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Check out this Pokemon list of all Defender character in Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA). Includes Pokemon with the Defender character Role, stats, Defenders lane, best items & more.

Table of Contents

All Roles List
Attackers Defenders All-Rounders
Speedsters Supporters -

Best Defender Pokemon Tier List

Defender Pokemon Tier List

※ Click or tap on a Pokemon to jump to its detailed article.

S Tier Pokemon
Snorlax Blastoise
A Tier Pokemon
Mamoswine Crustle Slowbro
Best Pokemon Tier List

S Tier Defender Pokemon

PokemonRole / Recommended Lane
・Incredible early game thanks to Rest
・Heavy Slam's mobility/crowd control are excellent in teamfights
・Block can be used to push the entire enemy team into disadvantageous positions
・Tons of great crowd control options
・Extremely high damage, especially when low on health
・Unite Move's damage and range are excellent for objectives

A Tier Defender Pokemon

PokemonRole / Recommended Lane
・Excels at supporting team via crowd control (freezing enemies)
・Ground abilities have really long animations and aren't that powerful
・Very bulky, can take many hits.
・Evolves a bit late
・Decent ability to block enemy team off with its wall
・Can deal surprisingly high damage and move quite fast for a Defender via Shell Smash
・Hard to compare with Snorlax
・Generally very bulky and hard to take down
・Ability to lock down individual foes is key
・Lacks the powerful positioning altering moves that Snorlax has

Defender Pokemon Character Role - Stats

Mamoswine Joins The Fight


The newest Defender in Pokemon Unite, Mamoswine, is now out. Like all Defenders, Mamoswine comes with a good mix of crowd control moves that can either disable or displace enemy Pokemon. Without a doubt, Mamoswine is a force to be reckoned with!

Mamoswine Builds & Moveset Guide

List Of Defender Pokemon

PokemonBase StatsDifficulty
MamoswineMamoswine Offense: (5)
Endurance: (8)
Mobility: (4)
Scoring: (3)
Support: (5)
BlastoiseBlastoise Offense: (4)
Endurance: (7)
Mobility: (4)
Scoring: (4)
Support: (6)
CrustleCrustle Offense: (3)
Endurance: (8)
Mobility: (3)
Scoring: (4)
Support: (6)
SlowbroSlowbro Offense: (3)
Endurance: (8)
Mobility: (3)
Scoring: (3)
Support: (8)
SnorlaxSnorlax Offense: (3)
Endurance: (10)
Mobility: (4)
Scoring: (3)
Support: (5)

Defender Role - Best Items For Defender Pokemon

Held Item - Items That Increase Def & HP

Defenders will need to be the shield of the team, absorbing plenty of damage to support your teammates. Unsurprisingly, this means that they need to be able to withstand damage & moves! Focus on Def & HP as priority for this role.

Recommended Item - Buddy Barrier

ItemItem Effect
Buddy BarrierBuddy Barrier・When the Pokemon uses its Unite Move, that Pokemon and the nearby ally Pokemon with the lowest HP are each granted a shield equal to 20% of their max HP.
・HP +20
Buddy Barrier's massive HP shield scales really well with the high HP pool of Defenders. It is also super helpful for teammates during teamfights!
Upgrade Priority

Recommended Item - Focus Band

ItemItem Effect
Focus BandFocus Band・[hen your HP goes down, recover HP equal to 8/11/14% of the damage you took up until that point every second for 3 second.
・Def +2 (+30)
・Sp. Def 0 (+30)
Aside from giving high Defense boost, Focus Band also heals HP equal to the damage received from opponents. This is a good Held Item for Defenders.
Upgrade Priority

Battle Item - Healing Or Anti-Crowd Control

Defenders need to be able to respond to debuffs or crowd controls for them to effectively tank for their team. Full Heal can work well in most situations while Eject Button can help with positioning, but be aware that it has a slightly longer cooldown.

All Battle Items List

Recommended Battle Items

Item 5Full HealRemoves All Hindrances affecting your Pokemon40s
Item 1Eject ButtonQuickly moves your Pokemon in the designated location.70s
Item 2PotionRestore some of your Pokemon's HP30s

Defender Role - Lanes & How To Play

Preferred Lane - Top Or Bottom

Preferred Lane - Top Or Bottom

Defenders should take the top or bottom lane based on which lane the attacker goes to. However, if the supporter or all-rounder decides to go with an attacker, go to another lane.

Which Lanes to Play - Top, Mid, Bottom Lane Roles Guide

Which Wild Pokemon To Attack In The Top Lane

Top lane
Click to Enlarge
Recommended Order
Aipom → Aipom → Aipom → Corphish → Aipom

In the top lane we highly suggest that you go for these Wild Pokemon first. Focus on getting Corphish 4th and denying the enemy team any potential exp from it. Then return to get the top left Aipom.

Which Wild Pokemon To Attack In The Bottom Lane

Bottom Lane
Click to Enlarge
Recommended Order
Aipom → Aipom → Aipom → Audino → Audino

In the bottom lane we highly suggest that you go for these Wild Pokemon. Grab the central Audino first before the enemy team does to get a significant exp lead!

Pokemon With Tons Of HP & Defense

Pokemon With Tons Of HP & Defense

Defenders are bulky Pokemon with a high endurance stat that allows them to take a substantial beating. They can bear the heavier attacks of tough Wild Pokemon, and can secure precious seconds for the team to set up an attack during team fights. For example in the picture above, Crustle uses crowd control to disrupt Cinderance while tanking the other Pokemon.

List Of Wild Pokemon

Good At Stopping Enemies From Scoring

Defenders can sometimes hold a lane alone & prevent their opponents from scoring through harassment & crowd control. Strategic placement on the part of a defender can sometimes force opponents into the dilemma of wasting precious resources by trying to fight off an opponent that was designed to take damage. As staying in a goal helps recover HP and adds a shield, making a Defender in a goal very hard to uproot.

Scoring Guide - How To Score Points

Come With Strong Crowd Control

 Come With Strong Crowd Control

Another strength of Defenders is their powerful crowd control capabilities. Whether it's a stun, knockback, slow or immobilize, defenders can provide vital support to the team by preventing enemies from scoring, protecting teammates trying to score, covering retreats, or setting up for an ambush. Knowing when to deploy your moves is crucial for a defender's success.

All Moves List - Effects & Pokemon

Slow To Earn EXP Solo

Slow To Earn EXP Solo

Defenders have lower damage and might not be able to KO opponents alone. They are also slower when fighting Wild Pokemon on their own. Keep that in mind when you're defending lane on your own & make up for it by asking for help.

How To Level Up Fast - EXP Farming

Defender Role Tips

Apply Pressure By Closing In

Apply Pressure By Closing In

Defenders are tasked with defending goals or allies. When in combat & you have the necessary support, apply pressure by closing in the distance against opponents to keep them away from key targets. If you are on your own however, then play defensively and don't overextend yourself.

How To Play & Tips

Pair With Attackers For Combat

Pair With Attackers For Combat

Attackers are the complete opposite of Defenders, with high damage but low endurance. Cover each other's weaknesses by sticking together in combat & gain experience to level up as a team.

All Attackers List[unite_pokemon_footer]

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