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Check out this Pokemon list of all Speedster character in Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA). Includes Pokemon with the Speedster character Role, stats, Speedsters best items & more!

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All Roles List
Attackers Defenders All-Rounders
Speedsters Supporters -

Best Speedster Pokemon Tier List

Trick Or Treat Your Enemies With Zoroark This Halloween! (New!)

The hauntings has begun as Zoroark creeps from the shadows into the Unite Arena dressed in its fancy Costume Party Style holowear, just in time for Halloween! Check out our guides below to learn more about Zoroark's powers to scare your opponents this spooky season.

Speedster Pokemon Tier List (September 2022)

Speedster Tier List
STalonflame Dodrio
BAbsol Zeraora GengarZoroark
Best Pokemon Tier List

S Tier List Speedster Pokemon

TalonflameTalonflame・Incredible mobility lets you chase down foes easily
・Unite Move can push the entire enemy team away, letting you score.
・Good damage overall
・Aeriel Ace can now be used more frequently with its short cooldown interval
・Gets invulnerable to attacks and hindrances with Fly
DodrioDodrio・Can sprint through lanes with its increased agility from its Spring Gauge.
・Can jump on obstacles and dela damage to anyone it lands with Jump Kick.
・Its Drill Peck provides burst damage and recover it HP with every hit.
・Aeriel Ace can now be used more frequently with its short cooldown interval.
・Gets flexible with Triple Trample which it can use to initiate fights and as an escape tool.

B Tier List Speedster Pokemon

ZeraoraZeraora・Excellent mobility, with Spark providing 3 dashes in a row
・Normal attacks regenerate HP and can paralyze enemies
・Plasma Gale's short charging time makes it extremely useful during clashes
・Its Discharge has been nerfed that significantly reduced its current damage ability
AbsolAbsol・Unite move is good for assassinations, but lacking in teamfight contribution
・Somewhat weak early game, but makes up for it late + can level up fast in the mid lane
・Excellent ganker with its high mobility and DPS
・Clears lanes exceptionally well and has low cooldown time
GengarGengar・Hex/Sludge Bomb combo deals damage due to reset
・Movement speed out of combat is increased, increasing your roam potential
・Rather weak early game, but gains speed in mid-game
・ Difficult for opponents to notice this approach when it is instealth state with Phantom Ambush
ZoroarkZoroark・ Can use Illusion to take the form of another which it can use to distract or sneak up past enemy territory
・Night Slash is a powerful dash attack that you can use to initiate fights
・Recover HP with Cut while dealing damage at the same time
・ Finish off enemies with Nightfall Daze

Speedster Pokemon Character Role - Base Stats

List Of Speedster Pokemon

PokemonBase StatsDifficulty
GengarGengarOffense: 7
Endurance: 4
Mobility: 8
Scoring: 6
Support: 1
TalonflameTalonflameOffense: 5
Endurance: 3
Mobility: 10
Scoring: 7
Support: 1
AbsolAbsolOffense: 7
Endurance: 4
Mobility: 8
Scoring: 5
Support: 1
ZeraoraZeraoraOffense: 7
Endurance: 3
Mobility: 8
Scoring: 6
Support: 1
DodrioDodrioOffense: 6
Endurance: 4
Mobility: 8
Scoring: 8
Support: 1
ZoroarkZoroarkOffense: 7
Endurance: 3
Mobility: 8
Scoring: 4
Support: 1

The Speedster type offers a playstyle with extremely high mobility. It's easy for them to reach the goal by taking advantage of this, so you can expect to be one of your team's main scorers. That being said, Speedsters are a little bit on the squishy side!

Speedster Stats Comparison Table

HP, Defense, & Sp. Defense (Lv15) New!

These are the actual Lv15 stats for all Speedster-type Pokemon without any Held Items equipped.

PokemonHPDef.Sp. Def.

Speedster Role - Best Items For Speedster Pokemon

Held Item - Items That Increase Movement Speed & Attack

Speedsters rely on their speed to harass and chase down enemies. Their bread & butter is Atk (or Sp.Atk), so you'll want to focus on this above all else.

