working in a Power Plant? Then here is your chance, the Power Plant Style is now available for purchase at Zirco Trading.

Alolan Ninetales In Checkered

Alolan Ninetales

Alolan Ninetales gets a lovely new dress so you can play your battles in style! Checkered Style is now available for purchase at Zirco Trading - get yours today!

2nd Winter Tournament Announced!

pokemon UNITE 2nd Winter Tournament Japan

The Winter Tournament continues this new year as the battles begin this coming January 08, 2022! To be hosted by renowned guest Pokemon UNITE game casters. Will Wigglytuff Will Roll Forever hold their title in the second tournament or will a new champion will rise? We will find out this weekend starting at 15:30 JST! Check out the full details on the Winter Tournament in the link below.

Winter Tournament In Japan

Look Fancy Wearing A Tuxedo

Tuxedo Style

Celebrate New Year with style as the Tuxedo Style for Blastoise, Greedent & Slowbro is now available for purchase in the Zirco Trading.

All Pokemon Skins & Holowear

New Unite Circle Event This Tuesday!

Attention Trainers! A Unite Circle Event will happen this week in Pokemon UNITE. Players will battle it all out in a 5v5 team fight at the Remoat Stadium to get points and unlock each mission. Before the event begins, players can select their reward this December 28, 2021, at 9:00 JST before participating. The event will then run from there until next January 03, 2022. Are you ready to take this week's challenge?

Official Tweet

Remoat Stadium - Map & Wild Pokemon Guide

Adjustments To Matchmaking

It was announced that Pokemon Unite has made adjustments to the matchmaking system for all modes (Quick, Standard, & Ranked matches)! This is to ensure that players with the same skill levels are matched.

Official Tweet

Dragonite Has Joined The Battle!

Dragonite Has Joined The Battle
Unite License
10,000 Coins / 575 Gems

Dragonite has officially joined the battle on December 20th Update. You can now obtain Dragonite's new license for 10,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems in the Unite Battle Committee.

Click Here For Older News

Photo Challenge & Special Gifts Are Out!

Photo Challenge & Special Gifts

Pokemon Unite is truly a game that keeps on giving - especially during this Holiday Season! The exciting new Photo Challenge is out wherein you can attempt to reveal parts of the photo by participating in matches! Some of the Special Gifts we've been anxiously waiting for have also been released in the game with plenty more to come as the days go by!

Trial Period Kicks Off Today!

 Trial Period
Event Duration
January 1, 2022 to January 3, 2022

Players today can now play as any Pokemon during the Trial Period, whether you own their UNITE license or not! This is a better way to try out a Pokemon you always wanted to play as and If you loved the Pokemon, purchase it to own the License for good.

Trial Pokemon & Unite License Events

Free Tsareena From Commemorative Event Ends On 12/31

Don't forget to claim Tsareena from Commemorative Event Rewards as the official Twitter announces that the free Pokemon will end on December 31, 2021.

Battle Pass Season 4 Released On 12/20

Battle Pass Season 4 has been released on December 20, 2021! This new Battle Pass season contains new Trainer outfits, Concert Style for Pikachu, and Dark Suit Style for Absol. If you are interested in Pikachu's & Absol's skins, purchase the new Battle Pass Premium & complete the missions.

Battle Pass Season 4 - Price & Rewards

New Holiday Style Skins Released!

Holiday Skins

Holiday Style Skins for Garchomp, Mamoswine, Blastoise, Gardevoir, and Dragonite were released on 12/20 in celebration of the Christmas event! You can now purchase them in Zirco Trading for 400 Gems each, so don't miss this opportunity to celebrate Christmas with style!

All Pokemon Skins & Holowear List

Christmas Events Begins Holiday Festivities!

Pokemon UNITE Illumination Challenge

Christmas Event has started in Pokemon UNITE! Players get to enjoy this joyful month with the new challenges that the Holiday Festivities will bring! Get special themed rewards for a limited time when you participate in the Illumination Challenge. Meanwhile, Snowball Battle offers a new game mode in Shiver City where players get to try out new special battle items limited to this map only.

