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Check out this list of all Supporter Pokemon in Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA). Includes Pokemon with the Supporter character role, stats, Supporters best lanes, items & more.

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All Roles List
Attackers Defenders All-Rounders
Speedsters Supporters -

Best Supporter Pokemon Tier List

Hoopa Has Come To Unite! New!


Supporter mains better watch out as Hoopa is getting ready to show off in the Battle Arena soon! Teased a few weeks before, Hoopa is officially announced to join the Supporter roster as its fifth member before February ends. We're excited to know what this new Pokemon has in store for us. Would Hoopa be the next team healer or buffy crowd controller? Stay tuned for upcoming updates or check the links below for more latest news!

Hoopa Build: Guide & Moveset

Supporter Pokemon Tier List (March 2022)

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Supporter Tier List
CMr. Mime
Best Pokemon Tier List

SS Tier Supporter Pokemon

EldegossEldegoss・Maintains its role as a potent team healer with its Synthesis despite previous nerfs
・Powerful Unite move that can turn the tables on teamfights
・ Provide constant shield and buffs to allies
・Can get invincible with Cotton Cloud Crash while healing allies and dealing damage to opponents
HoopaHoopa・ Incredible damage for a Supporter-type Pokemon especially when on its Unbound Form.
・ Can teleport itself as well as allies back and forth in the base or in their intial positions
・ Heal itself from Berries stolen from creating a time-wrap in the other team with Magician
・ Quite tanky and can take on multiple enemies with the numerous survival tools at its disposal

SS Tier Supporter Pokemon

HoopaHoopa・ Incredible damage for a Supporter-type Pokemon especially when on its Unbound Form.
・ Can teleport itself as well as allies back and forth in the base or in their intial positions
・ Heal itself from Berries stolen from creating a time-wrap in the other team with Magician
・ Quite tanky and can take on multiple enemies with the numerous survival tools at its disposal

A Tier Supporter Pokemon

WigglytuffWigglytuff・For a support, it deals ridiculous damage while also passively disabling opponents
・Can stop aggresive Pokemon from their tracks with Sing
・Can disable enemies and lower their defense with its Crowd Control abilities
・Very versatile with the variety of possible builds it can use to adapt to its team's needs
BlisseyBlissey・Soft-Boiled healing is quite potent, can save up charges for teamfights
・Can buff ally attack speed, works very well with certain Attackers
・Lacking in damage
・High HP, but not particularly tanky

C Tier Supporter Pokemon

Mr. MimeMr. Mime・Damage is quite high
・Other support capabilities are low (no healing etc)
・Proper use of the wall can create advantageous situations when taking objectives
・Able to create barriers to hinder enemy movement

Supporter Pokemon Character Role - Base Stats

List Of Supporter Pokemon

PokemonBase StatsDifficulty
WigglytuffWigglytuffOffense: 2
Endurance: 5
Mobility: 5
Scoring: 4
Support: 9
Mr. MimeMr. MimeOffense: 3
Endurance: 8
Mobility: 2
Scoring: 3
Support: 8
EldegossEldegossOffense: 3
Endurance: 4
Mobility: 5
Scoring: 5
Support: 8
BlisseyBlisseyOffense: 2
Endurance: 7
Mobility: 3
Scoring: 3
Support: 9
HoopaHoopaOffense: 6
Endurance: 4
Mobility: 6
Scoring: 4
Support: 7

Supporter Stats Comparison Table

HP, Defense, & Sp. Defense (Lv15) New!

These are the actual Lv15 stats for all Supporter-type Pokemon without any Held Items equipped.

PokemonHPDef.Sp. Def.
Mr. MimeMr. Mime9,402420361

Supporter Role - Best Items For Supporter Pokemon

Held Item - Move Cooldown & HP

Supporters mainly buff/heal allies and debuff enemies, so being able to use their moves more often can help in many fights. Having more HP is also a great benefit, as it helps you stay alive in combat for longer. With that, they can stay in the field to aid their other teammates for longer periods of time.

