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Trevenant Build: Guide & Moveset

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Trevenant is a playable character in Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA). Guide features Trevenant's build, moveset, stats, best items, release date, guide, price, cost & more!

Table of Contents

Ranked Meta Report

Trevenant Is Coming To Pokemon Unite!

Trevenant Release Date & Time

Trevenant Pokemon UNITE

It looks like a new "woody" character is coming to Pokemon Unite: Trevenant! The Defenders are definitely branching out this year as Trevenant is expected to join them this January. The official Twitter account of Pokemon UNITE just posted a teaser indicating Trevenant's upcoming appearance in the Battle Arena! Trevenant's tree-mendous moves were also previewed. Take it or leaf it Trevenant's release date is January 19 or 20 depending on your time zone.

Release Date & Possible Times

Please take note that these are based off from previous release times in the game. The official time has not yet been announced, so stay tuned for updates regarding this!

PST2022/1/19 16:00 (Wed)
2022/1/19 23:00 (Wed)
EST2022/1/19 19:00 (Wed)
2022/1/20 2:00 (Thu)
CET2022/1/20 1:00 (Thu)
2022/1/20 8:00 (Thu)
UTC2022/1/20 0:00 (Thu)
2022/1/20 7:00 (Thu)
AEST2022/1/20 8:00 (Thu)
2022/1/20 15:00 (Thu)
Trevenant Release Date & Time

Official Trevenant Trailer

Trevenant Overview

Attack TypeTBA
Tier RankTBA

Trevenant Is A Defender!

Looks like our newest Trevenant Pokemon is a Defender hoping to protect its allies in battle! Very apt for the sturdy-looking trunk that it possesses!

All Defenders List



Based on its prior appearances and history, here's an outline of Trevenant's evolution. As a result, we may anticipate Trevenant to evolve sooner than other Defenders, who must evolve three times to reach their final form. Trevenant may be able to access its complete moveset and Unite Move earlier making it a huge advantage in the game.

Evolution Guide

Trevenant's Unite License Cost

trevenant price and cost
Trevenant Price And Cost

Trevenant's Unite License cost, like the rest of the previously released Pokemon characters in Pokemon Unite, is likely to be kept undisclosed until it is published in the game. Stay tuned for further information on how much this ghostly Pokemon may cost you!

Trial Pokemon & Unite License

Trevenant Stats

Offense (TBA)
Endurance (TBA)
Mobility (TBA)
Scoring (TBA)
Support (TBA)

HP, Defense, & Sp. Defense

※ Listed stat values are at level 15

Stats Per Level For Each Pokemon

Trevenant - Basics Tips

This section is a work in progress and based on the official Trevenant trailer! We will include the full details once Trevenant's moves are available. Please stay tuned for updates!

Trevenant Basic Mechanics

This section has basic tips and tricks that you must know to effectively control Trevenant. Treat this as a supplement to the Beginner's Guide.

Protect Squishy Allies
・Trevenant can play an active role as a Defender by constantly providing protection to its allies that has lower endurance. Don't be afraid to take on enemies head on in the fronlines so your ally can attack behind Trevenant.
▶ All Defenders List
Prioritize Level Progession
・Make sure to farm nearby spawns to reap additional Exp when Trevenant is not busy defending allies. This way your level progression won't get left behind and will help you to evolve.
▶How To Level Up Fast - EXP Farming
Practice Makes Perfect
・Executing moves requires timing and a little bit of practice to master Trevenant's moves. This is crucial since as a Defender Trevenant will be mostly in team battles crushing enemies in the lanes and some of its moves has a short animation at the start that delays the effect of the damage output.
▶Teamfight Battle Tips - 3 Things To Remember

Trevenant Best Builds

Share Your Builds

Share with us a build that you’re proud of with the form below! The build you share here may be featured on our website! (It will of course be properly attributed to you.)

Send Your Build Here!

Recommended Trevenant Build

We'll update this section as soon as Trevenant gets released! Stay tuned for updates!

Best Builds For Each Pokemon

Trevenant Strategy & Walkthrough

This section is a work in progress and based on the official Trevenant trailer! We will include the full details once Trevenant's moves are available. Please stay tuned for updates!

Trevenant Strengths & Weaknesses

Trevenant as a Defender-type of Pokemon, naturally has a high endurance and defense stats it can use to get tanky against its opponents.
Trevenant's Unite Move looks like it can Sure Hit targets with the energy blast from the sky.
Can deal damage to enemies with its hammer attack
It has a dash attack move that can be used as an escape tool for unfavorable situations thus increasing its survivability on the battle arena
Some of its moves looks like its has a short delay at the start that can be dodge by its targets.
Trevenant seems to be unable to act when it is linked with another Pokemon leaving it vulnerable to get burst attack
May depdend on team coordination to be effective.
May require practice to proper time and execute moves so it hits its target.