New Skins Added For The Christmas Event & Holiday Festivities!

New Holiday Christmas-themed skins have been added in this update, specifically for the likes of Pikachu, Crustle, Cramorant, & Mr. Mime! In the trailer, skins for other Pokemon like Snorlax were shown too. Stay tuned for more updates during the Holiday Festivities!

Christmas Holiday Event Update

Tsareena Has Joined The Unite Roster!

Unite License
8,000 Coins / 460 Gems

Tsareena has kicked its way into the Battle Arena along with the beginning of the Holiday Festivity in Pokemon UNITE! You can get Tsareena's License in the Unite Battle Committee or get it for free when you complete the Commemorative Attendance event!

Tsareena Build: Guide & Moveset

December 9th Balance Patch Update

The most recent Patch Update comes freezing some of the current Pokemon from "reign-ing" the current Meta, particularly Lucario and Greedent, who had their stats "sleigh-ed" down while others received bug fixes in the recent 10-Hour long maintenance. Check out the full details on the link below!

Patch Notes: Balance Patch
(December 9)

New Training Holowears!

Training Holowear Skin for Greedent & Zeraora

The latest update had brought new Training Pokemon Holowears for Greedent and Zeraora! These two can be seen sporting gym clothes and fitness eyewear. Grab these in Zirco Trading with your Aeos Gems!

All Pokemon Skins & Holowear List

Suit Up With This New Trainer Skin!

Suit Style for Trainers

Look sharp with these new Suit Style for Trainers. Stand out with your well-tailored business suit that can now be obtained in the Aeos Emporium with Tickets or Gems. Get your game face on now in this style!

All Trainer Skins & Outfits List

A New Special Event For Holiday Christmas

Event Duration
December 9, 2021 to January 16, 2022

The Holidays have come to Pokemon Unite! Starting Friday, December 9th, players can expect to have a new larger-scale event featuring various updates, including skins, trainer clothing, and even a brand new Pokemon! Note that many aspects of this event will only continue until next year, so hurry!

Holiday Christmas Event Update

New Special Program Featuring Novel UNITE

New Special Program Featuring Novel UNITE
It is announced on the official Pokemon Twitter page a new video featuring Japanese band Novel UNITE! You can also watch the full video on the official Pokemon Youtube channel.

50 Million Downloads Rewards

Rewards 50 Million Downloads

Pokemon Unite has just announced that it has been downloaded over 50 million times from all over the world. As for the reward, any user who logs in between 12/9 - 1/31 will receive 2,000 Aeos Tickets.

Aeos Tickets - How To Get & Uses

2nd Winter Tournament Application Now Accepting Entries!

2nd Winter Tournament

The Winter Tournament continues! Its officially announced on a tweet that the Second Winter Tournament is now open for team applications for this coming 2nd tournament in January 2022! Check out if your team is qualified here.

Winter Tournament In Japan

Wigglytuff Will Roll Forever Wins 1st Winter Tournament!

Wigglytuff Rolls Forever Winner Winter Tournament

The first Winter Tournament has been concluded and the results are now out! Team Wigglytuff Will Roll Forever has topped the A & B Block, ultimately winning the 1st Winter Tournament. Will the 1st Winner be able to defend their title? Let's find out this coming Second Winter Tournament. Stay tuned for upcoming updates for this 2021 Winter Tournament!

1st Winter Tournament Results

New Adept Style For Machamp Now Available!

Machamp  Adept Style

Adept Style Machamp is now available to purchase in the shop! You can match this with the Disciplined Style Trainer Skin. Training definitely has just begun in the Battle Arena!

Pokemon UNITE Celebrates 2021 Users' Choice Award!

Pokemon UNITE

Pokemon UNITE has won the Google Play Best of 2021 Users' Choice Award in multiple regions. In celebration, Pokemon UNITE had officially announced in a tweet that Trainers can claim 2,021 Aeos Tickets!

