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How To Level Up Fast - EXP Farming
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How To Level Up Fast - EXP Farming

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Check out this how to level up fast guide in Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA). This includes best EXP farming methods, how to get EXP fast, priority Pokemon, Wild Pokemon locations, and more.

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How To Level Up Fast / Best EXP Farming

1Last hit enemy pokemon
2Farm wild Pokemon
3Defeat Dreadnaw (Remoat Stadium exclusive)
4Score points at Goals
5Use EXP Share

1. Last Hit Enemy Pokemon

Last Hit Enemy Pokemon

When farming for EXP, the Pokemon who gets the last hit on another Pokemon will receive higher EXP. Players who helped to defeat the Pokemon but did not do the last hit will still receive EXP, but it will be approximately half of what the finisher gets.

Click Here For Last Hitting Guide!

Applies To Both Wild & Opposing Pokemon

Applies To Both Wild & Opposing Pokemon

This EXP mechanic is also applied when defeating enemy team Pokemon. If you don't really need the EXP, try not to kill steal from your teammates who need to level up more than you.

2. Farm Wild Pokemon

 Farm Wild Pokemon

The most common way to gain EXP is by farming the Wild Pokemon found around the map. You can find them in most parts of the map. They have a set spawn location making it easy to create a farming route.

List Of Wild Pokemon

Recommended Farming Location: Bottom Mid (Remoat Stadium)

Recommended Farming Location: Bottom Mid (Remoat Stadium)

The cluster of Pokemon around the Drednaw spawn area in Remoat Stadium is one of the best places to farm for EXP. The plentiful Audino, Vespiqueen & Combee there will make it very easy to level up.

Which Lanes to Play Guide

Some Pokemon Give Higher EXP

Some Pokemon Give Higher EXP

There are some Pokemon that naturally give more EXP than others. You can identify them by the number above their nameplate. Generally speaking, the higher their hit points are, the more EXP you'll get.

Defeat Drednaw (Remoat Stadium)

Defeat Drednaw (Remoat Stadium)

Drednaw is one of the boss Pokemon that will spawn in Remoat Stadium. When defeated, it will give all the players on the team that defeat it a huge amount of EXP. At the early stage of the game, it's likely this will be enough to level you up!

Drednaw Guide

Only Applicable In Remoat Stadium

Note that Drednaw only spawns in the 5v5 map Remoat Stadium. It's located at the lowest ridge of the bottom lane near the very center of the map.

4. Scoring Points At The Opponent's Goal

Scoring Points At The Opponent

Scoring will also provide you with a little bit of experience as well! During the final 2 minutes of a match, your score and EXP gain will double.

Scoring Guide - How To Score Points

5. Use EXP Share

EXP ShareEXP ShareWhile the Pokemon has the fewest Exp. Points on its team, it gains 2 Exp. Points per second. In addition, when a nearby teammate defeats a wild Pokemon, that teammate gains slightly more Exp. Points.

EXP Share is a a valuable Held Item particularly for Supports, since you'll find yourself being the lowest exp person on the team!

Level Up Guide

Get Stronger As You Level Up

Get Stonger As You Level Up

Leveling up increases your overall health, allowing you to take up more damage before being KO'd. This is a must especially towards endgame when enemies hit harder.

How To Play Tips & Guide

Being Lower Level Puts You At A Disadvantage

When fighting against enemies, level difference matters. Being at lower level puts you at a clear disdvantage as they can hit harder and take on more damage. Do not fight against an enemy that is 2 levels above you.

Some Pokemon Evolve When They Reach Specific Levels

Some Pokemon Evolve When They Reach Specific Levels

Some, but not all Pokemon can evolve when they reach specific levels. Evolution level and the number of evolution stages depend on which Pokemon you are using.

Evolution Guide - How To Evolve

New Moves Unlocked When Leveling Up

New Moves Unlocked When Leveling Up

Another benefit to leveling up is that you can unlock new moves! Same as with evolution, the levels at which you get new moves and what type of moves you can get also depend on the Pokemon you have.

All Moves List - Effects & Pokemon

Passive EXP Throughout The Match

▲The EXP bar around the player's level increases every second.

Players gain passive EXP at a constant rate throughout the game. Despite the fact that it is not much, it will help you in closing the gap between you and the other players in the game.

Passive EXP Won't Evolve Pokemon

Yellow EXP Before Evolving

The yellow EXP in the player's level is the passive EXP obtained when your Pokemon is one level before evolving. But having this EXP won't let you actually level up and evolve your Pokemon, you'll need to get a list hit to do this.

Pokemon Without Evolution Don't Have Yellow EXP

Pokemon without an evolution (such as Lucario) will receive passive exp normally, but do not have a yellow indicator, as they do not evolve in-game.

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