Recommended Lanes

The number of ★ shows the level on a particular route area.

LaneRoute Details
TopTop Recommendation level: ★★★
Trevenant can definately take this lane and support an ally Attacker in the top route. Farming Exp won't be a problem with the abundance of Aipoms and since there's few battles going on here, Trevenant can definately evolve even before the first Drednaw fight.
MiddleMiddleRecommendation level: ★ ★★
Trevenant can safely farm Exp as there's no team confrontations in this area. Jungling can make help Trevenant to evolve quickly and unlock its damage-dealing moves before roaming on the other lanes.
BottomBottomRecommendation level: ★★・
Trevenant may struggle during the early stages as team battles often occur here especially when Drednaw appears. Team fights can get aggressive and although Trevenant may thrive in close battles, its level progression may suffer from defending on constant battles.
Lane Guide
Which Lane Should You Go To?

Trevenant's Weakness And Counters


Trevenant is said to be vulnerable to fire and ice. When lumberjacks enter the forest, they often bring Fire-types with them to counteract incoming attacks, which Trevenant despises. So when playing with Trevenant, keep an eye out for Alolan Ninetales' chilly Blizzard and fiery Pokemon with burn damage like Charizard or Cinderace!

Status Effects Guide - Ailment Types & How To Cure

Trevenant On The New Meta

Trevenant On The New Meta

It's fantastic that our team of Pokemon Defenders is expanding! With Trevenant joining Pokemon UNITE, there will undoubtedly be a shift in the current meta builds, particularly in rank battles. Let's see whether we see Trevenant in a lot of games in the following weeks!

Meta Team & Builds For Ranked

Trevenant's Tier List


Based on the video, we can say that Trevenant appears to be a potential A-type Defender, for the time being, however, this might alter after we get a look and test it in the UNITE Arena.

Best Pokemon Tier List
(Jan 2022 Update)

Trevenant Moves & Unite Move

This section is a work in progress and based on the official Trevenant trailer! We will include the full details once Trevenant's moves are available. Please stay tuned for updates!

Trevenant's Movesets in Pokemon UNITE

Trevenant's moves might be based on prior abilities it has demonstrated during its previous Pokemon adventures. We're thrilled to see what it can offer to Aeos Island's Battle Arena!

Basic Attack & Passive

Trevenant seems to have both ranged and melee moves that it can use in battle. There's no news on its passive yet but we can assume that this might be correlated with nature-like or phantom abilities since Trevenant is also known as a Ghostly Pokemon.

Trevenant's Ability to Heal Its Own HP

Trevenant's latest update shows it ability to heal its own HP during battle! It's comparable to Greedent, another Defender who can recover by eating berries. You can also see how its hammer-like move was able to deal damage on its enemy Pikachu in the sneak peak video. With such an, it's not hard to imagine that this tree's trunk is bound to be extra tanky!

Official Twitter Update

Level 1 or 3 Moves

Trevenant First Move Links

Trevenant's initial move appears to be tied to a wild Pokemon based on the trailer. This move is similar to Slowbro's Amnesia in some ways, however, we don't know if it has debuffing effects or how much damage it causes when used on enemies. We will update this as soon as possible once this move is available in Pokemon UNITE.

Mid-Level Moves

Trevenant Dash Attack

Trevenant appears to have a  dash attack, as seen by the second clip. Trevenant may be seen rushing towards Lucario, a speedster-type Pokemon, in the center lane. This appears to be a promising move that Trevenant can utilize as an escape tactic or catch up to fleeing opponents. Trevenant can roam around the lanes by dashing with this move.

Late Game Level Moves

Trevenant Hammer Attack

Based on the third clip on the trailer, Trevenant gets aggressive as he creates a translucent hammer-like weapon from its energy and uses it to smash its enemy Lucario! It appears to deliver a significant amount of damage, albeit there is a little delay at the start, giving more agile opponents enough time to dodge. It appears that a little experience is required to perform this hammer attack on targets precisely.

Trevenant's Unite Move


Trevenant seems to summon a beam from the sky, which strikes its unlucky target, Pikachu, featured in the final minutes of the trailer. By the looks of it, this move is a sure hit! Could this be Trevenant's Forest Curse? We're excited to know more about this! Stay tuned for updates on Trevenant's Unite Move as we will fill in more details once it is officially released!

List Of All Moves

Other Pokemon Of The Same Role

All Defender List

Trevenant Skins

This section is a work in progress. We will include the full details once Trevenant's moves are available. Please stay tuned for updates!

Trevenant Skin

Currently there's no news if Trevenant will have a Holowear available upon its release so stay tuned for upcoming news on skins on the following days! You can check out all the available Pokemon Holowear on the link below for possible skins Trevenant may have!

All Pokemon Skins & Holowear List - Price & How To Unlock

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