How To Claim 2,021 Aeos Tickets

Prize Pack
DurationDecember 1 - December 31

You can obtain the rewards by checking out the Events → Prize Pack & select "Claim" to get 2,021 Aeos Tickets!

Events - Upcoming & Current 2021

Pokemon UNITE's First Winter Tournament Announced!

Winter Tournament

Winter is coming in the Battle Arena! Get ready for the first-ever Winter Tournament in Pokemon UNITE. This official tournament is sponsored by JCG with the cooperation of Pokemon Co., Ltd, and will be held in Japanese as of the day of writing.

Details On The Winter Tournament

New Gengar's Masked Style!

Gengar Masked Style

New Masked Style for Gengar now available in Zirco Trading! You can get it at a limited discount price of 840 Aeos Gems available in its first week. Gengar mains better get it before it goes back to its original price!

Gengar Build: Best Items & Moveset

New Blissey Blissey Holowear Now Available!

Blissey Checkered Style

Blissey mains will definitely love this cute Checkered Style Holowear! Added this November 23, you can now purchased this adorable Blissey skin on Zirco Trading for 400 Gems.

All Pokemon Skins & Holowear List

Decidueye Now Available!


Decidueye just landed on the Arena this November 19, 2021! You can now exchange your Aeos gems and coins in the Battle Committee to get this Phantom Hoodini's Unite License.

Decidueye Release Date & Moveset

November 10 Balance Patch

  • Bug fixes
  • Text fixes
  • Shop updates
  • Balance adjustments

November 10 Patch update has been applied to Pokemon Unite. This patch included bug fixes, text fixes, shop updates, and balance changes to Greedent and other Pokemon! Read below for a summary of what Pokemon/moves are affected.

Patch Notes: Balance Patch
(November 10)

Black Friday Sale 11/16 - 12/3

Black Friday Sale In Pokemon Unite

Keep an eye out on discounted Holowears including Gengar's new Masked Style and some trainer fashion for this Black Friday event. This will be held from 9:00 JST on November 26th (Friday) to 9:00 JST on December 3rd (Friday) in the shopping store!

All Trainer Skins & Outfits List

Pokemon UNITE Collaboration With Novel UNITE In New MV!

Novel Unite

In an official Twitter announcement, a Special MV "Okey dokey!!" by Novel UNITE has just been released on the Pokemon Official YouTube channel. The music video features Pokemon UNITE and some gameplay scenes on the Battle Arena. Novel UNITE members can also be seen looking quirky on stage with their costumes resembling some of our friendly Pokemon characters.

Gengar Trainer Outfit To Be Added In Season 3 Battle Pass!

Gengar Trainer Outfit

Matching trainer fashion for Gengar's Masked Style Holowear will be added on this Battle Pass rewards. Get this when you upgrade to this current Season 3 Battle Pass. Gengar Mains better check this one out!

Battle Pass Season 3
Price & Is It Worth It?

Festival Style Pikachu Can Be Obtained Until October 31st

Pre-Registration rewards will be available up until October 31st.

It was announced that the "Festival Style: Pikachu" pre-registration reward can only be claimed up until October 31, 2021. You can obtain this by downloading the game to your mobile device, so make sure to claim this before October 31st!

Switch Users Can Also Obtain The Reward

Nintendo Switch users can also claim the rewards by linking their Switch save data to the mobile version of the game.

How To Transfer Data

Mobile Pre-Registration Hits 5M Milestone

5M Milestone

Pokemon Unite's pre-registration for its mobile version has finally hit the 5 million mark as revealed by their official Twitter post. As a reward, all mobile players will receive the Festival Style: Pikachu skin on launch day. Pokemon Unite is set to release on the iOS and Android on September 22. Players can pre-register by accessing either the Apple App Store or Google Play on their mobile devices.