Recommended Item: Shell Bell

ItemItem Effect
Shell Bell Shell Bell・Restore at least 45 HP when you land an ability. The higher your Sp. Atk, the more HP you recover.
・Sp. Atk +1.6,
・Move Cooldown -0%
Shell Bell lets Supporters use their moves more often after some upgrades. At higher levels, this will help you pull ahead at key battles where everyone is spamming their moves. The healing provided will also help your Pokemon stay on the field longer during key battles.
Upgrade Priority

Recommended Item: Wise Glasses

ItemItem Effect
Wise Glasses Wise Glasses・Sp. Atk is increased by 3%.
・Sp. Atk +10 [Max: 39]
Supporters use Sp. Attack rather than Physical Attack, so using Wise Glasses significantly increases their damage.
Upgrade Priority

Battle Item - Healing Or Anti-Crowd Control

Supporters need to be able to respond to debuffs or crowd control for them to effectively support the team when they are needed the most. Full Heal can work well in most situations, while Eject Button can also help with positioning. For squishier Supporters, Potion may let them stay a bit longer on the field.

All Battle Items List

Recommended Battle Items

Item 5Full HealRemoves All Hindrances affecting your Pokemon40s
Item 1Eject ButtonQuickly moves your Pokemon in the designated location.70s
Item 2PotionRestore some of your Pokemon's HP30s

Supporter Role - Lanes & How To Play

Preferred Lane - Bottom

Preferred Lane - Bottom

Supports would do well to head to the bottom lane in most games. Your support will be necessary when team fights happen, and in the current meta, it's very likely that a large battle will happen to contest Drednaw when it spawns - you'll want to be there for that!.

Which Lanes to Play - Top, Mid, Bottom Lane Roles Guide

Which Wild Pokemon To Attack On The Bottom Lane

Bottom Lane
Click to Enlarge

As a supporter type, we highly suggest that you choose the bottom lane and try to go for the middle Audino. Getting this will provide you with a lead over the enemy team.

Stay Flexible By Checking The Map Often

While it's important to stick to a lane in the beginning phase, don't forget to check the minimap to be aware of the situation and be ready to provide a helping hand when the needs arrive. Pay close attention to key choke points and conflict zones.

Map Guide - Types & Objectives

Pokemon That Assist Other Pokemon

Pokemon That Assist Other Pokemon

A Supporter is a Pokemon that assists other Pokemon by buffing them, healing them or causing debuffs & disruptions on the enemy team. They function more effectively when paired with other teammates to complete certain tasks that might be impossible alone.

Come With Some Crowd Control

Come With Some Crowd Control

Supporter Moves can heal / buff allies while some can debuff/push enemies. They can also affect the playing field (like Mr. Mime's Barrier). Knowing the characteristics of these moves is paramount to effectively support your allies.

All Moves List - Effects & Pokemon

Focus On Supporting Your Team First

The main goal for a Supporter is to enable your high damage dealer or other key roles to function better, which includes helping them stay alive. This is so that these core roles can grow stronger & effective to start tipping the tide of the battle to your team's favor. Think about how you can help your team better instead of just focusing on trying to do damage yourself and acting alone.

Stick With Attacker Or All-Rounder Type Pokemon

Support type Pokemon can fill the role as a Defense type Pokemon with heals or disrupts. It is highly recommended to stick with Attacker or All-Rounder type Pokemon instead of Defender type Pokemon in the same lane to make sure there's enough damage in all lanes to push away enemy aggression.

Avoid Going Solo When Using Support Pokemon

Avoid Going Solo When Using Support Pokemon

Most of the Support-type Pokemon Moves are the most effective when there are allies nearby. Thus, it is important to try to support your allies instead of acting alone.

9 Things Not To Do & Mistakes You Should Avoid

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