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Welcome to our guide on Pokemon UNITE, the Pokemon MOBA style real time team-battle game. Learn about the new Pokemon game on Switch & Mobile, including gameplay, release date, game details, latest news, and more!!

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Pokemon Unite - Release Date & Basic Info

Release DateJuly (Switch)
September (Mobile)
PlatformSwitch, Mobile
Official SitePokemon Unite Official Site
PriceFree to play
GenreStrategic team battle (MOBA)

Pokemon Unite - Latest News & Update

July 2021 Switch Release

On June 16th it was officially confirmed that Pokemon Unite will be coming out on Switch in July 2021. The Mobile version will follow 2 months later in September.

Official Pokemon Unite Site (JP)

Japan-Only Beta June 24th-26th


Another Beta version of the game will be available from June 24th to 26th, but only for the Switch and for players in Japan. You will not need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription to participate.

Beta - Release Date & Access

Important News Announcement On June 17!

 Important News Announcement On June 17

It has been announced through official channels that "An important #PokemonUNITE news update is coming" on June 17 (Thursday)! Stay tuned for the latest news & update here at Gamewith!

Release Date & Latest News

Want To Know The Latest Pokemon Unite News?

Want To Know The Latest Pokemon Unite News?

Check out Gamewith's official twitter page for Pokemon Unite to stay up to date on the latest news and updates! Remember to hit the follow and notify button to see tweets as soon as they're out!

Possible Pokemon Unite News During E3 Nintendo Direct

Possible Pokemon Unite News During E3 Nintendo Direct

Nintendo has officially announced the date and schedule of their Nintendo Direct during this year's E3. On June 15 9AM PT, Nintendo will release exclusive news about their upcoming titles, which may include Pokemon Unite!

Official Nintendo Direct Tweet

BETA Access Could Come Back In June

Tweeted by the TiMi Studio Group, something is coming in June, with a high possibility that it has to do with Pokemon Unite's 2nd BETA. We can't be sure, but we can certainly hope!

Possible BETA Release Date

Reveal Trailer Might Be Releasing Soon

A tweet by Pokemon Unite's developer is hinting at an upcoming reveal trailer for a "franchise beloved for decades". It's highly likely that it will be Pokemon Unite's much-awaited reveal trailer!

Official TiMi Studio Tweet

Release Date Unknown

As of yet, the release date for the game has not been announced, so we'll have to stay tuned for more updates!

BETA Access Closed Last March

Beta Concluded In March

Currently, BETA access to the game has been cut off with the conclusion of the latest BETA Tests. It's speculated that the next round of BETA testing might be in September.

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Announced During Pokemon Presents Broadcast

Free To Play

Pokemon Unite was first revealed during the Pokemon Presents broadcast last June 24, 2020. It features a short trailer and brief look into the new Pokemon MOBA game.

Confirmed As Free To Play

One of the most important announcements of the reveal was that Pokemon Unite will be free to play across all available platforms! They also announced the presence of in app-purchases and micro transactions in the game.

What's Available With In-App Purchases

Cross-Platform Play

Pokemon Unite will feature cross-platform support, meaning Switch and Smart Phone players alike will be able to play alongside each other!

Which Platform You Should Choose

Pokemon Unite - Gameplay Details

5v5 Combat


Just like many other familiar MOBA titles, Pokemon Unite will feature 5v5 player combat. Players can choose from the roster of Pokemon to be their avatar.

Learn How To Play From Here

Level Up And Evolve Your Pokemon


Defeat Wild and Enemy Pokemon to gain EXP points to level and eventually Evolve you Pokemon. Leveling or Evolving will also give you access to new moves that your Pokemon can learn!

Evolution Guide

Point-Based Gameplay

Score Points

The goal of the game will be to gain the most points at the end of the match. Points are obtained by capturing the set goals around the map. The more goals in your team's possession, the higher your points will be.

How To Score Points

Grab Objectives To Get Points

Scoring A Goal

The main way of getting points in Unite will be to stand on an objective unopposed long enough for the bar to fill up. There will be chances were players can gain access to enemy goals to recapture them.

Two-Lane Map With Central Area


The Direct also gave us a glimpse of the layout of the game's map. A more or less symmetrical design, the map features two main lanes, with a connecting middle section and area vaguely reminiscent of the "jungle" in other MOBA titles.

Map Details

Capture Pokemon

Catching Pokemon

Players will be able to battle and capture wild Pokemon around the stage. Doing so will grant you experience points and they sometimes gives unique benefits to help out your team!

4 Battle Moves


Keeping to main line Pokemon games, Players will be able to have a maximum of 4 moves available to them. Their final move, the "Unite" move, is likely similar to an ultimate in other games, as it can't be used as freely.

Learn More On Unite Moves From Here

Close Range Or Long Range Specialization?

Character customizability and specs are likely to come in the form of move specialization. Players will be able to select more melee-centered moves, or ranged moves if they prefer to fight at a distance.

List Of Playable Pokemon

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List Of Wild Pokemon

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Pokemon Unite - Items List & Guides

All Held Items List

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All Battle Items List

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Pokemon Unite - Guide List

Beginner's Guide & Tips

Pokemon Unite - Guide List

Map Guides & Types

Map Guides
Map GuideRemoat Map

Currencies & Micro Transactions Guides

Other Game Details

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