New 7.5M Milestone

7.5 million milestone

Upon celebrating the 5 million milestone, the official Twitter account of Pokemon Unite also revealed another milestone. If the number of pre-registered accounts reach 7.5 million, each mobile version player will receive an additional 1,000 Aeos Tickets. These tickets can then be used to buy cosmetic items and upgrades.

All Milestone Rewards

Player CountReward
1,000 Aeos Tickets
Pikachu License
Festival Style: Pikachu
7,500,0001,000 Aeos Tickets
How To Pre Register For The Mobile Version

Ranked Season 1 End

Rank Season End
Season End Info
DateNovember 7 at 4:00pm PT
Details・Ranked Season 1
・Halloween Festival
・Battlepass Galactic Ghost 094

Pokemon Unite Season 1 is coming to an end on November 7. Players all get to receive Aeos Tickets as a reward and the number will depend on how high your rank is! On top of the season end, we are expecting the Halloween Festival & Battlepass Galactic Ghost 094 to end at the same time. Make sure to play for the rewards you are aiming for before you lose your chance!

October 20th Patch Update & Bug Fixes

October 20 Update
Update Time & Date
October 20, 2021 at 12AM PDT, 3AM EST, 7:00 UTC

A balance update for October 20th (coming alongside the Halloween Update) is set to make some major changes to the game, including buffs, nerfs, and Wild Pokemon effect changes! The update will be automatically downloaded onto your device and you may be prompted to restart it to apply the patch and new contents.

Summary Of Patch Content

  • Bug fixes
  • Text fixes
  • Event updates
  • Shop updates

Summary of Balance Changes

  • Pikachu buffs
  • Slowbro buffs
  • Garchomp buffs
  • Venusaur: Solar Beam buff, Giga Drain nerf
  • Lucario nerfs
  • Blastoise nerfs
  • Zapdos: Fewer points when KO-ed
  • Drednaw: Reduced shield & EXP
  • Rotom: Increased effects when KO-ed
Patch Notes: Balance Patch (October 20th)

Halloween Event Announced

Release DateOctober 20th

A new event themed around Halloween is set to be added to the game on October 20th! This will feature a myriad of new skins for Pokemon and trainers alike, will have a new yet-unexplained game mode, and will even add a brand new Pokemon to the game!

Halloween Festival Event Guide

Greedent To Be Added


Greedent, a normal-type from Pokemon Sword & Shield, will be joining the battle on October 20th. Not much is known about this Pokemon, so we'll have to wait and see what it will bring to the table!

Greedent Info

Sylveon Now Available! New!

Release DateOctober 6

Sylveon, the Fairy-type Eeveelution, has finally found its way into Pokemon Unite. This Attacker Pokemon can be obtained for 10,000 Aeos coins or 575 gems in the shop.

Sylveon Build & Moveset Guide

Mamoswine Has Joined The Fray

Release DateSeptember 29

The Ice/Ground-type mammoth Pokemon Mamoswine has officially arrived on the roster and is now available for purchase in the shop. Obtain its license today for 8000 coins or 460 gems!

Mamoswine Build & Moveset Guide

New Holowear For Alolan Ninetales

Release DateOctober 1

Defeat opponents while looking good as Alolan Ninetales will have a new Holowear on October 1, 2021. Stay tuned for its release to know more about this elegant style!

All Pokemon Skins & Holowear List

Mobile Version Is Now Out

The wait is now over as the mobile version of Pokemon Unite is now live and free to play. Players can now play on either mobile devices or Nintendo Switches. The update also brings with it more goodies thanks to the new updates (including many balance changes), a new battle pass, and content.

Support For Multiple Languages

Additional language options are now available in Pokemon Unite including German in the Language Settings.

New & Updated Guides

Server Maintenance On September 21

Date & Time
September 21, 2:00PM to 12:00AM PT

A server maintenance is scheduled to occur on September 21, Tuesday, from 2:00PM to 12:00AM PT. This is in preparation for the release of the mobile version of the game on September 22. If you're looking forward to the mobile version, be sure to pre-register first for additional bonuses! Note that you won't be able to play the game during this 10-hour maintenance.

