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Trial Pokemon & Unite License are limited events in Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA). This includes the Trial Events, Best Unite License Pick from Trial Pokemon, Playstyle, and more.

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Latest Trial Pokemon & Unite License Events News

Trial Unite License For All Pokemon

Trial Unite License For All Pokemon
Event Duration
January 1, 2022 to January 4, 2022

Trainers can now play as any Pokemon during the Trial Period, regardless of whether you own their UNITE license or not!

Update & Latest News

7-Day Limited License Special Gift

7-Day Limited License Prize Box
Limited License Prize Box Duration
December 29, 2021 to December 31, 2021

Players will obtain a Limited License Prize Box which contains a 7-day limited license for one of six Pokémon of the player's choosing. You can use these limited licenses to test out the Pokemon you want before purchasing.

Holiday Rewards: Prize Boxes & Gifts

Trial Pokemon & Unite License Events

Time-Limited Free Unite License Events

You've probably eyeing that Pokemon's Unite License but you still don't have enough Aeos Coins or Gems. Aside from checking out the free Pokemon rotation that refreshes every week, you can participate in the various Trial Pokemon & Unite License Events in Pokemon Unite!

Free Testing Before Purchasing Unite License

Unlike those weekly free rotational Unite Licenses, you don't have to wait for days to try out your favorite characters because all Pokemon is free to play! It's the best time to try and test out that Pokemon you've always been planning to buy. You can decide which works best for you and your playstyle. No regrets this time for sure!

Free Pokemon List - Rotation & Events

Save Aeos Coins And Gems

We know that saving up for Unite License can take some time. Most of the Pokemon costs ranged from 6,000 up to 10,000 Aeos Coins in the Unite Committee so you'll probably end up with one or two Licenses so knowing which one to prioritize to buy first will save you a lot later on. Rest assured we're here to help you choose and decide which Pokemon you're getting after the trial ends!

Aeos Coins - How To Get & Farm

Pick Based On Play Style

How To Choose Your Play Style In The Battle Arena

Your play style can help determine your success with a particular Pokemon in the Battle Arena. For example, if you prefer to do more damage, choose an attacker-type Pokemon to carry the team. If you like to stay back and accompany your friends in battle, supporters would be ideal for you. Depending on your preference, it would be good to choose the Pokemon that suits your personality and gameplay in battles so you can maximize your full potential in the arena. We have come up with 6 different possible play styles based on the current Meta. Check them out below!

6 Main Play Styles

※ Click or tap on a Pokemon to jump to details below.

5 Useful Strategies For New Players

Goal Scorers

These Pokemon can dunk goals like no one else! These lane pushers are crucial in match as they are inclined to score the most in every game.

Pokemon Description
Top Lane
・ Gets invinsible with Feint so it can move undetected for a brief period
・ Can easily get past Pokemon guarding goal zones with Flame Charge
・Can snipe team objectives with Blazing Bicycle Kick
Mid Lane
Extreme Speed enables it to dash in and out of lanes
・Can escape with Bone Rush while also dealing damage
・Take down objectives and steal last hits with Aura Cannon
Mid Lane
・ Gets invinsible and untargetable with Fly making it unstoppable when scoring
・It has good amount of damage to farm spawns for points and Exp.
・Can aggressively steal last hits with Brave Bird
Mid Lane
・Can poke lanes with Volt Switch's high-speed dash attack
・ It's Plasma Gale is great for teamfights against Zapdos and stealing last hit from objectives
・Excellent at clearing out Wild Pokemon thanks to its Discharge that deals large amounts of damage to the area of effect.
Scoring Guide - How To Score PointsBack to the Play Styles table ▲

Team Carries

These Pokemon generally are vulnerable during the early stages that gets stronger as the game progress. They play a vital role of taking control of objective and providing DPS.

Pokemon Description
Top Lane
・Play as Stealthy ninja-assassin with Smoke Screen
Surf forward charge ability with the added bonus of healing
・Greninja is one of the best nukers in the game.
Bottom Lane
・Strong in early game with its wide-ranged attacks that deals high damage.
・Incredibly good in teamfights with its ranged combo of Electro Ball & Thunderbolt that can stun or slow down opponents
・Fast cooldown rate so you can use abilities more and sustain damage during fight.
Mid Lane
・ Excellent ganker that clears lanes exceptionally well and deals very high DPS as it levels up
・ Can wipe out the enemy team with its powerful Unite Move, Midnight Slash
・Night Slash and Pursuit are effective for chasing fleeing enemies
Mid Lane
・Deadly against 1v1 battles as it can regenerate its health while dealing damage
・Mystical Fire deals damage while it flees or chase out enemies
・ Deals incredible burst damage to key targets
Bottom Lane
・Has the capacity to disrupt and burn enemies with Fire Punch & Flare Blitz
・ Easily reposition itself during combat while inflicting damage to targets with its dash attacks
・Hyper offensive attacker with Seismic Slam
MVP Guide Back to the Play Styles table ▲

Tactical Snipers

These Pokemon have a wide range of moves and ult that can take down enemies even from a distance. They are excellent to use for stealing last hits on the map objectives from the opposing team.