Recommended: Muscle Band For Physical Attackers

ItemItem Effect
Muscle BandMuscle Band Item Effect & Bonus
When basic attacks hit, the damage is increased by 1% of the opposing Pokemon's remaining HP.
・Atk +1
・Basic Atk Speed +0%
Using Muscle Band is highly recommended to Speedsters as it will boost their Physical Attack and Basic Attacks to provide even more damage. However, take note that Gengar uses Sp. Attack and you should equip Wise Glasses instead!
Upgrade Priority

Recommended: Float Stone

ItemItem Effect
Float Stone Float StoneItem Effect & Bonus
Gain 10% movement speed outside of combat.
- Attack +1.6 [Max: +24]
- Movement Speed +0 [Max: 120]
Float Stone increases Attack, but most importantly Movement Speed. For speedsters, Float Stone provides unmatched mobility and some damage increase
Upgrade Priority

Battle Item - Mobility Or Burst Damage

Speedsters benefit greatly from items that get them out of sticky situations. Having items that provide a sudden burst in stats will also help on the occasion they need to burst down a target.

Recommended Battle Items

Item 1Eject ButtonQuickly moves your Pokemon in the designated location.70s
Item 3X-AttackRaises your Pokemon's Atk & Sp. Atk. for a short time.40s
Item 4X-SpeedRaises your Pokemon's Speed for a short time.50s
Item 5Full HealRemoves All Hindrances affecting your Pokemon40s

The speedster-type has low durability and is easy to be KO'd like the attack type. However, due to its high maneuverability, They can easily escape from other than the same battle style.

All Battle Items List

Speedster Role - Lanes & How To Play

Recommended Lane - Mid Lane

Recommended Lane - Mid Lane

The Speedster is good at rushing to support allies by taking advantage of its high maneuverability. If the player is in charge of the central route, it will be easier to go to both the upper and lower routes, and it will be easier to rush. Also, the wild Pokemon in the center will be for the taking without competition.

Which Lanes to Play - Top, Mid, Bottom Lane Roles Guide

Which Wild Pokemon To Attack In The Middle Lane

Middle lane

As a speedster type, we highly suggest that you choose the middle lane and try to go for the Wild Pokemon in the list above. Getting the final Corphish in this route will let you hit level 5, giving you a power spike over most laners. Immediately follow this up with either a lane gank or an enemy jungle invade.

Role - The Assassin

Role - The Assassin

Speedsters take on the assassin / jungler role, often moving independently for the chance to steal enemy Wild Pokemon or harass lone enemy Pokemon. They come with a very high attack & speed to move around easily, but are vulnerable if cornered.

Be Aggressive To Exploit Openings

Be Aggressive To Exploit Openings

When playing as a Speedster, it is vital to be active at all times. Either chase after Wild Pokemon non-stop, looking for a chance to sneakily score, or help with skirmishes to take out enemy Pokemon. A good speedster has the chance to flip the tables and change the outcome of a battle, so make sure to be constantly aware!

Map Guide - Types & Objectives

Vital To Get Fed In The Current Meta

Speedsters, if fed with EXP correctly, can be one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game. It may be prudent to try to feed your Speedster, while doing all you can to harass the enemy team to avoid having their Speedster become unstoppable.

How To Level Up Fast - EXP Farming

Hunt Down Wild Pokemon For EXP Fast

Hunt Down Wild Pokemon For EXP Fast

Due to their great speed & damage, Speedsters can farm EXP from Wild Pokemon to get to higher levels very fast. Position yourself to gain as much EXP from them as you can. Also, while risky, it may sometimes be worth the risk to try to steal the last hit of a tough Wild Pokemon the opposing team is trying to take down.

List Of Wild Pokemon

How To Play Speedster Tips

Travel Between The Grass

Travel Between The Grass

While moving from lane to lane, hop from grass to grass to stay out of sight. This will not only hide your presence, but also act as a way to scout possible opponents hiding in the grass.

Grass (Bush) Guide - Effects & How To Use

Try To Get Dropped Aeos Energy From Enemies

Try To Get Dropped Aeos Energy From Enemies

If the KOed opponent Pokemon has Aeos Energy, the speedster should be given priority in picking up said energy, as they'll have an easier time reaching or sneaking into a goal. An Aeos Energy packed Speedster can flip the outcome of a battle, especially with the 2x points bonus during the last 2 minutes of a battle.

Scoring Guide - How To Score Points

Pay Attention To The Enemy Team's Speedster

Since enemy speedsters are also quite mobile, it can be difficult to escape if you get caught off by them in an unfavorable battle. Pay particular attention to the position of your opponent's speedster on the field and minimap to avoid this.

What To Do During A Match

Time Your Unite Moves

Time Your Unite Moves

A speedster's Unite Move has the potential to do a lot of damage, similar to that of Attackers, so try to plan ahead and save your Unite Moves for major engagements. When using them, you can follow up your teammate's Unite Move to potentially KO multiple enemy Pokemon.

Unite Moves List - Effects & How To Use

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