How To Fix Network Errors

A New Holowear Skin Has Been Revealed!

New Skin Has Been Revealed

A new holowear skin has been revealed for Pokemon Unite and it's scheduled for release on September 22nd (alongside the game's mobile release). By looking at the silhouette of the Pokemon, it's quite clear that this is none other than Garchomp.

All Pokemon Skins & Holowear List

September 8 Patch Update & Bug Fixes

Update Time & Date
September 8, 2021 at 12AM PDT, 3AM EST, 7:00 UTC

The update for September 8th includes some bug fixes, text adjustments, and shop updates. It is also mentioned that there are change in stats and moves for Blissey The update will be automatically downloaded onto your device and you may be prompted to restart it to apply the patch and new contents.

Summary Of Changes

  • Bug Fixes
  • Text Fixes
  • Shop Updates
  • Stat & Move Updates: Blissey
Pokemon Unite Official Site (Update 9/8)

Stats & Move Changes For Blissey

Stats/MovesStats/Moves Adjustment
Sp. DefStat Increase
Safeguard• Removes all status conditions from the user and the designated ally Pokémon and grants both Pokémon a shield. While these shields are active, the shielded Pokémon become immune to hindrances.
• Cooldown reduced.
• Area of effect increased.
Safeguard+• Upgrade: Increases the amount of damage nullified by the shield effect.
Balance Patch Notes (September 8)

Blastoise Has Arrived!

Update Time & Date
September 1, 2021
8,000 Aeos Coins / 460 Aeos Gems

Blastoise is now part of the growing list of Pokemon in Pokemon Unite! It joins the others as a Defender armed with a lot of crowd control moves. Blastoise comes with a small update that will automatically be downloaded once you play Pokemon Unite.

No Other Changes

Aside from Blastoise, there are no other changes present with the patch like buffs and nerfs, balance, and bug fixes.

Blastoise Build / Item Guide

Blastoise To Be Released On September 1st

It is announced that Blastoise will be released on September 1, 2021. There re no further details provided aside from the release date, but we can assume that the moves of Blastoise from the previous BETA will be the same upon its release.

Mobile Version Will Be Released On September 22nd

Mobile Release

It was announced on Pokemon Unite's Official Twitter Page that the mobile version for Android & iOS will be released on September 22, 2021. Also, take note that you will receive special rewards when you pre-registered for the game!

Mobile Release & Pre Register - Android & iOS Version

Mamoswine & Sylveon Teased!

Release Date

During the August 18th Pokemon Presents video announcement, 2 new Pokemon were teased to arrive for Pokemon Unite - Mamoswine & Sylveon. As of yet, the release dates for these 2 Pokemon are still unknown.

Must-Read Articles
MamoswineMamoswineSylveon Build & Moveset GuideSylveon

August 18 Patch Update & Bug Fixes

Blissey Pokemon
Update Time & Date
August 18, 2021 at 12AM PDT, 3AM EST, 7:00 UTC

This new update introduces Blissey into the roster and includes several buffs, nerfs, and bug fixes. Several Battle Items are also part of this update, losing or gaining stats.  The update will be automatically downloaded onto your device and you may be prompted to restart it to apply the patch and new contents.

Summary Of Changes

  • New Pokemon added: Blissey
  • Pokemon - Buffs & Nerfs
  • Bug fixes
  • Wild Pokemon Avalugg stat decrease
  • Battle Items - Buffs & Nerfs
  • Shop updates

Move Changes & Bug Fixes

The following Pokemon's moves and stats are affected by the August 18 patch:

August 18 Buffs & Nerfs

Battle Items Affected By The Patch

The following Battle Items are affected by the August 18 patch:

All Battle Items List

Blissey Patch Announced

Blissey Patch
Update Time & Date
August 18, 2021 at 12AM PDT, 3AM EST, 7:00 UTC

Official sources revealed that a new patch will be coming out on August 18th. This will include the addition of the new Supporter Pokemon Blissey, and will also feature other balance changes. Given prior patch time releases, it will likely release at 12AM PDT.