Pokemon Description
Bottom Lane
・Blast enemies with its fiery Hyper Beam
・Can easily outmaneveur shields
・Unite Move can be used to gank enemies, steal last hits and score last-minute goals with its wide map coverage
Top Lane
・Continuously hit Pokemon with Gatling Gulp and its Gulp Missile passive
・Enemies trapped under its Hurricane are immobilized
・Can deal damage to multiple Pokemon with its Air Slash
Top Lane
・Covet lets it deal damage and stuns opponents while running
・Can outpace enemies with its increased mobility from moves like Tackle and Covet.
・ It's Bullet Seed can also be maneuvered in any direction even while casting.
Top Lane
・Can attack multiple opponents from behind obstacles with moves like Spirit Shackle or Nock Nock
・You can adjust its Unite Move's direction and its extended range allows you to inflict damage on everything it passes through.
・ Snipe enemies and steal last hits with Spirit Shackle
Bottom Lane
・Solar Beam is a skill shot that can sure hit unfortunate targets from a distance
・Razor Leaf is a great last hit move when contesting against objectives
・Great crowd-control capabilities in pulling enemies together with its special basic attack and large AoE skills that slow or weaken defenses of those within the vicinity.
Last Hitting - Tips & GuideBack to the Play Styles table ▲


These Pokemon strive on close combat and are usually equipped with abilities that enable them to have the upper hand in such tight situations.

Pokemon Description
Bottom Lane
・Powerful sustained attacks it can dish out with its low cooldowns
・Easily get in and out of battles with Triple Axe & Grassy Glide
・Sure Hit target with Queen Ascendant's burst damage while it also gets immune to attacks from other Pokemon
Middle Lane
・Submission speeds its movement up and makes it immune to hindrances.
・Quite tanky and can outlast most enemies with its endurance
・Its Unite Move deals continuous damage to multiple opponents in an area.
Bottom Lane
・Stuns enemies by making them sleep with its Sing
・Deal great amount of damage with Slap during early stages
・Starlight Recital can cancel status conditions on nearby allies while also making them immune to hindrances for a brief period of time
What To Do In A Close BattleBack to the Play Styles table ▲

Crowd Controllers

These Pokemon specialize in providing constant cc effects to disrupt gathering enemies and stop them from their tracks with debuffs while also buffing up team allies. They are important in team battles as they can turn the tables from tight situations.

Pokemon Description
Alolan NinetalesAlolan Ninetales
Top Lane
・ Ranged attacks have a combination of freezing enemies in their tracks while dealing damage.
・Its Unite Move has a wide coverage that can affect multiple Pokemon with extra damage to those frozen.
・Damage taken by Alolan Ninetales and allies nearby can be reduced with Aurora Veil
Mid Lane
・Phantom Ambush makes the user immune to attacks and invincible in the map
・Dream Eater has the ability to put targets to sleep for about 5 seconds and effectively make it incapacitated
・ Hex can be used to run past guards and score quickly. Using this with Sludge Bomb in team confrontations or Drednaw lets you gain extra damage over time.
Mr. MimeMr. Mime
Bottom Lane
・Can use Barrier to block opponents' movements and prevent them from escaping
・Guard Swap can provide buffs and debuffs in team battles, pair it with Psychic to do more damage and stun opponents
・Its Unite Move has a very short waiting time that enables Mr. Mime to jump to specified locations and even beyond large obstacles
Top Lane
・Psyshock can be very useful for locking down last hits
・Fairy Singularity can trap multiple Pokemon in an area
・ Teleport lets you get in and out of battles easily while increasing Gardevoir's basic attacks
Mid Lane
・It can damage targets with knockbacks and stuns from his Dragon Rush or Livid Outrage.
・Invulnerable to damage during Dig. It also deals AoE damage to whoever he comes across.
・Blastoise's Unite Move is an absolute powerhouse, dealing significant damage and throwing all Pokemon in the area
Top Lane
・Excellent for cancelling moves, keeping enemies from scoring and getting the last hit, especially when used in team confrontations against Zapdos or Drednaw.
・Surf lets you ride on the wave you create, while also shoving opponents away
・Its Unite Move is an absolute powerhouse, dealing significant damage and throwing all Pokemon in the area
Top Lane
・Surf can be use to defend goal zones and allies by pushing enemies away. It also reduces enemy movement speed and stuns them afterward.
・ Its Slowbeam can counter opponent's Unite Move and immobilized them while they are held in place
・Stops enemies with Telekinesis and making them vulnerable to ally's attacks
Status Effects Guide
Ailment Types & How To Cure
Back to the Play Styles table ▲

