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Check out this Pokemon list of all All-Rounder character in Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA). Includes Pokemon with All-Rounder character Role, stats, lanes, All-Rounders best items & more!

Table of Contents

All Roles List
Attackers Defenders All-Rounders
Speedsters Supporters -

Best All-Rounder Pokemon Tier List

All-Rounder Pokemon Tier

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S Tier Pokemon
B Tier Pokemon
Garchomp Machamp Charizard
Best Pokemon Tier List

S Tier All-Rounder Pokemon

PokemonRole / Recommended Lane
・Relatively bulky thanks to passive
・Great overall damage and mobility
・Unite Move is incredible for sniping objectives

B Tier All-Rounder Pokemon

PokemonRole / Recommended Lane
・Good mobility and crowd control with Dig
・Unite Move is lethal, albeit somewhat hard to use
・Early game is too weak, takes too long to ramp up.
・Excellent damage
・Cross Chop was nerfed quite substantially
・The shoving component of its Unite Move is very powerful in teamfights
・Damage was buffed recently, in a decent spot
・Unite Move can isolate and take out important targets
・A little bit too well-rounded, lacks a real strength

All-Rounder Pokemon Character Role - Stats

List Of All-Rounder Pokemon

PokemonBase StatsDifficulty
CharizardCharizardOffense: (7)
Endurance: (6)
Mobility: (5)
Scoring: (6)
Support: (1)
GarchompGarchompOffense: (7)
Endurance: (7)
Mobility: (5)
Scoring: (5)
Support: (1)
LucarioLucarioOffense: (6)
Endurance: (5)
Mobility: (7)
Scoring: (6)
Support: (1)
MachampMachampOffense: (8)
Endurance: (5)
Mobility: (5)
Scoring: (5)
Support: (2)

All-Rounder Role - Best Items For All-Rounder Pokemon

Held Item - Boost Attack Or HP

For All-Rounders, the best held item will depend on its role in the team - is it more focused on offense or defense? The rule of thumb when going bruiser is to choose items that give damage. If you're going more defensive, look for HP & Def.

Best Held Item Upgrade - Which To Prioritize?

Recommended: Muscle Band

ItemItem Effect
Muscle BandMuscle Band ・When basic attacks hit, the damage is increased by 1% of the opposing Pokemon's remaining HP.
・Atk +1
・Basic Atk Speed +0%
All-Rounders are currently all physical damage dealers, so this item works very well. The attack speed is also quite helpful in any lane, including middle!
Upgrade Priority

Recommended: Rocky Helmet

ItemItem Effect
Rocky Helmet Rocky Helmet ・When you take damage, deal damage to nearby enemy Pokemon equal to 3% of your max HP.
・HP +18
・Defense +0
For All-Rounders looking for extra defense. The Rocky Helmet provides more HP for impromptu protection. The added Defense after upgrades may be helpful but may not be as beefy as a full-blown Defender, so keep that in mind.
Upgrade Priority

Recommended: Assault Vest

ItemItem Effect
Assault Vest Assault Vest・When outside of combat, gain a shield for 9% of your max health that makes you immune to Sp. Atk damage.
-HP +18
-Sp. Def +0
Assault Vest increases HP while providing the holder additional Sp. Def against moves, enhancing survivability. This is a good Held Item for All-Rounder who fight against Sp. Atk type Pokemon.
Upgrade Priority

Battle Item - Mobility Or Defensive

As All-Rounder will need to react fast to the changing environment, items that increase their mobility or prevent them from being locked down in crowd control can be of great help. Some All-Rounders can choose other items since their moves already compensate for the effects of these items.

All Battle Items List

Recommended Battle Items

Item 1Eject ButtonQuickly moves your Pokemon in the designated location.70s
Item 5Full HealRemoves All Hindrances affecting your Pokemon40s
Item 4X-SpeedRaises your Pokemon's Speed for a short time.50s
Item 2PotionRestore some of your Pokemon's HP30s

All-Rounder Role - Lanes & How To Play

Recommended For All Lanes

Lanes - Top Or Bottom

All-Rounders are extremely flexible and can be dispatched to any lane you wish. For the fastest exp, you'll want to send them middle - this can be particularly useful for All-Rounders that rely on evolving to hit their power spike (such as Garchomp). Consider the needs of your team when choosing your lane!

Which Lanes to Play Roles Guide

Which Wild Pokemon To Attack In The Top Lane

Top Lane
Click to Enlarge
Recommended Order
Aipom → Aipom → Aipom → Corphish → Aipom

If you went ahead to the top lane, we suggest that you focus on taking out the Corphish in the middle first, to ensure that you get more exp than your enemy.

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Which Wild Pokemon To Attack In The Mid Lane

Middle lane
Click to Enlarge
Recommended Order
Lillipup → LudicoloBoufallant → Corphish → Corphish

If you went ahead to the mid lane, try to go for Lillipup first to gain enough EXP to capture Ludicolo and Boufallant which you can use the two Jungle Buffs to slow down and KO your opponents.

Which Wild Pokemon To Attack In The Bottom Lane

Bottom Lane
Click to Enlarge
Recommended Order
Aipom → Aipom → Aipom → Audino → Audino

If you went ahead to the bottom lane, try to go for the wild Pokemon in the above order. You'll want to lock down the top Audino to ensure that you get its valuable experience instead of your opponent.

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Bruiser Multipurpose Role

Bruiser Multipurpose Role

All-Rounders have part of the stats of both Attackers & Defenders, and are be able to function as both these roles in a somewhat reduced capacity. They can deal decent damage while taking a beating here and there. They are highly flexible and can adapt swiftly when the situation demands it.

Pokemon (Character) List

Reccomended To Use As Attacker/Defender


All-Rounder Types are more on the attack/defense type of Pokemon since they are quite versatile. Focus on leading the charge or create fights aggressively instead of passively waiting.

All Supporters List

How To Play An All-Rounder

Behave Similarly To Attackers

Behave Similarly To Attackers

When it comes to gameplay, All-Rounders behave somewhat similarly to Attackers. In the early game, you'll want to prioritize knocking out wild Pokemon to get exp and get your all abilities. Later on, you'll want to start leading fights and take out Wild Pokemon Bosses like Rotom & Drednaw.

All Attackers List

Fight On The Front Lines

Fight On The Front Lines

All-Rounders tend to be bulky enough to pick fights and should aim to be in the front lines trying to take out other Pokemon. Defeating enemy Pokemon will temporarily prevent them from gaining exp, and create opening for goals.

Scoring Guide - How To Score Points

Watch Out For Attackers

Watch Out For Attackers

Attackers in general tend to have longer range than All-Rounders, which can lead to disadvantageous battles for you if you cannot close the distance. If the fight looks to be shaping up poorly for you, don't be afraid to retreat quickly and bide your time.

How To Play & Tips

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