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Snowball Battle In Shivre City is a new Quick Battle Map in Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA)! Includes how to play, snowman, new Battle Items, Articuno spawn time, moves & poses.

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Snowball Battle Latest News & Updates

New Adjustments In Snowball Battle In Shiver City!New!

There have been some adjustments and fixes made in the Snowball Battle in Shiver City this December 28, 2021. Pokemon turned to Snowmen during the Snowball Battle will get a protection shield for a brief period of time after it regains its normal form. The duration was also shortened from the recent adjustments so the snow will melt faster. Battle results not showing when viewing the Snowball Battle match in Spectator mode was also fixed.

Official Tweet Update

New Special Battle Items For Snowball Battle!

Along with Snorlax's newfound blocking power with Cook Style, there has been a change in the current battle items in the Snowball Battle. A few new ones were added recently, here's a sneak peek at the following new items:

  • Magnet Puller
  • Returning Smoke
  • Goal Zone Booster
  • UNITE Ball Charger

Now you can call out your team when you use the Unite Ball Charger. Check out the list of other battle items here.

Snorlax Build:
Best Items & Moveset Guide

Snowball Battle In Shivre City Overview

Needed For The Illumination Challenge

Snowball Battle
Event Duration
December 15, 2021 to January 16, 2022

Participating in the Snowball Battle In Shivre City is needed to complete the various missions in the Illumination Challenge. The Illumination Challenge is an event held for Christmas from December 15, 2021, to January 16, 2022 (a total of 32 days). Here you'll be able to earn lights and claim rewards while the event is still up.

Illumination Challenge Guide

Gain Snowflakes For Photo Contest

Pokemon UNITE Photo Challenge Missions

Participating in Snowball Battles in Shivre City helps the players to collect Snowflakes faster. These are limited Quick Battles and gives the highest snowflakes of 30 compared to all the Quick Matches out there.

Photo Challenge: Guide & Rewards

What's Different In Shivre City?

When playing Snowball Battle mode in Shiver City, there are several things that you might find different from the regular Shiver City map.

No Yellow Berries

The usual Yellow Berries that appear on the side paths won't be there to provide HP recovery.

Normal Battle Items Can't Be Used

You won't be able to use the usual Battle Items in the Snowball Battle in Shiver City. Although Special Battle Items can be acquired by hunting down wild Delibirds. A gift box will appear once you knock them out. These transform into special battle items that are only available during this event.

Snowman & What You Can Do

Turn Into A Snowman When KO-ed


In this map, all players both your teammates and enemies will turn into a Snowman when KO-ed. While you're a Snowman, the buttons used for your moves will be turned into specific motions and poses you can try as you wait for your respawn.

Snowman Reactions

▲The KO'd Pokemon is using the Attack (A) button to jump.

When transformed into a Snowman, you won't be able to move nor attack although you can do several actions. The normal basic attack allows it to jump and while the normal moves are replaced by different emote expressions like cheering, waving, and giving a thumbs-up.

Snowman Reaction - Cheer

When pressing R button or Move 1 button, the snowman looks at the camera while closing its fist to show that it's rooting for the allies.

Snowman Reaction - Pose

When pressing ZR or Move 2 button, the snowman tilts a bit like it is posing to the camera.

Snowman Reaction - Good Job!

When pressing ZL or the Unite Move button, the snowman giving a thumbs up to the direction its looking at.

Articuno Spawn Time & Status Effect

Articuno Instead Of Avalugg

Effects• Upon capturing Articuno, all allies gain 15 Aeos Energy Points while attacking all opponents within the range.
• Opponents that were hit with Articuno's attack will be frozen for about 2 seconds.
• Teams who capture Articuno can instantly score on opponents' goals for 15 seconds.
Appearance Time2 minutes after the match starts.
Respawn Time2 minutes after Articuno is captured.
AreaMiddle Lane

The wild Avalugg that usually appears in the Shivre City map is replaced with Articuno for the Snowball Battle! It first spawns after 2 minutes have passed since the start of the match, and will respawn 2 minutes after it gets KO-ed. If you KO Articuno, you'll receive the following effects: 1) your allies will gain 15 Aeos Energy, 2) the opponents you hit in range will be frozen for around 2 seconds, and 3) reach your enemy's goal within 15 seconds.

Avalugg Guide - Spawn Location & Strategy Guide

Articuno - Move Details

Powder Snow

EffectsDeals damage to Pokemon in a fan-shaped area

On the clip above, Articuno is using Powder Snow which deals damage to a Pokemon in a straight area, but it widens to the end, resembling a fan.


EffectsDeals damage to surrounding Pokemon

When Articuno activates Freeze-Dry, the affected area will be covered in ice which deals damage to Pokemon near it.

Ice Beam

EffectsDeals damage to Pokemon within a line

When Articuno uses Ice Beam, it deals damage within a single line, but it is avoidable as there will be an indication that it will unleash the move.


EffectsDeals continuous damage to surrounding Pokemon

Like, Freeze-Dry, when Articuno uses Blizzard, the surrounding will be covered in ice, but the actual damage is based on the hail it drops to the area of effect. Also, the area affected is smaller than the Freeze-Dry move.

Special Battle Items & Effects

New Event Battle Items

There are several new Battle Items you can try using in this map! These Battle Items are in rotation and may change from time to time. Currently, the 2nd Set of Battle Items is available in the Snowbattle in Shiver City.

1st Set Of Battle Items

Battle Item Special Effects
repositioner Repositioner Switch places with your target. Furthermore, the target's movement speed is limited for a certain length of time, and you get a shield.
snowballSnowball Attack by rolling in the specified direction. The Pokemon that is hit by the attack is rendered disabled for a certain amount of time.
Recovery BombRecovery Bomb Push back opponents who get near its vicinity. Provides HP recovery and helps melt frozen ally snowmen faster
Gravity SmokeGravity SmokeIf this item hits an enemy Pokemon, it fires a puff of smoke that slows down the enemy movement speed for a limited time. It also draws all enemies within its vicinity, rendering them immobile for a brief period of time.
Pokemon PropellerPokemon Propeller Gives a gust of wind in the given direction. As you go along the breeze, the pace of your movement increases. Furthermore, enemies hit during this is quickly immobilized briefly.

2nd Set Of Battle Items

Battle Item Special Effects
snowballSnowball Attack by rolling in the specified direction. The Pokemon that is hit by the attack is rendered disabled for a certain amount of time.
Magnet PullerMagnet PullerIt releases a magnet that drags an opponent Pokemon toward the user and temporarily decreases that its movement speed.
Returning SmokeReturning SmokeWhen you touch the opponent, it emits smoke that spreads. The opponent who touches the smoke travels back to the opponent team's starting position.
Goal Zone BoosterGoal Zone BoosterIt temporarily increases shield and HP recovery effects when used within or near an ally goal zone.
UNITE Ball ChargerUNITE Ball ChargerSpeeds up the charge time when scoring goals and increases the user's mobility for a brief period of time.
All Battle Items List

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