August 6 Patch Update & Bug Fixes

Pokemon unite 8/4 Update
Update Time & Date
August 6, 2021 at 12AM PDT/7:00 UTC

A new update has been released, featuring a fix to Gengar's Hex, as it was experiencing a bug where it wouldn't do any damage. In addition, the increase/decrease of rank in the Master cup and onward after a match was reduced, as people were losing rank too easily.

The update will be automatically downloaded and you may be prompted to restart your device once it's complete.

Aug. 6 Patch Details (Official Twitter)

August 4 Patch Update & Bug Fixes

Pokemon unite 8/4 Update
Update Time & Date
August 4, 2021 at 12AM PDT/7:00 UTC

A new update that introduces a large number of bug fixes, buffs, and nerfs is set to arrive on August 4, 2021 at 12AM PDT. Another significant addition will be the "Spectate" feature but it will initially be on a test release. The update will be automatically downloaded and you may be prompted to restart your device once it's complete to apply it.

Balance Patch: Buffs & Nerfs Details

Popular Builds Will Be Nerfed

A large part of this update are the changes in the skills and moves of a large number of Pokemon. Most of these changes are nerfs to usual builds and buffs to less popular ones. Below are the Pokemon affected by this update:

All Pokemon List

Spectate Feature Test Release

StartAugust 4, 2021 at 12AM PDT/7:00 UTC
EndAugust 6, 2021 at 12AM PDT/7:00 UTC

As mentioned in the update, the upcoming 8/4 patch will introduce a the Spectate Feature for a short while as a test. During this time, players can view matches of other players without needing to be in the match itself. The Spectate Feature will very likely be a permanent feature of the game once it has been thoroughly tested out.

How To Spectate Guide

Gardevoir To Be Released July 28th

Release DateJuly 28, 2021

It was announced that the Psychic type Gardevoir will be joining us in Pokemon Unite this July 28. Gardevoir's moves were also revealed on the Official Twitter Page. We're not entirely sure what time Gardevoir will be hitting servers on the 28th!

Blastoise, Gardevoir, & Other Pokemon Will Join The Battle

It was announced that Blastoise, Gardevoir, and other Pokemon will be added in the forthcoming updates. Although official sources did not mention who will be added afterard, we can assure that they will continuously add more Playable Pokemon, so stay tuned for updates on the Official Twitter Page!

All Pokemon List - Pokemon Roster

Release Date Announced

Unite Release Date
Release DateJuly 21st (Wed) [Switch Only]

Pokemon Unite's release date was officially revealed on July 15th: the full game will release on Switch only on Wednesday July 21st! We're not yet sure what exact time the game will go live.

Release Trailer

Release Date For Nintendo Switch

Zeraora Release Announced

How To GetPlay before August 31st

Zeraora, a Pokemon playable in previous beta tests, was announced to be launching alongside Pokemon Unite on July 21st. However, this Pokemon can be obtained for free simply by playing the game at any point before August 31st!

Read More About Zeraora Here

Beta Currently Available (Japan Only)

Beta Currently Available (Japan Only)
Beta PeriodJune 24 (Thursday) 12:00 JST to June 26 (Saturday) 23:59 JST
PlatformNintendo Switch

The 2nd BETA release of Pokemon Unite is out, but unfortunately, it's limited to Japan Switch players only. Players with access to a Nintendo Japanese account can download the BETA from the shop.

Beta - Release Date & Download

How To Update Your Game

1Select Pokemon Unite and press the + button
2Select "Software Update"
3Select "Via the Internet"
- Make sure that you are connected to the internet before updating

If The Game Cannot Be Updated

1Hold the Power Button
2Select "Power Option"
3Select Restart to restart your Switch

Your Switch can be restarted by following the steps above. Try to restart your game if your game is outdated and cannot update your game to its latest version.

Latest Patch Notes

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