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Dragonite Release Date & Time
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Dragonite Release Date & Time

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Dragonite release date & time will be on December 20! Dragonite is a new character in Pokemon Unite (MOBA). Learn about Dragonite's price, role, moveset, & release PT Pacific Time.

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Dragonite Release Date & Time

Dragonite Has Joined Pokemon Unite!


Dragonite has officially joined the Pokemon Unite roster! This exciting new All-Rounder is bound to ignite a fire in the battlefield & keep a lot of the battles during the Holiday Festivities hot and toasty this winter!

Dragonite Release Date & Time

2021/12/19 16:00 (Sun)
2021/12/19 19:00 (Sun)
2021/12/20 1:00 (Mon)
2021/12/20 0:00 (Mon)
2021/12/20 8:00 (Mon)
Dragonite Build: Guide & Moveset

Dragonite Release Tweet

In a follow up tweet, they clarified that Dragonite's release will be 12/19 at 4:00 PM PT and not 11/19 as stated on the post.

Update & Latest News

Dragonite Price

Dragonite's Unite License

Dragonite Price
Unite License
10,000 Coins / 575 Gems

Dragonite is priced at 10,000 Coins or 575 Gems at the shop! Enjoy fiery new battles with this newest Pokemon by purchasing its Unite License!

New Pokemon List

Dragonite's Role

Ranged All-Arounder

Dragonite is set to be an All-Arounder, according to the official Pokemon UNITE Twitter account! All-Rounders are capable of handling both offense & defense which it is possible that it will offer a variety of moves for a more balanced playstyle.

Roles Guide
Strength & Characteristics

Jungling Dragon

Similar to all-arounder types, Dragonite's thrives best at lanes with wild Pokemon to quickly farm experience points. Its base form, Dratini, may also be vulnerable in the early stages so it may not be able to withstand the early battles on either top or bottom lane.

Lane Guide - Which Lane Should You Go To?

Dragonite Movesets & Unite Move

This section is based off what can been seen from the official trailer released by Pokemon Unite.

Combination Of Ranged & Melee Attacks

Dragonite's moves may be similar to Charizard, which is capable of using both melees & ranged attacks as its assigned moves. Here's a sneak peek at some of Dragonite's moves based on the official video release.

Headbutt Dash Attack

Dragonite Headbutt Attack

Based on the trailer, we can see Dragonite using its head to dash in and attack Bouffalant. This move is then followed up by consecutive melee attacks from different directions.

Fire-Breathing Move

Dragonite Move 2

This move is similar to Venusaur's Solar Beam but in this case Dragonite blasts its target with scorching fire. It also has a short animation delay so users may need to practice their aiming later to effectively hit enemies with this move, especially moving targets.

All Moves List

Dragonite Unite Move: Meteor-Like Attack


This meteor-like attack was officially confirmed to be Dragonite's Unite Move. Dragonite flies to the sky before releasing a meteor shower almost similar to Charizard's ult.

Unite Moves List

Dragonite Basics Tips

Basic Mechanics

This section has basic tips and tricks that you must know to effectively control Dragonite. Treat this as a supplement to the Beginner's Guide.

Prioritize level progression in early stages
Since Dragonite has three forms, it's best to focus Dratini on farming during the early game so it may evolve quickly and unlock its damage-dealing moves. This is to ensure that it can survive the harsh battles that may arise as time goes by.
▶ How To Level Up Fast
Stay close with allies
Dratini may be targeted and harassed when alone, this can cost you a level disadvantage later so may sure to stick with allies. Also, try to check the map once in a while to know where your allies and enemies are to avoid getting ganked.
▶ Map Guide
Equip the right Held Items
Equip Dragonite with Held Items to increase its damage output or buff up its defense in preparation for the intense battles in the Battle Arena. You can start out with the recommended items first then experiment later on with which items suit your play style.
▶ Best Held Items For Each Pokemon
Meta Team & Builds For Ranked

Dragonite Strengths & Weaknesses

Has a wide array of long range attacks that Dragonite can use to KO fleeing opponents or steal last hits from team objectives.
Its dash attack moves can also be used as an escape tool that increases its survivability in the battle field.
Dragonite's Unite Move has the potential to deal tremendous damage to multiple enemies at once. Can be useful in situations where Pokemon gathers in crowds like Zapdos fights.
May have difficulty aiming at moving targets and miss enemies due to delays from some of its moves short animation beforehand.
You may not be able to control its fire-beam type of move once it is executed. Dragonite may need assistance in pinning down enemies in their place first before using this.
Dragonite having similar to Charizard may also be a late bloomer & game changer. Until it reaches its first powerspike, it may be vulnerable in getting knocked out in battle during the early stages.

Recommended Lanes

The number of ★ shows the level on a particular route area.

LaneRoute Details
TopTop Recommendation level: ★★ ・
Dratini can play an active role at the top along with an ally defender at its side. With Rotom nearby, they can often capture it to fight with them when aggressively push lanes.
MiddleMiddleRecommendation level: ★★★
Dratini can quickly KO wild Pokemon and evolve quickly by jungling in the central area. Team fights don't usually occur in this area so Dratini can safely farm and avoid getting harrased during the early stages.
BottomBottomRecommendation level: ★★・
Dratini may get extra EXP from the additional wild Pokemon in this area and evolve quickly before the first Drednaw fight. With its dash attacks, it can swiftly jump in and out of team fights easily.
Which Lanes To Play Guide

What Kind Of Pokemon Is Dragonite?

Also Known As A Dragon/Flying Type Pokemon

Dragonite appeared in Kanto Region as a dual Dragon/Flying Type Pokemon which is capable of learning both Flying & Dragon Type attacks.

One Of The Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon

Dragonite is also one of the known Pseudo-legendary Pokemon, which are stronger than any non-legendary Pokemon. It is also said that Dragonite is also the same type as Garchomp.


(Lv. TBA)
(Lv. TBA)

Above is an overview of Dragonite's evolution based on its previous appearances and history.

List Of Playable Pokemon

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