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Check out this Pokemon Unite (Pokemon MOBA) on the best settings. Learn about recommended settings, tips, & button control settings for Switch, Mobile Android and iOS.

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Recommended Settings

Switch & Mobile Versions Are Mostly The Same

Settings for both versions of Pokemon Unite are more or less the same. The only big difference between them is the control scheme. Even so, the way you can modify the controls are somewhat similar.

Recommended Settings Summary

Recommended Settings Summary
Frame RateHigh
Language SettingEnglish (Player's Choice)
View Fashion Items with Trainer MotionsManual
Vibrate FunctionOff
Text ChatOn
Voice ChatOn
Colorblind SupportOn

Language Settings

Aside from the default, you may choose 7 other language options available in the Menu for a more immersive gaming experience.

Language Settings Guide

High Framerate Is The Best

High Framerate Is The Best

You should set the frame rate to High. The goal here is to smoothly see each player's movements. Higher framerates can also be easy on the eyes, allowing you to perform quicker moves & actions! Note that this setting will consume a lot more power.

Turn Off The Vibration

Vibration Off

We recommend you leave most system settings set to "on". However, we recommend you turn off the vibration function, as it could cause you to accidentally press the wrong button at times.

Keep Your Voice Chat On

Keep Your Voice Chat On

Always turn your voice chat on so you can speak with your allies during the battle. Doing so will make it much easier to work with your team. We still recommend that you keep your voice chat on even if you can't use a microphone, just so you can hear what your teammates are saying.

Text Chat Should Be On Too

If there's an instance where you can't use your microphone, then you can always use Text Chat to communicate with your team. You can customize this in the Language Settings.

Voice Chat & In-Game Chat Guide

Learn The Settings Of The Pros

Learn The Settings Of The Pros

This is the list of the settings of some Pro players in Pokemon Unite based on their streams. Note that this is used as a guide to help players decide what control settings they may use to play the game easier and comfortably. You can also check out the best control settings to use below.

Pro Settings Guide

Recommended Controls Settings

Recommended Controls Summary

Basic Control Settings

Opponent Lock-On PriorityLowest Remaining HP (Value)
Attack ControlsAdvanced
Automatic Basic AttacksOff
Boosted Attack GaugeOn
Lock-On IconOn
In-Motion Pursuit DistanceStandard
In-Motion Pursuit ModeOn
Scoring ControlsHold Button Down
Move Canceling Controls
(Mobile Only)
Slide away
Move Panel Sensitivity
(Mobile Only)
Slide away
Camera Follows MovesOff
Move Aim Follows Movement DirectionOff
Move Aim Snaps To Nearby TargetsOn
MiniMap PositionTop-Left of Screen (Default)
Move Learning ControlsSingle Button

Camera Sensitivity

Minimap HiddenLow (Default)
Minimap ShownMid (Default)

Aim Assist Settings

Aim AssistSensitivity Assist
Aim Assist: Valid DistanceRecommended
Aim Assist: Invalid DistanceRecommended
Aim Assist SensitivityRecommended

Set Attack Targets To Advanced To Separate Targets

Set Attack Targets To Advanced To Separate Targets
Mobile Attack Controls

Setting your Attack Targets to advance modes will let you choose to attack Enemy Pokemon or Wild Pokemon. This can be done with the addition of another button that you can press to attack Wild Pokemon. This will prevent mistargeting when fighting near crowds of Wild Pokémons.

Choose The Attack Direction Manually According To The Battle

Lock-On Icon

For the Nintendo Switch, the normal attack and ability direction can be manually selected by tilting the right control stick to the right direction. This is known as the "Lock-on" feature, and we strongly recommend getting used to it, as it will let you target specific foes in more chaotic teamfights.

List Of Settings That Automatically Adjust The Attack Direction

  • Lock-On Icon
  • In-Motion Pursuit Distance
  • In-Motion Pursuit Mode

Basic Attack Is Recommended To Be Done Manually

When the basic attack is turned to auto, there is a chance that unintentional attacks will occur when you don't want to attack. This is especially true when you are hiding in the grass. We recommended having Automatic Basic Attacks set to manual.

Make It Easier To Know What Attack You’re On

 Know What Attack You’re On

If you do 3 normal attacks in a row, the 3rd will be a powered-up attack. If you turn on the display of powerful attacks, it will be easier for you to know which attack you're currently on.

Mobile Only: Cancelling Moves

Slide to Icon
Slide to icon
Slide Away
Slide away

For the mobile version, the recommended setting is Slide away. The default requires you to move your finger far up to cancel moves. The Slide away option is faster and more intuitive than the default one. For the Switch version, a button press while aiming simply cancels the move.

How To Cancel Abilities & Moves

Mobile Only: Move Panel Sensitivity

Move Panel Sensitivity

Move Panel Sensitivity allows you to carefully tweak the speed of your move direction when aiming. At its lowest setting, it takes time to change direction when aiming. When set to maximum, switching directions or doing a 180-degree target swap is almost instantaneous. The recommended setting is maximum.

What Is Move Aim Follows Movement Direction?


This setting moves the reticle towards direction where your Pokemon is looking at. This can be extremely useful with Dash moves as placement may determine the success or failure of your skill. Also, note that this settings varies depending on the move and some moves may not be affected.

What Is Move Aim Snaps To Nearby Targets?


This setting snaps moves to a certain target. It can be pretty helpful if used with very mobile Pokemon as the targeting reticle remains locked-on even while in motion.

Learn New Moves With A Single Button

Learn New Moves with a single button

In the Nintendo Switch Version, set "Move Learning Controls" to "Single Button" to easily access new skills once you unlock them. This can be pretty useful if you find yourself unlocking new moves during a fight.

Switch Controller - Control & Button Layout

Switch Controls Layout Chart

Switch Controls Layout

Keybinds & Controls Chart

ZL Unite Move L View Map
- Minimap On/Off L1 Movement
Up Quick Chat Right Learn Move 2
Left Learn Move 1 down Teleport To Base
ZR Move 2 R Move 1
+ Open Menu A Attack
B Cancel Move X Score
Y Battle Items R Block Move Targeting
R Down View Details - -

Keybinds Can Be Changed

If you do not want to use the default controls for Pokemon Unite, you can change each action's button setting. You can do this by navigating to the Button Settings menu and choosing the action or button that you want to alter.

Mobile Device (Android & iOS) - Key Control & Button Layout

Mobile Controls Layout

Mobile Control Layout

Move Using The Left D-Pad

You can slide the left D-pad to control your Pokemon's movement. You can adjust the settings for the sensitivity of this directional button.

Moves & Items On The Right

 Moves On The Right

Most of the actions that you can make are located at the lower-right hand side of the screen. Normal attack occupies the largest space with the Pokemon's unique moves surrounding it.

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