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Power Spike Guide - When Pokemon Get Stronger

Power Spike Guide - When Pokemon Get Stronger | Pokemon UNITE

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Check out when each Pokemon gets stronger in Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA). This includes the advantages of learning when Pokemon level up. when they learn new moves, & more.

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When Each Pokemon Power Spikes Up

Depends On The Pokemon

Depending On The Pokemon

Even if you are the same level as your opponents, the timing of when you each get stronger will vary greatly according to each Pokemon's evolution level and when they learn new moves. Even if your Pokemon evolves first, the one who obtains new moves first will have the advantage.

Learning When Pokemon Obtain New Moves Is A Plus

By learning the level each Pokemon evolves or learns new moves, you can make more informed decisions on when to attack and when not to. If your opponent has their next move and you don't, you'll want to back up and farm exp instead.

Summary Of Each Move Change

※You can search the Pokemon name above!

PokemonLevel & Move Changes
VenusaurVenusaurVenusaurLevel 5: Learns Sludge Bomb or Giga Drain
Level 7: Learns Solar Beam or Petal Dance
Level 9: Evolved to Venusaur + Learns Verdant Anger
CharizardCharizardCharizardLevel 5: Learns Flamethrower or Fire Punch
Level 7: Learns Fire Blast or Flare Blitz
Level 9: Evolved to Charizard + Learns Seismic Slam
BlastoiseBlastoiseBlastoiseLevel 5: Learns Hydro Pump or Water Spout
Level 7: Learns Surf or Rapid Spin
Level 9: Evolved to Blastoise + Learns Hydro Typhoon
PikachuPikachuPikachuLevel 4: Learns Electro Ball or Thunder
Level 6: Learns Volt Tackle or Thunderbolt
Level 9: Learns Thunder Storm
Alolan NinetalesAlolan NinetalesAlolan NinetalesLevel 4: Evolved to Alolan Ninetales + Learns Avalanche or Dazzling Gleam
Level 6: Learns Blizzard or Aurora Veil
Level 9: Learns Snow Globe
WigglytuffWigglytuffWigglytuffLevel 4: Evolved to Wigglytuff + Learns Rollout or Sing
Level 6: Learns Double Slap or Dazzling Gleam
Level 8: Learns Starlight Recital
MachampMachampMachampLevel 5: Evolved to Machoke + Learns Dynamic Punch or Submission
Level 7: Learns Close Combat or Cross Chop
Level 9: Evolved to Machamp + Learns Barrage Blow
SlowbroSlowbroSlowbroLevel 4: Evolved to Slowbro + Learns Scald or Surf
Level 6: Learns Amnesia or Telekinesis
Level 9: Learns Slowbeam
GengarGengarGengarLevel 5: Evolved to Haunter+ Learns Shadow Ball or Sludge Bomb
Level 7: Learns Dream Eater or Hex
Level 9: Evolved to Gengar + Learns Phantom Ambush
Mr. MimeMr. MimeMr. MimeLevel 4: Learns Confusion or Psychic
Level 6: Learns Barrier or Guard Swap
Level 9: Learns Showtime
SnorlaxSnorlaxSnorlaxLevel 6: Learns Heavy Slam or Flail
Level 8: Learns Block or Yawn
Level 10: Learns Power Nap
BlisseyBlisseyBlisseyLevel 4: Evolved to Blissey + Learns Soft-Boiled or Safeguard
Level 6: Learns Egg Bomb or Helping Hand
Level 8: Learns Bliss Assistance
GardevoirGardevoirGardevoirLevel 6: Evolved to Kirlia + Learns Psyshock or Future Sight
Level 8: Learns Psychic or Moonblast
Level 10: Evolved to Gardevoir + Learns Fairy Singularity
AbsolAbsolAbsolLevel 5: Learns Night Slash or Pursuit
Level 7: Learns Psycho Cut or Sucker Punch
Level 9: Learns Midnight Slash
GarchompGarchompGarchompLevel 6: Evolved to Gabite + Learns Dig orDragon Rush
Level 8: Learns Earthquake or Dragon Claw
Level 10: Evolved to Garchomp + Learns Livid Outrage
LucarioLucarioLucarioLevel 5: Learns Extreme Speed or Power-Up Punch
Level 7: Learns Bone Rush or Close Combat
Level 9: Learns Aura Cannon
CrustleCrustleCrustleLevel 4: Evolved to Crustle + Learns Rock Tomb or Shell Smash
Level 6: Learns Stealth Rock or X-Scissor
Level 9: Learns Rubble Rouser
GreninjaGreninjaGreninjaLevel 5: Evolved to Frogadier + Learns Double Team or Smokescreen
Level 7: Evolved to Greninja + Learns Water Shuriken or Surf
Level 9: Learns Waterburst Shuriken
TalonflameTalonflameTalonflameLevel 5: Evolved to Fletchinder + Flame Charge or Aerial Ace
Level 7: Learns Fly or Brave Bird
Level 9: Evolved to Talonflame + Learns Talonflame
ZeraoraZeraoraZeraoraLevel 6: Learns Volt Switch or Spark
Level 8: Learns Discharge or Wild Charge
Level 10: Learns Plasma Gale
CinderaceCinderaceCinderaceLevel 7: Evolved to Cinderace + Learns Pyro Ball or Blaze Kick
Level 8: Learns Flame Charge or Feint
Level 9: Learns Blazing Bicycle Kick
EldegossEldegossEldegossLevel 4: Evolved to Eldegoss + Learns Pollen Puff or Leaf Tornado
Level 6: Learns Cotton Guard or Cotton Spore
Level 9: Learns Cotton Cloud Crash
CramorantCramorantCramorantLevel 4: Learns Hurricane or Air Slash
Level 6: Learns Surf or Dive
Level 9: Learns Gatling Gulp Missile

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