Peer Protectors

Aside from adding additional damage in battle, these Pokemon help the team extend its battle time during team fights by lending their tanky endurance in the frontline or by providing constant heals and buffs at the back.

Pokemon Description
Top Lane
・Can sandwich opponents on obstacles with Block
・Heavy Slam may also be used to knock opponents away and stun them.
・Power Nap can be used to block your team's Goal Zone and prevent opponents from scoring.
Bottom Lane
・Can heal itself and its allies up to three times with Soft-Boiled
・Provide increased movement and attack to surrounding allies with Buffs like Helping Hand and its Unite Move, Bliss Assistance (with its short cooldown)
・Safeguard has the potential to completely thwart your opponent's plans, making an ally immune to hindrances
Top Lane
・ Can create a barricade to block your opponents path with Rock Tomb
・Stealth Rock deals good damage while slowing down opponents in the area blocked off by Rock Tomb.
・Crustle's Unite Move grants a shield for a short time and leaves nearby opposing Pokemon unable to act, while dealing damage to them over time
Top Lane
・ Initiate team fights with strong opening moves such as High Horsepower and Earthquake
・Its strong resistance to damage and hindrances makes it the perfect decoy upfront to distract the opposing team
・Can use Ice Fang to disable opponent or escaping Pokemon
Bottom Lane
・Great team healer with its Synthesis that lets you restore HP on all nearby allies within its AoE.
・Helps the team win by buffing up allies attack and movement speed while slowing down enemies with Cotton Guard
・Cotton Cloud Crash turn around situations in team fights as this move deals damage to enemies while it recovers ally's HP within its AoE.
Teamfight Battle Tips
3 Things To Remember
Back to the Play Styles table ▲

How To Test Out Trial Pokemon

Plan Ahead!

Since this is a limited event, make sure that you try as many Pokemon as you can in the Battle Arena. It's the best time to try out different roles that you usually do. With more Pokemon options to choose from, you can synergize with your team much better during the team matchup.

3-Day Trial Run

Since this is only available for 3 days, make sure to test as many as you can! Try to get out of your comfort Pokemon and you might discover a new niche. It's also better to be able to use multiple Pokemon rather than just a few so you can easily adjust to your current team lineup.

Try Different Roles

If you mostly play attacker roles, it's your chance to be able to try to use a wide variety of defender-type of Pokemon or a supporting role for a change. You can start off with Pokemon like Wigglytuff that has great offense capabilities for a Supporter or Greedent for that ridiculous damage for a so-called Defender type.

Roles Guide
Strength & Characteristics

Try Out Held Items

Before heading into the Battle Arena make sure that you have equipped your Pokemon. You can do this by using the Battle Items from the example sets or trying out our recommended Held Items!

How To Set Up Quick Held Items

You have to usually set up a new Pokemon's Held Items as it does not have a preset beforehand. You can use the Example Sets if you're quite new as It's a great way to base upon future builds. If you want to experiment and check out advanced Held Item builds, you might want to test out our selected Held Items designed for each Pokemon with our guide in the link below.

Best Held Items For Each Pokemon

Play Unite Battles

Of course, the best way to test out Trial Pokemon is by using them in action in the Battle Arena! Here are other modes that you can try out

Practice Mode
You can test out in a 1v1 although it might feel limiting it lets you get familiarize your Trial Pokemon's moves without the pressure of getting assaulted or dragged down by team objectives.
Standard Battle
You can warm up with a 5v5 CPU Match first before playing Random Match with other players. Friendly Match is also recommended to try out with your friends
Quick Battle
If you feel that Standard Battle is too long, you can opt for a 4v4 Quick Battle instead. It also has different maps that you can choose from!

So far you can't use Trial Pokemon in Rank Match although there's no confirmed news yet in regards to this for the Trial Pokemon Event. Let's see if there are any new developments in the coming days, so stay tuned!

Lane Guide

Check Out Current Tier List!

The best way to know the current Meta Team & Builds in the Pokemon UNITE community is to check the latest Tier List. This will give you a better insight into what Pokemon are considered to be viable in battle than others.

Latest Pokemon Tier List

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